Fan Looking to Buy Only Copy of New Wu-Tang Album and Destroy It, Starts $6 Million Fundraiser

Some men just want to watch the world burn.

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As reported, rap giants Wu-Tang Clan are releasing their upcoming double album "The Wu - Once Upon a Time in Shaolin" in a rather peculiar way, by unveiling only a single copy of it and putting it up for an auction for a multimillion dollar sum.

A fan named Chris Everhart is among those aiming to purchase the album, but for an entirely different reason - to destroy it.

Chris has even kicked off a Kickstarter campaign to gather $6 million. The official Wu fundraiser has ended on June 9, fetching nearly $15,500 with the help of about 700 backers. Everhart isn't too far behind, as he has accumulated almost $10,500 through only 26 backers, one of which invested an astonishing $10,000 figure.

"I hate that the WU has devolved into such self-righteous a-sholes," the campaign description reads. "This would be a tremendous idea if all the proceeds went to poor artists or cancer research or autism or something. Instead it goes to the pockets of artists who have the entire world at their ear.

"Music and visual art are art," Chris stressed. "Art should be shared with the world. Especially to poor people and the culturally disadvantaged. I don't see how this project isn't mutually inclusive to denying that this work is art and should therefore be destroyed."

Focusing on his plans, Everhart added, "I will happily destroy this album in public spectacle and never listen to it. I have listened to this group since I was able to pick an album from the CD rack. But these m&%f$#s done went to far."

Chatting with Noisey, Chris shared a part of his story, saying, "I am a Wu-Tang fan. I remember getting off of school, jumping on my bicycle, and racing to the record store to buy 'Wu-Tang Forever.' The guys are millionaires now and think they are above the fans."

More info on the kickstarter here.

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    matteo cubano
    it would seem a lot more appropriate based on his reasoning and ethics if he raised money to result in him leaking it rather than destroying it.
    I wonder if he realises the hypocrisy? Or maybe eatfresh is right and he's just a troll... Either way I hope I get to hear this album some day.
    I agree. I see his point, but it seems like it's an even worse outcome to not do anything with the music. His problem is that the artists and corporations are being selfish with the money, but they get the money regardless in this situation.
    I have a sneaking suspicion that there will be more than one master copy of this album.
    Here's another plan: 1. Buy album through crowdfunding. 2. Hold auction for said album in order to raise funds for "poor artists or cancer research or autism or something" 3. ??? 4. Don't be a douche by not behaving like an angsty teenager.
    So... he calls them out on being frivolous with the proceeds of the album by getting people to spend their own on an even more frivolous pursuit? This guy is not a hero. A troll, at best. Also, I assume the $10,000 was donated by himself.
    Jean Michel Jarre recorded Music for Supermarkets in the early 1980s and there was only one copy made...masters destroyed. No secret copies have come forward in 30 years. I don't really see the point....
    "The guys are millionaires now and think they are above the fans." This is my problem with the general music listening/buying public. Just because they're well known and their music is popular doesn't necessarily mean they are millionaires! Look how many kids ODB had. Now imagine how much he had to pay for child support and shit. I know Method Man's had trouble with the IRS and Cappadonna (A WU affiliate) had to start driving taxis.
    sometimes i wonder how humans made it this far... so... these guys will get their 6mil if this guy is able to raise it, and then he'll destroy it. but then what's to say right after the purchase, they don't re-release it(which is what WILL happen, most likely under dif name/titles as to avoid some sort of backlash(making more money and laughing)... lol) or play those songs live(if they haven't already), making even more money(and still be laughing btw) and where they'll most likely get boot-legged and distributed on the net anyways(potentially filing lawsuites, and laugh more while making more money)... another naive(along with his "investors") getting suckered like the suckers they are.
    So, you give them money by buying this 'single copy' you destroy it without listening to it, so nobody has heard the music except the band and producers. So then they can release the album later as a new album and make more money of it, because nobody else can prove the material was on the single copy auctioned to this man? Logic
    Jacques Nel
    What's more is he hates how they don't donate the money to a worthy cause, so he's going to raise money not to donate to a worthy cause but to purchase this album from the band to destroy it. In no way is this win - win...
    I agree with almost everything he said, but that's quite insane. Try pirating the album or something, it would be much better. And I hope I don't get arrested for pirating music for writing this.
    Why not just buy it and upload it so everyone can download it for free.
    Upload f-ked up versions of it, with fart noises and stuff mixed in. Cartoon weird sounds, Pokemon sound FX, Teletubbies...
    His plan all sounds awesome in theory... Except they still get the 6 million and there is no doubt in my mind that the album they are selling is REALLY the only copy of it.
    He does know that someone somewhere has the tapes though and will eventually release it later on?
    I don't really support his motives. But, I'd get quite a chuckle if it actually happened and would consider pitching in a few bucks for the laugh.