Famous Bands Get Their Lego Versions

New genre era is coming - the era of Lego rock.

Ultimate Guitar

We're going to put our collective balls on the line here, but us folks at Ultimate-Guitar think that LEGO might just be the finest children's toy ever produced. It allows you to be endlessly creative, and the scale is such that it's not impossible to use LEGO to built a fort for your cat.

Unintentional animal entrapment aside though, there are loads of great things that you can use LEGO for. Take Adly Syairi Ramly for example. As Billboard reports, he's an artist who has been using LEGO minifigures to create renditions of famous bands. Thanks to Ramly, the likes of Soundgarden, Deftones and Guns N' Roses have now been brick-i-fied. Check out some of our favorites below.

Head over Adly Syairi Ramly's Instagram page to check out more of his work.


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    When you order the Guns n Roses set Axl won't be in the box due to delayed manufacturing.
    Is Kurt Cobain's head removable?
    Shots fired..
    No, But it does come with a lego shotgun...
    Weak. The joke was clever as is. As usual, the guy trying to extend the joke just made it too obvious to be funny anymore.
    Achtung! Humour Gestapo officers are out there tonight, and they aren't showing any mercy.
    Wait, is the arctic monkeys the same font as on Master of Reality?
    Well, they are pretty big Sabbath fans so it wouldn't surprise me if it's exactly the same. Also, they often play a segment of War Pigs before Arabella.
    They are heavily influenced by Black Sabbath. Their logo is a tribute to them, obviously Arabella features the War Pigs riff (the jam out War Pigs live when doing Arabella sometimes). And if you listen to this song, the riff at 2:10 is very Sabbathy:
    Anyone else notice Izzys figure has a girls body complete with drawn on boobs?
    They based it on WholeLottaIzzy's avatar from these very UG forums, no doubt.
    I am waiting for Kerry King to point out that there is no Of Da Kerry Kings Project figures
    There is, actually. This guy has been doing this for a long time, and there are tons more than haven't been shown in this article.
    Where's the Lego voice for all the old metal, Black Sabbath, Rainbow, Motorhead, Saxon, Riot, etc.....
    Can I just throw this out there - surely the plural of Lego, is Lego? (Just like sheep can be a single sheep or a flock...) This whole 'Legos' thing really grinds my gears!
    I've never heard anyone say, "I have a whole box of lego". No really sure where you'd get the impression that it should be one of the words with no "S" for the plural. Does the word share some phonetic or linguistic similarity with "sheep" or "moose" or "deer" or "fish" that I haven't noticed?
    As the dude above said, it only seems to be in the US that its referred to as Legos. I'd happily refer to a box of the stuff as a 'box of Lego' and I know that here in the UK, that's what most folk would say too. Not entirely sure what phonetics or linguistics have to do with it though?
    Lego, hire this guy to design these as official legos. Then you shall never want for movie again. You're welcome.
    The Stephen Carpenter figure is not nearly rotund enough. Could also do with a little, optional lego joint
    arctic monkeys ripping off the master of reality black sabbath logo = fail.
    link no1
    So some guy has got his lego figures together to see what parts he could mix and match to make them look sort of like musicians? Not exactly news worthy. And why has he used a female body for Izzy?