Fan Urinates Into Own Mouth During Metal Show, Which Is Apparently a Trend in Australia

What. The. F--k.

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A few weeks ago, a metal fan became the star of that side of the Internet by urinating into his own mouth amidst of a Trash Talk gig in Melbourne, Australia.

As expected, the crowd was caught in a state of shock. The photo had initially surfaced on Reddit and had everyone wondering why on Earth would anyone do that.

"It went everywhere, all down his shirt and in his hair, he seriously went for like a solid minute," one of the witnesses said. "It was feral. And yes he just went on like nothing happened afterwards, it was one of the funniest/strangest/most disgusting and confusing things I've ever seen in my life."

But the worst part is, urinating into own mouth is apparently a thing among skaters in Australia. As Vice reports, the disturbing phenomenon even has a name - bubbling.

And according to skater Troy West, the trend has further been spread from Australia to Europe through his own skating tours. "It's huge in Australia. It's part of our everyday life. My dad actually taught me how to do it when I was a kid," he said.

"I was on tour in Austria, and this other skater, Frido, asked me if I would drink my own p-ss for $136. So I explained that it's common practice in Oz, and I did it right there and then, and then again later by some lake in Italy. It took Frido a few days to master the art, though - he had a weak flow," Troy added.

The point of the whole thing? "Skaters like to provoke reactions from laymen, I guess."

So we just have to ask UG users from Australia - is this really a thing? And if so, wtf?

NSFW photo here

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    "My dad actually taught me how to do it when I was a kid" Okay now I'm worried.
    As an Australian, all I hear is sarcasm in that skater's voice. We also frequently wrestle crocodiles and ride the kangaroo's pouch to school
    I am Australian and this is the first I have heard of this. So... there's that.
    I've lived in Australia for more than eight years and work in the music industry and know skaters. This is news to me, too...
    I agree, I'm Australian and I've never heard of the apparent trend... I'd like to keep it that way.
    You and me both mate. I live near a skate park ffs and never have never seen this
    Don't forget we also stick our fingers in animals butt-holes to see if we can piss them off. For future reference ... It pisses them off.
    As an Austrian not only did I get confused in which country which action happens, but also get pissed (pun intended) at the obessions with excrements of this youth.
    Well, the guy is like a showman or whatever, you know, just atracting attention to his skater career. I encourage you to read beyond the headline, Iesous...
    As an Australian, and as a guitarist and as a skater this is crap. The fella is dripping with sarcasm which is a far more commonly applied thing here rather than drinking piss. Well actually we call alcohol "piss" so try and remember that guys, But as far as drinking urine goes - complete horseshit. We should be known for the amount of wildlife we drive over every year, it's lucky we have any koalas and kangaroos left.
    Bullshit. I'm an Aussie and i've never known anyone to do that!
    I'm from Australia and this was the first time I've ever heard of anyone doing this in my life when I read it a week or two ago.
    the real talent in oz is amungst those who can piss in their own mouth while butt-chugging a goon sack
    I suspect: I was a joke, but now it will become a trend. "My dad actually taught me how to do it when I was a kid" ... yeah, well my dad taught me how to repair an internal combustion engine when I was a kid. Guess we have to choose our dads carefully ...
    I'm an Aussie, heavily in the punk scene and skater scene...I've never heard of this shit before. Typical Americans, do you think we still ride kangaroos around instead of cars?
    Haha Todd Carney just got fired from NRL today for doing this so i spose it is a thing in aus now
    As an Aussie: Nope. I doubt this is actually a trend. Never seen it happen, never heard of it happening. Although it'll probably catch on now, like the planking craze a few years back.
    Well, I'm off to google cute kangaroos, koala bears and wallabys to get this out of my head.
    "this other skater, Frido, asked me if I would drink my own p-ss" I like how he says "asked" making it appear like a casual question.
    How else do you ask a question?
    I was saying that usually something like this would be in the context of a dare/challenge. How many people just say, in casual conversation, "Hey will you drink your piss for money?"