Fan Looking to Buy Only Copy of New Wu-Tang Album and Destroy It, Starts $6 Million Fundraiser

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Fan Looking to Buy Only Copy of New Wu-Tang Album and Destroy It, Starts $6 Million Fundraiser
As reported, rap giants Wu-Tang Clan are releasing their upcoming double album "The Wu - Once Upon a Time in Shaolin" in a rather peculiar way, by unveiling only a single copy of it and putting it up for an auction for a multimillion dollar sum.

A fan named Chris Everhart is among those aiming to purchase the album, but for an entirely different reason - to destroy it.

Chris has even kicked off a Kickstarter campaign to gather $6 million. The official Wu fundraiser has ended on June 9, fetching nearly $15,500 with the help of about 700 backers. Everhart isn't too far behind, as he has accumulated almost $10,500 through only 26 backers, one of which invested an astonishing $10,000 figure.

"I hate that the WU has devolved into such self-righteous a-sholes," the campaign description reads. "This would be a tremendous idea if all the proceeds went to poor artists or cancer research or autism or something. Instead it goes to the pockets of artists who have the entire world at their ear.

"Music and visual art are art," Chris stressed. "Art should be shared with the world. Especially to poor people and the culturally disadvantaged. I don't see how this project isn't mutually inclusive to denying that this work is art and should therefore be destroyed."

Focusing on his plans, Everhart added, "I will happily destroy this album in public spectacle and never listen to it. I have listened to this group since I was able to pick an album from the CD rack. But these m&%f$#s done went to far."

Chatting with Noisey, Chris shared a part of his story, saying, "I am a Wu-Tang fan. I remember getting off of school, jumping on my bicycle, and racing to the record store to buy 'Wu-Tang Forever.' The guys are millionaires now and think they are above the fans."

More info on the kickstarter here.
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