Falling in Reverse Frontman Marks Memorial Day By Ridiculing 9/11

artist: Falling In Reverse date: 05/28/2014 category: wtf?
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Falling in Reverse Frontman Marks Memorial Day By Ridiculing 9/11
Ronnie Radke has come under a storm of controversy for posting a joke making fun of 9/11 on Memorial Day.

AsĀ Metal Sucks reports, the picture with a caption (see below) was posted by Radke on a number of social networks.

Following an outpouring of negative reactions, Radke has issued the following statement.

"The joke i made about what men will do for sex with the 9/11 picture attached to it was not intended to offend anyone. I'm sorry I was so insensitive on a subject so close to many peoples hearts. I have more respect for my country than that and know when to admit my mistakes."

As Property of Zack reports, Radke's insensitive comments have already had ramifications for the band. SelfMade Co., who make clothing for the Falling in Reverse, have announced that they will be dropping their sponsorship of the band on this year's Warped Tour. Joe Ianelli, owner of SelfMade Co. Has issued the following statement:

"This is Joe Ianelli owner of SelfMade Co. (pictured here standing next to a fallen Ianelli's memorial). As someone who makes clothing that push limits and often offend people, I'm all for freedom of speech and expression. So I'd be a hypocrite in saying it's wrong to express yourself. But I must say I don't agree with making jokes about things that can hurt people, especially when it hits close to home. I know this won't even matter to you but I must decline producing the selfmade co sponsored Falling in ReverseĀ bus tent for you on Warped Tour.

"Not because you've made a joke about something that hits a soft spot to me someone that lived through that day in NY, but because kids look up to you and I feel that post you made crosses a line a "hero" should not be crossing. Anyway I'll be sure to see you on Warped Tour, maybe me and a few of my buddies from back home in NY can take you over to the 9/11 memorial so you can see how funny it is."

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