Five Finger Death Punch: 'We're Already Working on a New Record'

A follow-up to latest FFDP double effort coming sooner than expected.

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LA metallers Five Finger Death Punch have recently dropped quite a surprise, confirming that despite releasing a massive double record this year, a follow-up is already under way. Chatting with Team Rock Radio, the guys were a bit hesitant about revealing details, but went on nevertheless. "We're working on the next record already," guitarist Jason Hook kicked off. "We have musical blue balls," guitarist Zoltan Bathory continued, "What it means is that for your entire life, you're trying to get to the point where you're a band and you can share your music. And all of a sudden Five Finger Death Punch became successful and we can finally use this output, so this is like a honeymoon for another 10 years, the musical blue balls get released." Cook chipped in, "We're very competitive and I like the idea of just being as fresh and as current as possible. Today's audience likes to have the screen refreshed frequently." "F5, F5!" Zoltan jokingly shouted, just for Jason to continue: "The speed of things - it's just happening so fast. It's a lot easier to prepare material when there's little pressure." During the rest of the chat, the band discussed the disposable aspect of music today, stressing the importance of working as hard as possible throughout the year. Check out the full interview below. "The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell, Volume 1" saw its release on July 30 via Prospect Park and was followed by "Volume 2" on November 19. Both efforts debuted at No. 2 on the US Billboard 200 chart.

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    I'm a tough sonofabitch! I scream and lift! Ill beat you up, just shut up, shut up! I'm in a band with no substance! So step up and fight me, this is your last chance! My lyrics are hilarious I know, I try to sound tough and hardcore when I play a show! Look at me wrong ill smash your face in your lunch! That's right you punk were five finger death punch!.....there in 2 min I made lyrics on par or better than ffdp!
    I actually enjoy the first half of their albums they released since they started and have seen them live, but damn; you're lyrics literally made me bust out laughing!
    indeed good. I enjoyed that. the only thing you forgot was their "deep down I'm really also a sentimental guy" type garbage. However, that's the other half of their music.
    How the hell are we comparing a thrash metal band to a nu metal band. -.-
    Because My Avatar is Dave Mustaine and Bjarned literally has nothing else to argue with except insulting my personal music taste.
    Eclectic Lizard
    Just as you're insulting his? I don't like FFDP but it doesn't exactly bother me if they put out shit. Their fans are happy, and Im happy listening to Opeth, I donèt get why people have to shit on bands they dont like. I dont like Slipknot or Suicide Silence but I dont let them bother me. Listen to music you like. Forget or ignore music you dont like. Simple.
    Man the lyrics in this band are HILARIOUS...
    "You think you know me? / You don't know shit / I've seen the world through your eyes / And it makes me sick / I've questioned all of your answers / They're ****ing lies / I won't conform to your system / I'd rather die!" Wow. That's, like, so brutal and hardcore...
    And then on the next track he's crying like a little girl because his gf left him, so brutal.
    Knuckles 5FDP
    Far From home was about being on the road/tour away from ur family The Bleeding was about his girlfriend
    And what was walk away about again?
    Get off your high horse and stop being such a judgmental elitist. 5FDP's instrumentals are no more repetitive than your precious worshipful Megadeth, although their lyrics were a bit repetitive on their last two albums. Like it or not, they have their own style and they are damn good at it. And they are most certainly not a Pantera knockoff, they sound NOTHING like Pantera. Every band has their weaknesses (don't even get me started on Megadeth and Pantera's weaknesses), but 5FDP packs a hell of a beat and have the nastiest guitar riffs I have ever heard.
    Let me guess whats on it, fast blast beat pinch harmonic ridden songs, standard mid tempo metal songs and slow 'heartfelt' ballads. That is literally all these guys know how to do.
    Sounds like a lot more than Megadeth (just taking this of your avatar) ever does. all they do is Thrash, thrash and thrash. Not to mention FFDP's lead singer can actually sing and do screams, while Dave only has this nagging singing voice. but hey ho. i guess your opinion is just different.
    Regardless of what subpar albums Megadeth may have put just can't in your right mind compare this band to Megadeth.
    I think its insulting to other bands to be compared to megadeth.
    Yeah it must be so insulting to metal bands to be compared to a band that has created classics such as rust in peace and peace sells. Either what I said about ffdp is true, that is all they do.
    Peace SElls. Rust in Peace. Countdown. Youthanasia. Endgame. Yah. He has no credibility insulting Megadeth.
    Clearly youve never listened to countdown to extinction, youthanasia or cryptic writings
    matteo cubano
    ya but you gotta at least respect they keep putting stuff out for their fans. i wish some of my favorite bands put out music every year. not to mention I know people who are fans of FFDP and believe me, they want more of the same old stuff. none of them are musicians, death punch is a metal band for people who don't play. they're mostly football players and weightlifters, fratty guys, etc... so f they're pleasing their fans, then relatively that's all that counts.
    Putting stuff out to please the lowest common denominator is exactly why I dont respect them
    matteo cubano
    they're pleasing their fans and making music they enjoy making. they like it, thats my point.
    MaidenisGOD89 Megadeth did with Super Collider...sure megadeth were good back in their days, now megadeth have lowered their standards. I've lost respect for them over that shitty super collider album.
    I don't lose respect for a band that put out one shitty album, you're forgetting only 4 years ago they put out Endgame. That's 25 years after they began, you really think FFDP will release an album like that in 20 years? Do you even think they'll be around in 20 years? They've already released the same album 3 times now with the same bro-rock drivel hooks and absolutely terrible lyrics. You can't compare super collider and what ever FFDP has done lately just because they come out and at close times to each other because it's at completely different times in their career, how ever if you compare FFDP's now 5 albums with Megadeth's first 5 .... guess who wins.
    I agree except for the fact that Risk was worse than Super Collider. That's my opinion though.
    At least Dave could sing on Risk. And Megadeth has had a fair share of subpar albums. The only couple albums I liked in this new millenium is United Abominations and Endgame. World Needs a Hero, System Has Failed, and Th1rt3en were all very subpar records and Super Collider was just bad.
    agree with the not going to be around in 20 years, but the first album was good, imo, their best by far. I wish that was the only album i could associate them with. To say that they had put the same album out 3 times is not innaccurate though and definitly takes away from what they had.
    Honestly I liked the first and second album but after that it was downhill.
    There were definitely a few good songs on the second but you could just tell that they were gonna start righting more radio hits, I got nothing wrong with that but I'm into the heavier shit that usually isn't allowed. Just my personal preference, radio songs are way over played. And bad company was a great cover, but I'm not a fan of bands who continue to remix and remake songs, one great cover is enough imo
    Except the fact that at least in Canada, the only songs they could ever possibly play on mainstream radio is Far From Home and Cold. Even those are borderline cus the riffs still have a heavy chug or two..
    Dude what are you on? Five Finger Death Punch WILL still be around. They don't sound like any other band out there I've ever heard before so they are not in fact generic at all. Their music has skyrocketed to the top of the charts and consistently have their music requested 24/7 on SXM Octane... Yeah, Say what you want, but like Ivan Moody puts it, They're buying in, not selling out. These guys are here to stay so you better get used to it. I'd love to know what music you listen to jordo246
    their music has been requested by the frat boys, weight lifters and meatheads that they cater to. there are tons of bands out there that sound just like, if not REMARKABLY similar to them.
    Don't sound generic? They're a second rate-Pantera rip off. Nothing about their music is unique. And record sales don't reflect music quality.
    Well my favourite bands are Opeth and Tool so make of that what you will.
    5fdp are one of the most generic rock band out there today. Subpar lyrics and guitar phrases that are played over and over. He should just reunite with Motorgrater. oh well
    Fuck yeah, Can't wait. So jordo246, where's your successful band that's making a big splash in the rock/metal world. If they're so generic then why are they so great? Yeah, that's what I thought.
    I dont know if youve noticed but mediocrity is what sells now, they arent making any "splash" creating the same shit over and over again with no musical improvement what so ever. They can have high charting albums as much as they want, doesnt make the music or band any better.
    I would love to know how many of you actually forced yourselves to sit down and listen to every album, because every album has introduced some sort of new element. The riffs in "The Wrong Side...PT 1&2" brought back a lot of the heavy stuff and had more elements of the 1st album. American Capitalist was a totally different album and some of those elements are in the new stuff. I am really getting a laugh out of all the Metal elitists on here. These guys have some real talent, maybe some of the lyrics are kind of lame but seriously, this band has the best elements possible for a Hard Rock band. Metal style drums with a mixture of Metal/Rock riffs and amazing soloing. And please, while your at it name some other bands they sound like, because there are none. Every band in the world has a hook to the song that is likely going to sound similar, but I have yet to find anyone similar in the sense of a full song or the style of the albums
    your right they do add a few different elements in every album, but im just not into what they changed it into. the general song composition is the same, for just about every song theyve put out. I mean, they absolutely have talent, no denying that, but they write the same song, style, with different words and a slightly different solo ever song. and when the words just arent worth listening to, my opinion on the music is scewed a bit too.
    I got your back on all this Jordo. 5fdp are just radio rock. Like Seether, Shinedown or any of the rest of those.
    and they're damn good at it! whats the matter with that? its what they like to play just leave em be not every band has to be incredibly diverse
    I hope they include shiny dragon and UFC patches in a box set when they release another piece of shit record.
    This isn't surprising. You usually want to fix things as fast as possible if you keep ****ing up. These guys just get worse and worse. Battle Born is so damn boring. Only All That Remains rival them in the downward trajectory category.
    Agreed. Its sad too. All that Remains used to release great music. This Darkened Heart and Fall of Ideals were very strong albums. Now they're releasing generic, mediocre, pop metal songs. I dont care if they want to write poppier songs, but damn, at least write some decent quality tunes, not that "what if I was nothing" bullshit.
    OH NO! please not another one. I like some FFDP,especially the first 2, but they are really throwing out records with more filler than good stuff. Dilution sucks
    Quantity over quality in music leads to garbage. I was forced to saw them last month (opening for Avenged Sevenfold) and waow, i was embarassed about the singer, what a douche, it's kinda an us rap icon. Their music is not my kind and their stage presence is not helping them.
    Agreed. Why not just make one really good album? If I listen to both albums and find more duds than gems then you wasted your time and everyone elses. That being said Stone Sour's double album was tits. They ****in rule.
    I only listenned to the first cd of House of Gold and Bones, and it was good, sometimes awesome. They are way more mature and talented.
    Dude listen to the second one. It was the shit.
    Love stone sour and the albums were great, but god I'm not a fan of roots guitar solos, awesome song and music composition, but I can't stand his solos! I will say this: he's a spectacular live performer!
    Yeah dude. His solo's are so...idk..meh. I really hate that word but they are. They don't capture me.
    FFDP's last 2 albums were mediocre, a lot of songs seemed kind forced compared to earlier albums ..... I loved HG&B pt1. part 2 wasn't overly great IMO. A few songs stood out while the rest were kind of boring
    Says Five Finger Death Punch's albums are full of duds, Then continues to say Stone Sour's Double album was good?.... LOL, are you kidding me
    Just another band with huge potential, that lets me down more and more with each release. I really enjoyed The Way of the Fist and War is the Answer, but after that it's been pretty mediocre material IMO... FFDP is another band that gets ripped on for doing something they love. That is something I will never understand. Don't like it, shouldn't equal, lets bash it.
    They aren't being ripped for doing what they love, they are being ripped because they are one dimensional and uninspiring. War Is The Answer was the last good one and mostly just because Bad Company was sick. I'm fairly certain if I sat down and went through their tabs, at 5-7 songs will have the same open chord chugged intro. If you're gonna be out there representing metal then do something that honors it, not pisses on it.
    Someone once described FFDP as 'bro-metal', and I think that's accurate. I love what they do, but I take the music as it is.
    sometimes you just need some music you can bob your head to, not over analyze and jerk off to. UG why you so critical... my two cents...last two albums (that kinda count as one,) was meh except for like 3-8 good tracks out of what,24? I agree the formula for an album is RAGE,heartbroken,RAGE,im sad, HATE, please love me, GRAW, im sensitive too. someone said they had potential at one point and now they suck- that is where i stand.
    Everyone in this comment section is ripping on this band and for good reason I would like to share my hatred...I saw these guys at mayhem a few years back and at the middle of their terrible set the lead singer says we have a song on the new album that the (FCC, clear channel...I forget what he said) won't let us play live and if we do they will fine us (x amount of money)... then they played a different song, go on with the show and never play the song that he was talking about, after I saw that it was over for me, they are ****in horribly gay
    and I realise the whole if you don't like the band than don't click the article thing but I wanted to share that story
    I remember that as well. His point was "This song is too heavy, so now we're going to play a heavier one instead!" It was silly... :/
    wow, look all all the but hurt people. 1) ffdp is an alright band. i won't go on the record to say they sound all that original because the first couple of times i heard there stuff, i thought it was another corey taylor side project. not saying i'm not a fan of corey taylor (because i am) but it is very much corporate rock. and corporate rock is what some people want. i know i enjoy it and there are some things from ffdp that i do enjoy but i won't call myself a diehard. 2) every band will release sh*t albums that will divide a fanbase. i can safely say that as a system of a down fan, my least favorite album was their first. just not a fan of the arrangements. megadeth, metallica, opeth, you name 'em, there is one sh*t album. but don't rip a band as being a total sh*t band because you hate their sound. every band is striving to make a living on their music, and when your albums chart as high as ffdp do, or a7x, you make a LOT more money back faster and can tour in support of the same album for a shorter time span (because who the hell really wants to listen to the same set every day [with slight variations] for a hear and a half?)
    In regards to your 2nd point, there have not had a decent album since their debut. At least the debut was a bit interesting at times. (Not enough to keep me listening to it after the fist few listens, but it had its moments.) At this point, their albums are so formulaic with uninspired lyrics, teenage angst, and guitar riffs that would make shitty bar bands cringe. They figured out how to sell to the lowest common denominator, and they're not doing anything new.
    They really need to slow down. Since their second album everything has sounded exactly the same. That's 4 albums of boring content, and it's not uniquely bad or weiird bad, just...mediocre as ****.
    Guess they figure if they were to take some time off, people would forget about them. Most of their shit sounds the ****ing same.
    They couldn't try to sound tougher if they tried. All they do is want to kick a$$ and drink then throw in a horrific ballad. These guys are the definition of posers. If they ever enter a bar you're drinking at just leave. Why? All the women will so why stay?
    Saw them a few weeks back whilst supporting Avenged Sevenfold. They aren't bad, but a lot of their songs sound pretty similar. Fair to say they are a 'hits' band - only play 2/3 songs off an album cos the rest are filler. Good gym music though...
    Fuck you guys. I love Five Finger Death Punch. Downvote the hell out of this. Doesn't do anything to change my excitement.