Family Of Michael Jackson Want £26 Billion Compensation From Concert Promoter

Mother of the 'King Of Pop', and his three children want £6.6billion to make up for his lost future earnings after the series of concerts he'd scheduled before his death were cancelled.

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The family of Michael Jackson are seeking £26 billion in compensation from concert promoters after his death in 2009.

TMZ report (via NME) Katherine Jackson, mother of the 'King Of Pop', and his three children, Prince, Paris and Blanket, want £6.6 billion to make up for his lost future earnings after the series of concerts he'd scheduled before his death were cancelled. They're also seeking a further £19.8 billion in other damages.

The court case with AEG, organisers behind the comeback concerts at London's O2 arena, begins next month. Jackson died aged 51, at his house in Los Angeles just weeks before the concerts were due to start. It's since been ruled Jackson was given a fatal dose of anaesthetic Propofol by his personal doctor, Conrad Murray. Murray was jailed for two years last year for Jackson's involuntary manslaughter.

The use of Propofol is restricted to hospital operating theatres, but Murray agreed to inject the star so he could sleep. At the time, he was said to be exhausted while rehearsing for the 50 concerts that were booked in London. Those who bought tickets were refunded by the promoter in 2009.

AEG are expected to argue the sum being sought is unrealistic as Jackson's career was in decline at the time of the shows. The civil case begins in LA on April 2. Since Jackson's death, the estate has earned more than £675 million, although much of that was used to clear his large debts.

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    I'm all for this. They had no right to cancel the concerts just because he was dead. They were just trying to screw those poor kids of the 26,000,000,000 these concerts clearly would've raised. DOWN WITH THIS SORT OF THING.
    Yeah! How dare they, being dead is no excuse!
    I don't see how they could possibly have a case here. Why should they get money? By the same logic, if I buy a lottery ticket and I don't win, I can sue to get the money I could've potentially won
    Only if you die before claiming your potentially winning ticket. Then your family gets the money. Its a pretty clear cut case...
    The jackson family are one of the biggest blod sucking maggots on this planet. Michael Jackson was an amazing song writer, composer, singer, dancer and performer. All his family did was exploit him during his short life on this earth and apparently after death.Poor guy never had a chance to have a normal life. I wonder what his life would have turned out like is he have a family how truly loved and valued him as a person.
    As if you don't have enough money already... This is just stupidity. 20 billion for 'damages'? Must have the lawyer of the century to justify that...
    Only one that could possibly pull it off if Jackie Chiles from Seinfeld...
    This makes no sense. Why would they expect to get paid if he didnt even get the chance to perform. I mean AEG has already refunded the tickets, right? Sucks he died and the family had to deal with his debts, but they dont necessarily deserve anything.... Ultimately, no money was made from the tour, so how would that count as a $6billion loss? Its not like they had any choice but to cancel a string of high profile concerts for a guy who just died. In other words, its not exactly something you'd plan for as a concert promoter..?
    because the money should go to the family. the promoters are using his name for money
    This is pretty weak. Of course they cancelled the shows, he was DEAD. Maybe the shows were worth 26 billion, but due to the fact Michael wouldn't have been able to make the shows, the promoters had two options, cancel the shows or keep the dates, then refund the fans when Michael was unable to attend. Either way, no one would have made money off these dates.
    Why do they need 26 billion pounds? They're already millionaires many times over. Greedy, nasty people. It's no wonder why Michael kept his distance and shut them out for most of his life
    I don't know how to say this but... Katherine's cheating on you. I caught her with Lucas last night and well... to cut a long story short they were doing it. In the bum. Sorry to be the one to tell you this.
    Between his family trying to bleed the UK of yet more money (already trillions in debt) and his family and courts branding a medical professional a murderer, this family is just as doo-lally as the damn press!
    He'd been dead behind the eyes for years. It was a big ask in the first place. Kudos is deserved because he tried. A steady cocktail of painkillers was the only thing keeping him going. It's nobodies fault regardless of everything. Just a shame he died before he could perform at the first show.