Ed Sheeran Fans Mistake Pink Floyd Hit For New Song

Ed Sheeran fans mistook the Pink Floyd song he performed alongside Nick Mason from the band at last night's Olympic Games closing ceremony for a new song.

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Ed Sheeran fans mistook the Pink Floyd song he performed alongside Nick Mason from the band at the Olympic Games closing ceremony for a new song.

Sheeran performed "Wish You Were Here" inside the Olympic Stadium last night, playing the song alongside Pink Floyd's Nick Mason, Genesis' Mike Rutherford and The Feeling's Richard Jones.

However, not boasting the widest knowledge of Pink Floyd's back catalogue, some Sheeranites confused the track for a new single.

Elsewhere at the closing ceremony, Liam Gallagher performed the Oasis classic "Wonderwall" with his Beady Eye bandmates and Muse performed their Olympic single "Survival".

George Michael also made an appearance, performing his hit single "Freedom" as well as new track "White Light".

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    ...Oh my god.
    Agreed, I teach guitar and but some well known bands still draw blank looks from some kids faces. Different generation. However I do have a 12 year old just realised how good AC/DC are. Priceless!!!!!
    I feel like I owe this article an explanation. I exploded on twitter at the person who posted the tweet in the bottom of the screencap and she, allegedly, made the tweet ten hours before the Closing Ceremony was even aired. Personally I think that's bs, as it's likely she's stupid enough to think she was watching it live. But if she was telling the truth, all it means is she saw a song name she didn't recognise on a leaked setlist and assumed it was a new song. Food for thought. Even still, I have never been more compelled to end my own life than after reading these tweets and actually coming to terms with the fact that these turgid sacks of crap, or "people", actually exist.
    Look at all the people bandwagoning the most upvoted comment to get more upvotes than normal.
    However, not boasting the widest knowledge of Pink Floyd's back catalogue, some Sheeranites confused the track for a new single.
    Wish You Were Here isn't exactly an obscure Pink Floyd song... This is the world we live in, ladies and gentlemen.
    And those are the hands we're given Use them and let's start trying To teach those imbeciles the classics!
    I don't know who Ed Sheeran is, I've never listened to any of his music. But every time I hear his name, I instantly think of Randy Marsh saying "Sharron".
    Never heard of Ed Sheeren before... Anyway, I hate dumb ass musically ignorant bitches. I can garuntee that if they ever found out it was a Pink Floyd song they'd say "Ewwwww! Old music! Nevermind, I hate it!!" ... Lord give me the strength to carry on.
    Totally agree, I've seen that a lot of people now-a-days follow the musician/singer/icon over the actual music, and don't really venture out of that pattern. These are the same people who will say 'oh that bands well crap' without actually knowing anything by them. Best example, my sister again, loved Rockstar by Nickelback, so she proclaimed her love for nickelback and how she loves everything by them. I played her Animals and she said: 'Ewww, turn that crap off it's shite!' She was just following the trend because it's 'cool'
    Exactly, and that's what pop fans do. All you can do is (as Rush says in the new album ) Wish Them Well. It's really a shame, but I've seen a few of them change their ways.
    So if you haven't heard of Ed Sheeran, aren't you musically ignorant as well? You can say they are ignorant in music history, but then again, they're just in their early teens (i guess). Pink Floyd is something the need to be taught, because they're definitely not gonna see them on MTV.
    I don't blame anyone for not knowing a song, but really? Wish You Were Here is played all around the world 24/7... Under a rock City Population: Ed Sheeran's fans
    Thats like not knowing the sky is blue!!! Actually the subject matter of the song best describes Sheeranites.
    Fans of Ed Sheeran not very clever. Coming up next on UG: Axl Rose not very punctual.
    Who the **** is Ed Sheeran? That should be the real question.
    A dude who's huge in Britain, as is evident by the fact he performed alongside a member of Genesis at the Olympics Closing Ceremony.
    link no1
    Huge in Britain? I'm from Britain and yes, I have heard the name once or twice but I wouldn't of been able to tell you more than "he is famous for something" until I read this article. Point being, I wouldn't say he is huge over here.
    Yet another person on the "I'm cool cos I don't know who someone is" train. What, then, is the difference between you and these Ed Sheeran fans who didn't know the Pink Floyd song? You should never revel in your own ignorance, regardless of how good you think the artist is.
    Ed Sheeran actually has some good stuff. And it doesn't make you cool to not know who he is. I'm as much a headbanger as the next guy, but it's important to recognise talent in other genres. And his videos play heaps in England, as I was over there not long ago and he was all I could see on the charts.
    zYx Monster xYz
    Have have you only heard his name once or twice over here? His name is force fed to people round here. Then again im in essex and its full of retards :/
    And I've just checked wikipedia. His debut album has gone quadruple platinum. That's pretty ****ing huge.
    I agree with Link no1, I'm British, I listen to a lot of rock, and I've hears the name "Ed Sheeran" around, and could tell you he's a musician, but other than that, nothing. I can't name a single one of his songs, or albums, and my first reaction when I saw the performance was "why is this idiot covering Floyd?" Added to the insult of Jessie J (another singer who I couldn't name anything by) butchering Queen, and the Kaiser Chiefs doing a sub par rendition of Pinball Wizard (much like Arctic Monkeys in the opening ceremony), and I was left extremely disappointed with the current face of British music.
    Most of those tweets are from One Directioners so I'm not that surprised but still... ****.
    I find this hilarious. I was so angry when he started playing it and I turned to a mate and said, "You realise stacks of teenagers are gonna think this a new single.."
    Now i'm going to get shot in the face for this but here goes: They assumed this as Pink Floyd isn't in their music catalogue, which is easily understood. For example, I watched Manic Street Preachers a few years ago (supporting Foo's) and they played a cover of Rhinna's Umbrella, I had no idea this was a cover until they said afterwards as Rhinna is not within my back catalogue, my sister called me a retard for not knowing that it was a Rhinna song until I explained to her that I listen to good music and not shit, thus i didnt know that song. All i'm saying is let's be realistic and think about it before jumping on the hate wagon, that's the same as people assuming that if you listen to metal you worship the devil and want to sacrifice small children to your cause. Just saying...
    It's not so much the fact that these people have no idea of the existence of one of the most popular songs from one of the most infamous bands in history, but that they seem to virtually worship this guy and his music, yet have no clue about his musical influences. I don't know about you, but when I really like something, I tend to be interested in what influenced it, and/because 9 times out of 10, I like it, too. If the guy is willing to play a song of theirs on a global stage, I'd say it's safe to assume he's somewhat affectionate toward their music, but his 'fans' couldn't seem to care less about what potentially inspires the music that they momentarily love.
    I do the same thing, dude. It's another reason I'm kind of surprised no one caught on. It's just the crowd he attracts I guess. Also, these people were obviously on the internet, did they not try looking up Wish You Were Here and get tons of Pink Floyd hits?
    How exactly is mistaking a classic Floyd track for a new song anything like assuming that metalheads sacrifice small children? The former is ignorance, the latter is stupidity.
    The problem isn't that it's a rare, deep cut from Pink Floyd. It's one of those songs you hear any and everywhere.
    Yeah true, but i think Zanos7 has made the fair point that the reversal of this situation is that e.g. Rhianna's songs would be considered music you would hear "any and everywhere" for the younger generation.
    Yeah, I'm not a Pink Floyd fan, so I don't know much of their music. Granted, I'd never heard of Sheeran before, and I recognized the song as it went on, but I can understand the possibility of a Sheeran fan having never heard Floyd. This also assumes they've never used a radio in their life, though.
    Wel... I bet most of those kids probably don't use a radio... hell I bet most of them don't even know what a radio is. If its not streaming or picked by some soul less corporation, I garantee you they're never gonna hear it
    Don't Ask
    Well, yeah, I can understand that these people don't know Floyd. After all, they aren't really getting a lot of air-time these days. The people who like Ed Sheeran (of whom I've never heard before he performed that song by the way) probably haven't lived long enough to experience Pink Floyd when they were at their peek. Nowadays, Pink Floyd songs (or rather, a select few Pink Floyd songs) are considered "classics", and therefore everyone "should just know them". So far, I can agree with you. But I have to disagree as well. I think that it's perfectly understandable that you don't know Rihanna (not "Rhinna" by the way), because you are obviously into other kinds of music (I've never heard about the Manic Street Preachers before, but since they're opening for the Foo Fighters (it was the Foo Fighters, right?), I'm going to assume that they are somewhere in the rock/metal-spectrum), even thoughI actually have to say that I find it strange that you've never heard "Umbrella" before. However, when you claim to be a fan of a special kind of music, I think that it's only logical to have some basic knowledge about other, similar artists, rather than just the one guy you happen to like, and to know a bit about the artist's influences. The people who posted the... well... posts, seem to be pretty big fans of the guy, so I think that they should at least know enough about his influences to recognize a famous Pink Floyd song. Especially since they all seem to think that it's so great. And Pink Floyd is, after all, a part of both British pop-culture, and modern musical history. Being completely ignorant of it's existence is... disturbing. On another note, if you want another great cover of "Umbrella", check out the swedish band Lillasyster ("Lillasyster" is swedish for "little sister"). They've made a really good one. Lot's of other songs worth listening to as well. And finally: Mike Rutherford on guitar! Genesis for the win! Would've loved if they had played Supper's Ready... :3
    The difference here is that every radio station plays Pin Floyd... You wouldn't hear a Rihanna song on a rock radio, but you would most certainly hear Pink Floyd on modern pop radio as well as rock radio... Also, how many songs more famous than "Wish You Were Here" have they done? Obviously "Another Brick In The Wall", but are there any others really?
    Totally agree. As much as I want everyone to know and recognize a Floyd song, I know the youth and pop folks won't recognize it. You never hear it on the pop radio stations, and it's definitely not in their playlist because of the lack of musical interest. Let's just say I wouldn't have expected anything else from Sheeran's fans.
    This whole thing kinda reminds me of David Bowie's "The Man Who Sold The World" being covered by Nirvana. How Bowie himself said that after fans of Nirvana heard him play his own song would say to him "kids that come up afterwards and say, 'It's cool you're doing a Nirvana song.' And I think, 'Fuck you, you little tosser!'" I can see Roger doing just that...and spit in their faces...again!!
    Considering that most of his fans were not born when Pink Floyd were around, and his style of music is entirely different and lacks little to any crossover appeal with Pink Floyd, I don't see how this should be surprising or news to anybody. There is no reason to assume that somebody who likes Ed Sheeran would be familiar with Pink Floyd. News flash: Pink Floyd are not relevant to today's youth. They stopped being relevant to majority culture around 1994. Oh, wait. I forgot that U-G generates all of its traffic from knee-jerk idiots who will mindlessly rage at anything which doesn't perfectly fit their entirely groundless image of a world dominated entirely by the word of a small handful of men who have picked up an electric guitar. God forbid people aren't intimately familiar with one of U-G's golden idols. How dare they, how dare they , not know a song by a band that was over years before the person in question was concieved.
    By far the most reasonable, logical post I have ever read on this site. I fear it'll fall on deaf ears though. Faux outrage appears to be the currency here.
    I second that I know I wouldn't have recognized that because pink floyd has never played a part in my musical upbringing! I listened to DSOTM in full for the first time and was blown away by it...but I would not say I'm a fan! so cut these people a break for listening to slightly different music! not even that, not listening to one band that is idolized by so many here! And for people that dont know ed sheeran I recommend you steer clear of his studio album and focus just on him and his guitar a l unplugged: really quality song writer.
    So a bunch of idiots make stupid comments on twitter. OK. Can someone please explain to me why so many "news" outlets are actually using twitter to create front page news? I'm sure there are plenty of Sheeran fans that know better, but you know what let's just focus on a bunch of nobody's as if their opinion mattered in the least bit.
    NEWSFLASH: 15 year old girls don't know who Pink Floyd are. Slightly hypocritical of everyone to say they should know a 40 year old song when they've not even heard of the guy singing it, who's actually a current artist in the charts. Conclusion: people like different music and don't know much about music they don't like. Don't blame the kids, blame their parents and music teachers for not giving them a proper musical education.
    I don't want to live on this planet any more... ...because of all the idiots posting here.
    I had never heard of him, but he did a good job. It is beyond me that these people have never heard this song though.
    Ryan Domengeaux
    Guess what mother****ers Pink Floyd is old. They're one of my favorite bands if not the favorite. But they are old. 60's 70's and 80's guys. These people are young. Not saying that they can't listen to it. I'm 16 and I love Pink Floyd. But is it really that much of a mistake that they didn't know it was a Pink Floyd song? No. They haven't heard the song so they assumed it was a new song. Not that bizarre. Sorry for a little dose of reality that not all kids listen to Pink Floyd. It doesn't make them bad either. It just means they haven't heard it. And even if they knew it was Pink Floyd they don't have to like them. Sorry your opinion isn't final.
    I saw that performance. I thought it was really sad that David Gilmour and Roger Waters couldn't put aside their ****in differences for the sake of performing for their country infront of the whole world. I also thought it was sad that we had to put up with TWO Who songs, and Jessie J butchering Queen while The Rolling Stones didn't get to perform. How is it that the Spice Girls could reunite "for one night" but the Police also couldn't do the same, again for their Country? Most of the performers weren't even the original band line up anymore, meanwhile, dozens of other British Bands still go with their original line up and didn't perform...
    Are we really all music snobs on here. It's like reading an "I'm cooler than you competition" here. Let's be honest - if Roger Waters and Dave Gilmour had played an Ed Sheeran song at the ceremony would any of us have recognised that ? The positive in this is that has awakened the X Factor/American Idol people to the great music that exists outside of the mainstream media. Let's rejoice in the fact that a great song has been performed to a billion people rather than an Ed Sheeran song.
    Kids these days don't know good music anymore. But I do like that new Miley Cyrus song, Smells Like Teen Spirit
    No Offense Ed Fans but Pink Floyd's lyrics and music are so many times superior. Heard this song played in the pub by guys trying to get poon.
    considering the commentary on the tv ( bbc in england) SAID ITS BY PINK FLOYD and we were told in national newsapapers the schedule for the ceremony and that sheeran would COVER this song amazes me that they managed to confuse themselves.
    I don't really find this a surprise. Ed Sheeran, despite being a talented young guy with a good voice and an ability to write catchy tunes, has a fanbase made up of hormonal girls. What was worse that I was sat with my whole family during the closing ceremony and I was the only one who identified the song within the first ten seconds and my mum claimed she'd never heard it before.
    Huh? Kids don't know a song that was released in 1975? OH NO! What is the world coming to??? FFS, this is news why?????
    I don't listen to Ed Sheeran at all, but he did do a good job with this cover. However some of his fans are just idiotic.
    With any luck they might check out some pink floyd, but alas they probably won't. In fairness most of them are young enough to be Gilmour's great grand children. Ed Sheeran was way out of his depth trying to do that song justice though.
    My 5 year old son knows Pink Floyd. Give me a break. My 11 yr old hates rap and a lot of pop by his own accord not mine. I always allow them to listen to radio. One day I walk into their room and they are listening to my Led Zep collection. Nuff said. BTW I am only 26 and grew up on this music which I found on my own.
    Why are you people so surprised? Believe it or not, there are many people these days who don't care for 'old' music and thus, don't listen to it. Hence why these people don't know this is a cover because they have never heard it before. I'd bet that a lot of the people commenting here actually haven't heard of the song 'Wish You Were Here' and are just trying to come off as somewhat clever to other 'musicians' by bashing these people. Just remember that not everyone listens to the same music as you do and they are by no means 'stupid' by not knowing that an artist they like is actually covering a song.
    You're right, but it still suprises me because Wish You Were Here is extremely popular, not only among rock and roll fans. Every group of friends in the world sitting around with a guitar plays it...
    I've played guitar for 3 years, I know an incredible amount of 60s/70s/80s rock/metal bands, I've never heard the song wish you were here. It's not that popular, maybe 30 years ago it was, that's a long time ago.
    this is the new generation... skrillex and Justin Bieber have the upper hand nowadays.. you should look as us, as our (great)grandparents look at our music taste. yes my friends, we too... are getting old.
    As much as there's all this hate on his fans for not knowing the song (I myself am appalled by this), Sheeran's version was actually quite good. I give him props for being able to do one of the most famous songs to come out of Britain justice, even if his fans dont have a clue whats going on.
    As someone who has heard and played the song literally thousands of times, I would immediately recognize it off the first 5 notes. However, I could see how someone who is not as familiar with the song would not know what it is. After all, I certainly wouldn't recognize any Ed Sheeran songs. I'd never even heard of him before this article. People listen to different music. It's okay. Just try and be as diverse with your tastes as possible, and you'll have much more in common with other people.