Flea, Krist Novoselic, Geezer Butler Ranked Among World's 10 Richest Bassists

Do you know who the only billionaire bassist in the world is?

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Bring on the bass player jokes all you want, but even these guys know how to make millions from time to time.

An interesting list has recently surfaced on Richest, making a rundown of the world's 10 richest bassists.

A few expectedly wealthy musicians, such as Gene Simmons, Sting, and Paul McCartney made the top, but representatives of the more "alternative" side, so to speak, such as Nirvana's Krist Novoselic or Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers of also made the Big 10.

As you might remember, Duran Duran's John Taylor was branded best bassist ever in a recent Music Radar poll, but this one's all about the cold, hard cash. So without further ado, check out the world's richest bass players below.

Top 10 Richest Bassists in the World

10. Krist Novoselic (Nirvana) - net worth: $40 million
9. Tony Kanal (No Doubt) - net worth: $45 million
8. Geezer Butler (Black Sabbath) - net worth: $65 million
7. John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin) - net worth: $80 million
6. Flea (RHCP) net worth: $115 million
5. Adam Clayton (U2) - net worth: $150 million
4. Roger Waters (Pink Floyd) - net worth: $270 million
T2. Gene Simmons (KISS) - net worth: $300 millionT2. Sting - net worth: $300 million1. Paul McCartney - net worth: $1.2 billion

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    I'm genuinely shocked the billionaire isn't Gene Simmons. That man would pimp out his children if they had KISS logos on them.
    Turns out quality music can get you more money than idiotic merchandise, go figure...
    I wonder if Gene would sign a contract to never speak in public if the price is right. So.. who's gonna set up the kickstarter?
    >Quality >McCartney Pick one!
    I'm not even a fan of the Paul McCartney or the Beatles, but if you deny that they didn't completely change music and songwriting as a whole you're a damn fool.
    Lawl at all the Beatles fans getting pissed at this. There's a reason Paul fell off the map after John died.
    Nero Galon
    How much did Heather Mills take from McCartney again?
    I think she said it was about $50million and that is what my google/wikipedia research is saying too
    Didn't deserve a penny. £24 million or so for a few years' marriage, and that's the British courts for you
    I am actually surprised that JPJ isnt higher on this list. I also wonder what Gene Simmons breakdown would be from Music and from Marketing granted there is some overlap. Love him or hate him (most people the latter) he is brilliant and selling products
    I admire these guys. I mean, they are not very young and could just retire in a mansion and enjoy the rest of their days with a mojito on the side of the pool. But they're still involved in lots of projets (JPJ played with Seasick Steve, Paul Mccartney in Sound City, and so on) and give us what we expect from them. Except Simmons, who is a douche.
    im surprised flea is so high on that list. great bassist. but wow.
    Not surprising when you are in one of the most successful and prolific bands of the last 30 years.
    I love how Novoselic is worth 40 million, yet I meet him in a Montreal metro. Also to the shocks regarding JPJ, you gotta remember that Page had the biggest piece of the pie in all aspects regarding revenue. Not to mention the significant chunk Peter Grant was taking for himself as well.
    Yabba Who
    What someone is "worth" and how much money they actually have are usually quite different.
    link no1
    Bill Gates son isn't worth anything. Bill Gates is giving his children basically nothing in inheritance and instead giving it to charity.
    I laugh at the comments suggesting bassists. This is about their money not their talent. Ppl don't understand what they read
    I love how half of the money of Flea goes to his music school Silverlake Consevatory. He's a hero for many musicians to come!
    I thought Cliff Williams would be on there. AC/DC brings in huge coin when they tour.
    \ This is a crazy ass match lol. But also it has guitar in it somehow! I wonder what the tab is....
    Kind of surprised John Deacon didn't make the list. With Queen and probably still making royalties he's gotta be loaded.
    Those that mentioned Steve Harris. I know that the celebrity net worth site is not the most reliable of sources, but apparently, it says he's worth only $30 million which is out of the top 10.
    it's a real shame to see professional clown, gene simmons, make the list along with actual musicians.
    Geddy Lee.
    Geddy was my first thought as well. There's no question the men in Rush are wealthy, but even after forty years they've never been as big as Nirvana was and sort of still is.
    I read in a bio that they were in the avenue of 600,000$ in debt in the early 80's (which is considered their prime years) the band has always had a very expensive live backdrop in their songs so its no surprise Geddy Lee doesn't have 40 million dollars (even if he deserves it more then half the people on the list)
    Did Novoselic invest or is he just enjoying royalties? Other than a few album appearances, he hasn't appeared to have done squat. I guess when you become a RRHOF'r (whatever the f**k that means anymore) the perk$ get better...
    This isn't surprising really, Nirvana were all over radio and MTV in the 90s. They got paid. He was probably just good with his cut.
    Well, he has writing credit on their biggest song, so I would guess he has some decent income from royalties. But he appears to live pretty modestly. And it's not like he's just been sitting around doing nothing since 1994.
    Yeah R&RHOF is why he's rich, has nothing to do with being in the greatest band of the past 20 some years...
    Sleaze Disease
    "...has nothing to do with being in the most overrated band of the past 20 some years..." Fixed that for ya.
    overrated yes, but so revolutionary! my favorite band of all time is MetallicA, and i can tell you right now, that they are overrated, but they were revolutionary. Those 3 guys catapulted a new genre into peoples eyes, so it is easy to understand why they may be so liked and amdired.
    Even for the best bands, 90% of success is having the right kinda sound at the right time. The thing is, most of the greatest bands of all time wouldn't have mattered if they'd been two or three years late off the mark, because someone else would've done it. Even the real big genre-creators. You can call a band overrated, but they got where they were by the same means as any band you respect more.
    It is what they are worth. Not how much money they have. Worth is their value. It does not matter how much money a man has, it matters how much credit he has.
    Actually money is involved, net worth by definition is "the total assets minus total outside liabilities of an individual or a company."
    Nevermind the headline, "World's 10 Richest Bassists" or that the article says to "check out the world's richest bass players below.". I'm sure it's not actually about how much money they have... err...
    Not only that Nirvana as popular now as ever, bare in mind that him being part of a trio entitles him to a decent share of the profits, more than twice of that of a larger band like Slipknot for instance. Now that only two members remain I'm sure that he has an even greater share.
    I agree with you. Surely he hasn't pulled off this kinda coin with song-writing credits alone. But what else has he done since Nirvana?
    I knew the members of Nirvana would be pretty well off from the success but I didn't expect Novoselic to be that high.
    I saw a youtube video of him playing 'Royals' on accordion. Maybe people are paying him money to never do things like that again.
    I can't imagine that these guys all disclosed their net worth so these must be vague estimates. Silly.
    Yeah I wonder that too. Like celebritynetworth.com or other sites that are incredibly inaccurate.
    I didn't know who was going to be #1, but as soon as I saw Paul McCartney there, it was like I actually did already know. He is so much more than just a bassist, though (not to suggest that "just a bassist" is ever a bad thing")
    Umm... calling Paul McCartney a bassist is like calling Michael Jordan a baseball player.
    Prior to In Utero's release--because of their unexpected super-stardom--the member's of Nirvana, in a friendly contract, agreed to divide Nirvana's income like this Cobain 70%, Noveselic and Grohl, 15% each. How Krist has that much money I don't know. Maybe he invested heavily in the stock market before the boom in the late 90s. The first time I met Krist was at defensive driving class in Pierce County, Washington. It was shortly after Nevermind was released, and SLTS was being played heavily on MTV. Krist was driving a rough VW bus with crappy curtains. He said he had made 167, 000 from Nevermind, which was enough to buy the house he just got. Of course this was before they became super stars. It is strange though thinking of that time. Here we were, fighting DWI charges. He was in one of the most important bands ever and didn't know it yet!
    I wonder how they come up with these numbers. McCartney doesn't own the Beatles catalog so what are they basing it on, does he have other businesses?
    Well, Beatles have sold more records than any other band. Also, Paul was the main songwriter in The Beatles (with John Lennon). He also had a solo career.
    Section 5
    Surprising that Hugh McDonald isn't on this list, despite being an unofficial part of Bon Jovi. That whole situation has never seemed right to me.
    I read that JBJ and Richie were making 2.2 million per month touring. Then when Richie left his, replacement Phil X was getting 10k a month. Hugh is probably making a similar amount to Mr. X. I mean he's listed as an additional musician in the album notes.
    Where is John Taylor...the worlds greatest bassist.....at least in the ears of the Europeans....
    Axeman Eugene
    I'm an European and while I think he's a good player, he's nowhere near to being the greatest bassist in the world.
    I'm surprised I'm the first to mention surprise at no doubt. Were they even that big of a band at any point? I seem to remember a few radio-friendly pop hits but they were never as huge as these other bands.
    Perhaps he has some other business ventures. Maybe he invented the Post-it Note
    I know he's retired but I'm surprised John Deacon isn't worth that much, especially with the buttload of royalties Queen gets.