Ex-Misfits Guitarist: 'I Wish Lars Ulrich Would Sue the Whole Internet and Fix Piracy'

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Ex-Misfits Guitarist: 'I Wish Lars Ulrich Would Sue the Whole Internet and Fix Piracy'
Former Misfits axeman Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein recently discussed the matter of music piracy, calling it the industry's biggest issue and giving nothing but props to Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich for his Napster legal battle efforts. After recently explaining Phoenix New Times that illegal downloading is theft, Doyle was asked to which extent was he affected by piracy. "Everybody has," he replied. "Especially the smaller bands and artists, they suffer the most. It's not like [Led] Zeppelin and huge acts, that don't really get affected. You know, everyone got so mad when Lars went to sue Napster and everyone was like 'What the f--k?' "It's like, what do you mean what the f--k? He doesn't need the money, but everybody else does! It's hard man. You wouldn't believe how many huge musicians that are popular have regular jobs." The guitarist then stated he would like Ulrich to repeat his lawsuit and sue the entire internet. "I wish he would do it again, but sue the whole Internet and fix it so nobody can," he said. "And with movies too, it's ridiculous. It costs so much money to make a record! Especially for people like me, I funded the whole record. I did it all out of pocket, bought all the gear and did it all ourselves. That's expensive on its own." Doyle was finally asked on whether he's among the lucky musicians able to live off the money made entirely from their music. "[Huge sigh] I don't think I'm gonna answer that," the guitarist replied. "You gotta do what you gotta do. You have to feed everyone, and pay everybody," he concluded. The matter of music piracy is clearly a complex issue. Let us know what you think in the comments.
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