Elton John Disses 'The Voice:' 'They're Nonentities'

Rocket Man singer is not a fan of talent show.

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Elton John has spoken out on "The Voice" talent show in an interview with the BBC (via Artist Direct).

The Rocket Man singer has noted that nobody on the show has had a hit record:

"The Voice is all about watching the judges, it is in America," and pointed out that "nobody on 'The Voice' in America has had a hit record. Nobody on 'The Voice' in England has had a hit record - they're nonentities."

Sir Elton was recently forced to postpone his summer tour after a diagnosis of appendicitis. An official statement read:

"Sir Elton is currently undergoing a course of intensive antibiotics and is expected to undergo surgery in the UK in the coming weeks, once doctors can be confident they have sufficiently reduced toxins within the inflamed appendicitis site."

The singer's spokesman stated:"Elton is incredibly disappointed to postpone these tour dates. To know that he made such super-human efforts and continued to perform to thousands through his illness only confirms his dedication to his European fans. He is eager to be back on top form and return to play the remaining shows starting in early September 2013."

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    What I dislike about The Voice and other talent shows on the TV today is how they exploit the personal difficulties of some candidates ad nauseam in order to pose as the philanthropic nice guys and earn popular appeal with that. Otherwise, I don't see it as the cancer of music as some people see. Personally, I would not search for a talent show to get people to tell me that I should or shouldn't make music, that I should make music this or that way etc, but if some musicians feel like it, to seek for attention and try to be heard (among other reasons), then why not? Of course, none of the previous winners have made it really big with their music, but it's certainly better than nothing. People at least will have the artists' names on their heads, which is a good achievement after all, considering how hard it is to get people's attention with music nowadays.
    All these dumbass singing shows are terrible. How C-Lo or Niki Minaj can pass judgement on anyone blows my mind.
    Wanted to down vote this comment for trashing C-Lo and up vote for trashing Nikki Minaj. Neutral.
    Casting shows won't go away until people stop watching them. So whose fault is it.
    OK Elton, let's go through a few things. I'm fully expecting to get downvoted for this, but whatever. First off, one entrant in the first season was a member of 5ive. They had 3 top 5 albums and 11 top ten singles, including 3 number ones. Another entrant, before going on The Voice, had an album out that had Brian May as musical director and Taylor Hawkins (yup, THAT Taylor Hawkins) on drums. Another was in an '80s band called Five Star, and she received a grammy nomination for her work. She has two top ten albums and 6 top ten singles to her name. Another self released an EP on iTunes, which peaked at number 2 in their chart. Others have charted with singles and albums, and some have done since being on The Voice. But what's also clear is that some of them have been successful, and one recognised by her peers. A lot of them have had success in the theatre and in musicals. To call them non-entities is an insult. Do some f*cking research, Elton.
    I could be wrong, or stupid (or both), but I think what he means is these contestants/winners are really just flavor of the month type entities. Sure one entrant has some hits, but will that person be remembered 10 or 20 years from now? I think that's what he's getting at.
    Then that's what he should have said, rather than open his (to be fair, extremely talented) gob and tar all the contestants with the same brush. The industry is not kind, and a lot of the entrants have been in the industry looking to revive something that they love doing, or have succeeded in other areas and want to cross over. There has not been a technically bad singer on The Voice, but it's the same as everything where people get confused between "don't like" and "fundamentally bad." Elton's spent a bit too much time in his tower, methinks.
    Actually after reading the article again, I think what he also means is that The Voice and American Idol are shows that revolve more around the drama of the judges (i.e. Simon Cowell being a complete dick, and the Mariah Carey/Nicki Minaj feud) rather then the contestants.
    I think the girl that just won will be big. Country fans are more like supportive. look at carrie underwood shes huge now. once they get to Nashville theyre golden. the other winners weren't that good though.
    Elton is totally right. That show's popularity is based on gimmicks with the judges' backs turned, the "sudden death sing offs" in the boxing ring, etc, etc. If not for that the show would have probably never made it past the first season.