Fall Out Boy Will Annoy You Even More With Signature 'Flappy Bird' Game

"Rome wasn't built in a day, but this game was," band says while announcing this week's release.

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Fall Out Boy are aiming to launch their signature version of viral game "Flappy Bird" featuring each of the four band members.

The original game was removed from app stores by creator Dong Nguyen as he got sick of the notoriously rage-inducing feature.

"Rome wasn't built in a day, but this game was," the group tweeted. "In the spirit of Fall Out Boy Trail, we bring you Fall Out Bird. The follow-up post detailed release date, adding, "Fall Out Bird coming this week to Google Play and the App Store (as soon it's approved). Shoutout to OG Flappy Bird, RIP."

Soon after the announcement, #FallOutBird was already trending, showing signs of the game's eventual popularity. Will you give this one a go?

rome wasn't built in a day, but this game was. in the spirit of Fall Out Boy Trail, we bring you #FallOutBird pic.twitter.com/QBAindPRTM

— Fall Out Boy (@falloutboy) February 11, 2014

#FallOutBird coming this week to @GooglePlay & The App Store (as soon it's approved). shoutout to OG Flappy Bird, RIP http://t.co/fYcGnWGBJs

— Fall Out Boy (@falloutboy) February 11, 2014

http://t.co/fYcGnWGBJs more info soon... pic.twitter.com/hjC7cAChGs

— Fall Out Boy (@falloutboy) February 11, 2014

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    Fuck off.
    And I think that is the general concensus.
    Fuck flappy bird. Give me the flappy tits man.
    "Fall Out Boy Will Annoy You Even More" ...Nice professional, unbiased journalism eh, UG?
    Flappy Bellend would make a better app than this.
    "In flappy Bellend, you must carefully control your very wobbly bellend through a series of holes and walls." I can see this becoming very popular with certain audiences. It sounds like an 80 year old on a sex rampage.
    I like Fall Out Boy but this still pisses me off.
    And yet I hate fall out boy but thought this was funny. Funny in a "Wow, that is so shit", kind of way.
    Don't you hate it when you're trying to take a shit, and you think you're squeezing out a solid log, but then half way out, it starts breaking off into little balls and splashes water into your butthole? GOD, I HATE THAT!!!!
    Be a little more professional, UG. You should have a neutral title for this article.
    Say that to guys at Metal Sucks lol
    I wish they'd do the same, honestly. I dislike Metal Sucks for that exact reason. Every article reeks of "Every band that isn't these 4 unheard of death metal bands that I like is awful, and if you disagree with my taste in music, you obviously don't know anything about teh trv kvlt metulz."
    Why does U-G criticize Fall Out Boy so often? They have stylistically contributed to music, and I am a fan. I wonder if the authors who hate on them so hard have done anything with their lives, besides get really lucky working for U-G.
    I didn't realise Fall Out Boy annoyed me.... Oh wait, they don't!! And neither does this game, I'm sure it will be enjoyed by some of their fans. Poor headline UG
    It's a cheap game made quickly. Not much to hate. It probably sucks, but most cheap things do. It's not some major project or masterpiece, it's just a cheap game made for fans to waste time on. Not much to annoy me...
    Considering the original game got taken down a few days ago, I find this kinda funny and interesting.
    What does this have to do with music? Why did this make the headlines on this site? Why is Fall Out Boy still around?
    FOB sells hundreds of thousands of albums, so that is probably why they are still around. You mad, bro?
    If they charge money for this they could make a shit ton of money, especially since the original was taken off the app store.
    Woah UG thanks for marketing this! I personally don't give a **** about FOB but your blatant advertisement is just pathetic. Put some real news.