Fan Expresses Immutable Love of Heavy Sound With 'I Love Metal' Tramp Stamp

Is this the most metal tramp stamp ever? 'Cause there's more than one, you know.

Ultimate Guitar

If there's a fanbase capable of taking their eternal love of music to stratospheric heights, it's the metal crowd.

And the most hardcore fans seem to be hanging out at this year's Maryland Deathfest, or at least the one guy who has decided to express his fondness of the guitar-driven vibe with nothing less than "I Love Metal" tramp stamp.

The photo was captured at the event by Grace Hollaender, you can check out more of his work over on Noisey.

But as Metal Injection points out, this is hardly the first-ever metal tramp stamp, as there's also the Slayer tramp stamp guy.

Check out both tattoos below and let us know which one is better.

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    That Slayer tattoo is pretty awesome
    Way Cool JR.
    Answer to the question: The Slayer tat is way,way better out of the 2. The I heart metal tat looks like a bumper sticker.
    Way Cool JR.
    If the first guy is ever in need of work he is 100% guaranteed to land a job at any local recycling plant once he shows them that tat.
    "Check out both tattoos below and let us know which one is better." If you're going by artwork, the Slayer one wins hands down. If you're going by the whole tramp stamp mean we actually have to choose one? The entire concept of a guy getting a tramp stamp is just ridiculous