Face Discovered on Surface of Mars Is Identical to Dave Grohl's, NASA Confirms

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Face Discovered on Surface of Mars Is Identical to Dave Grohl's, NASA Confirms
UPDATE: Happy Fool's Day!

Following the latest telescope technology breakthrough, NASA scientists decided to delve into the old "Face on Mars" myth and hopefully debunk it once and for all.

But what the new footage of Mars' surface revealed came as an instant shocker to the scientific community - the mysterious face looks exactly like none-other than Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters.

"This Monday in NASA everybody lost their heads," commented Alex Bushmills of the research team. "The #078_01H square initially seemed blurry, but once the detailed shot was taken, I couldn't believe my own eyes - it was Dave Grohl. I've been a big fan of Grohl since Nirvana, and there can be no mistake - it was his face looking at me from the surface of Mars!"

Bushmills continued by stressing how underexposed Dave is in most media outlets these days. "I mean Dave's such an awesome guy and people just don't get to see him in the news as much as they should. Did you know that he played drums in Nirvana? The fact that he's so underexposed is a crime. And it's not just him - same goes for Dave Mustaine of Megadeth, I don't know if that guy's alive anymore!"

Getting back to the latest info, Alex added that Dave's face should be visible with the naked eye on April 8. As the official data notes (via EarthSky), the Earth will fly directly between the Sun and Mars on the given day, placing Mars into the brightest point for the current two-year period.

"I suggest everyone should keep their eyes in the sky on April 8. The Earth's position at that moment will actually allow us to see Grohl's face looking at us from space," Bushmills said.

Grohl was immediately asked to comment on the new discovery, replying in his typical down-to-earth manner. "Oh, really? Cool, I never had one of those!" Dave said.

As one of the biggest modern mysteries regarding Mars, the "Face of Mars" first baffled astronomers in 1976. While orbiting the planet, Viking spacecraft came upon an unexpected discovery in the northern desert Cydonia region, capturing what clearly seemed like a humanoid face. As for the new photo, NASA made sure to substantiate their claims by posting the official footage, check it out below.

So if you ever feel lonely, you can always look up in the sky and know that no matter where you are, Dave Grohl is watching you.
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