Eyehategod Return With First Album in 13 Years

Check out new song "Agitation! Propaganda!" and album's cover art here.

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2013 was ramping up to be a banner year for the veteran New Orleans act Eyehategod. An architect of the weighty, down-tuned sludge-metal sound that's prevalent in the South, the band had nearly finished work on its first album in more than a decade and was set to celebrate its 25th anniversary with a bang, NOLA.com reports.

But only days after returning from a five-week summer tour of Europe, tragedy hit: on Aug. 28, 2013 Joey LaCaze, the band's longtime drummer, was found dead of respiratory failure. He had turned 42 just two days before. 

This week, the band revealed cover art (you can view it below) and a release date for its upcoming self-titled album, its last full-length project featuring LaCaze on drums. "Eyehategod" comes out May 27 in North America, on Phil Anselmo's Housecore Records label, May 26 in Europe, Australia and New Zealand on Century Media, and May 21 in Japan on Daymare Records.

New Orleans native Aaron Hill, most recently of the local power-pop garage act King Louie's Missing Monuments, officially replaced LaCaze on drums in late October 2013. He joins longtime Eyehategod singer Mike IX Williams, whose dark, experimental project with members of Neurosis and Yakuza called Corrections House released its debut album "Hoax the System" in January 2013, and guitarist Jimmy Bower, who also performs in the metal supergroup Down, among other projects.

Listen to "Agitation! Propaganda!," the first song from the new album below.

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    I'm glad these guys are back with a new album, judging from the song they've released it will be awesome, they make some of the best Metal around in my opinion.
    I didn't expect to hear such song from them - unlike usual for EHG sludge/doom it's almost punk/hardcore, but it's cool! It will be interesting to listen to the full album.
    Eyehategod have always had fast songs, or at the very least, fast sections in their songs, I never had them down as Doom seeing as Sludge is, essentially, a mix between Hardcore and Doom anyway.
    Great to hear they're releasing new stuff. Hopefully they'll do a tour for this so I can see them. Been wanting to for awhile now.....
    Video not available in your country. WTF UG? At least post one that's viewable
    "This video is not available in your country." Welp. EDIT: I listened to this song about a week ago before UG even had the news up. A bit late.