Female Death Metal Singer Performs Sybreed Song On 'France's Got Talent'

Video footage of 24-year-old French female death metal singer Rachel Aspe performing the Sybreed song "Emma-0" on the "France's Got Talent" episode can be seen now.

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Video footage of 24-year-old French female death metal singer Rachel Aspe performing the Sybreed song "Emma-0" on the November 20 episode of "La France À Un Incroyable Talent", the French reality television series which is part of the global British "Got Talent" franchise, can be seen below (via Blabbermouth).

The clip has since become an Internet hit, racking up more than 50,000 views on YouTube.

Aspe, a member of the melodic death metal band Dividead, made a guest appearance on the latest Keríon CD entitled "Cloudriders" on the track "Fireblast".

The official video for the song, which features Rachel, can be seen below.

Also available is Rachel's "vocal cover" of the Soilwork track "Nerve".

YouTube preview picture

"Vocal cover" of Soilwork's "Nerve":

Keríon's "Fireblast" video:

YouTube preview picture

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    She can scream better than most men.
    Someone please explain to me how growling is even the least bit musical. I honestly just think all these death metal singers sound like they are burp talking. someone please explain ...
    Because it fits the music? Why would I want an angelic singer over rusty-razor blade tremelo picking and double bass? It's musical because it's still singing, and while it takes it's timing and pacing from the rhythm section as opposed to the melodic section, you're still just adding your own natural distortion to it. Not to mention that it does take proper technique to pull off without seriously damaging your throat. FYI, Singing is just one of many, many vocal techniques. When you open your mind to shit like growling, throat singing, layer-vocals and singers in foreign languages whom you can't understand, the more interesting and exciting music becomes.
    okay, this is my opinion so i would love if nobody gave me crap for it. it doesnt really have anything to do with the rhythm section because a lot of songs with screaming are just like if you were normally singing, which it doesnt always go to the beat of the song. and particularly it doesnt sound good at all. i dont care if there is a technique to be good at screaming, it just sounds like crap. and to your comment about not wanting an angelic singer over rusty-razor blade tremelo picking and double bass, what do you think that video up above was? angelic, melodic singing from the one who wasnt screaming. and it worked perfectly. as well it works fantastic with such bands as Nightwish and Absynth Aura. just my opinion
    Fuck, I wish I knew what the judges were saying. It also irritated me a little how they showed the audience laughing.
    Hahaha, I always wondered if somebody went for growling on any of these shows.
    and now you know. and knowledge is power! now go play on the interstate
    Judging by your comments in this thread, you seem like a rather angry individual. Maybe you should spend less time insulting random strangers on the internet and find out what is making you so angry about your life?
    im not mental
    listening to her soilwork cover. her growls are way better than clean vocals. i still wanna marry her though.
    I think we are all wondering the same thing so ill go ahead and ask it.... How did she learn to do that while in the kitchen?
    link no1
    I'm guessing you're single. If I am wrong then your woman is very unlucky.
    Seeing a hot chick do death growls makes me feel a bit better about listening that kind of thing.
    Doctor Phy
    Hi there ! It's a great chance to see some growl on mainstream shows. Concerning your article, please do some fact checking , guys ! 1) She's got nothing to do with Dividead, she just performed some live show with them. (and regarding the behaviour of those poor bastards, one should better not mention them while talking about Rachel) 2) depending on which youtube video you choose, number of view can reach close to 1 million (and not 50,000). (the reason why dividead guys want to associate their name with her, I guess)
    Forgot to mention. Im in love after listening to the Soilwork cover and the video she's featured in
    Which one is hotter, you decide. THIS or this...
    This French girl in that video amazes me. I'd let her sing to me all day any day and at least we could likely enjoy the same music Plus she's foreign, which instantly makes her more attractive.
    Sybreed is not a death metal band, but still a great cover of a great song by that band! She's no Som Pluijmers, but still pretty good death metal vocals!