Five Finger Death Punch Streaming 'The Wrong Side of Heaven Vol. 2' in Full

Check out the record prior to November 19 release.

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LA metallers Five Finger Death Punch are streaming their upcoming new album "The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell, Vol. 2" in its entirety prior to November 19 release via Prospect Park Records. Available on iTunes, the album comes as the band's second effort this year and the successor of "Volume 1" which dropped on July 30. Clocking in at just over 40 minutes, the new release features 12 new tunes, including a folk traditional cover "The House of the Rising Sun." The album was initially announced with "Battle Born" lead single back in September, make sure to check out the track's video below. As the band pointed out, two volumes are similar in quality, as packing just one of them with hits and the other one with leftovers definitely wasn't the approach they looked for. "We had this massive amount of music that's very dear to us, possibly the best material this band has ever created," guitarist Zoltan Bathory explained. "At that point there was no way to decide which songs to leave off the album. So we made the decision to release them all." Produced by Kevin Churko, the album was recorded at the Hideout studio in LA. Check out the full track listing and front cover below. "The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell, Volume 2" track listing: 01. Here to Die 02. Weight Beneath My Sin 03. Wrecking Ball 04. Battle Born 05. Cradle to the Grave 06. Matter of Time 07. The Agony of Regret 08. Cold 09. Let This Go 10. My Heart Lied 11. A Day in My Life 12. The House of the Rising Sun (Folk Traditional Cover)

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    I can't believe how far they've strayed from their original style. Back in 09', Ivan called out music like this as "P*ssy Metal" and was proclaiming "We're bringing real Metal back, so hopefully this P*ssy A$s Sh!t will die off" Really Ivan? It sounded like you took the first chance to cash in on major success by becoming a Heavy Metal version of Nickleback, who makes very well constructed, commercially polished radio music that is created for the sole purpose of relating to as many people as possible. It's their career though They can chose notoriety and fame over being true to one's self and their roots. Whatever, at least they're awesome to our troops. I'll give them that.
    for the love of god please tell me the song wrecking ball isn't a miley cyrus cover!
    I listened to their cover of ''The house of the rising sun'' and I must say that the guitars are pretty cool but to sing it that way failed to get the whole emotion of the lyrics. Anyway I'll look foward to their own compositions.
    I can't help but feel I'd like them more if they had better quality control and released only the best material (like most bands). I mean, when I first heard of them I thought they were OK, and they were even good at Download '13, but the last few releases (3 or 4) all seem to have happened within the time period most bands have between albums, and a lot of it doesn't do anything for me. In fact, I'm pretty sure you can sing the vocals to some of their popular songs over a lot of the newer ones. Just my opinion
    Their music is essentially garbage, angsty stuff for teens and immature blockheads, but they rocked live at Mayhem and myself and friends were only there to see Mastodon and Amon Amarth. Ending up liking them, Rob Zombie, Machine Head, COB and meeting the chill members of Scorpion Child. Great festival. Proving to me at least that they are about energy and that's it. I don't have any personal problems with them though. Enjoy at your leisure. I wish you the best if you like them.
    I remember liking these guys back when their debut album came out. Since then I don't care anymore, even left halfway thru their set once. They are radio metal now with some of the most laughable stupid lyrics I've ever heard
    This band is like the group of "tough guys" who can come into a bar, run out all the women and then drink like idiots. They also generally play songs to try and sound like they are bad asses when songs like "battle born" are just painfully bad. Just the title of that song makes me hate these guys.
    "Zoltan Bathory" my ass. I bet his real name is like "Arbuckle Dirkowitz".
    That actually is his real name. Where he's from Zoltan is a common name. At least, that's what he says in interviews.
    Loved pt. 2. The previews (especially Weight Beneath My Sin) sounded ****ing awesome!
    Always quite liked the guitar but always diliked the vocal. I think there about as interesting as a 3rd listen to a Nickelback album. yeah they sound slick but boring.....
    Well... I would have thought a song called Wrecking Ball was cool, but now....
    I didn't like it. Sounded like the bounce-back-from-losing- and-finding-an-inspiration-to-fight-again part in a Rocky movie. I can almost see the late Mick yelling "you can't win, Rock. This guy'll kill ya to death" during that cheesball chorus. Sorry, getting cynical in my middle age.
    Rocky inspirational music? Then iiiim definitely gonna listen to it. Sweetness.
    It's getting hard to count the amount of artists who have a track called "Wrecking Ball" these days.
    Knuckles 5FDP
    i like them i will agree ivans vocals in his earler bands were better and his lyrics were top noch plus his voice is heavy enough to be able to understand but not so heavy to were it sounds lile he's shiting glass and trying to sing