Folk Rocker Writes Song About Metallica Overshadowing Dave Mustaine

"I'm a good writer / I play great guitar / But I can't get over how farther they've gone," the tune goes.

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Folk rocker Robert Rolfe Feddersen wrote an interesting composition called "Dave's Lament" accompanying his upcoming studio effort "American Loser."

Dedicated to Megadeth mastermind Dave Mustaine, the song tells the story of Dave constantly staying in Metallica's shadow throughout his career. As Feddersen points out, he met both Mustaine and his former band, getting somewhat of an insight regarding the subject matter.

"I'm a good writer / I play great guitar / But I can't get over how farther they've gone / I'm staying sober / And trying real hard / But I can't jump over this fence in my yard," the track goes, just before switching to the chorus: "All of the success goes to Metallica / All of the accolades go to Metallica / All of the mansions and all of the money / And all of the good things and skies that are sunny."

Robert commented (via Loudwire): "In the late '90s, Lars Ulrich had a record label that wanted to sign my band, Loudmouth. I got to spend some time with him going to Metallica shows and actually got to play onstage with them in St. Louis. They played one of my songs called 'Not Free,' which was mind-blowing.

"A few years later, I found myself on tour with Megadeth," he continued. "Dave Mustaine and I hit it off almost immediately. Getting to know Dave, I became aware of just how hard his life had been and how much getting kicked out of Metallica affected and afflicted him."

"American Loser" is out on February 25, make sure to give "Dave's Lament" a listen below:

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    Meh, dat singing Dude sounds like het got kicked out of a cheesy emo-band back in the day, then switched to making 70's-era Dylanesque folk records minus the clever songwriting This could have been so much better
    I understand that he wants to support Mustaine,but it presents Megadeth's work as an obscure failure.It kinda insults the work of Poland,Ellefson,Friedman and all the other great musicians who contributed to Megadeth's music.IMO,of course.
    "Folk Singer Writes Song To Temporarily Catch Public Attention". Woo-hoo.
    Maybe if I write a song about Justin Bieber UG will write an article about me as well?
    Not likely. It'd have to be a song about either Queens Of The Stone Age or Tool's next album.
    Personally I don't rate those lyrics at all. Also I can't imagine Dave being happy about this.
    Metallica can't touch Megadeth musically,IMHO. I don't care what their personal problems or differences are, but as a fan of both bands, I feel that the music created by Megadeth is much more classy as well as more "metal" than Metallica. Their song writing, lead guitar, twin guitar onslaught, drumming...its all above Metallica. Marty, while he was there, took the band to another level. I've seldom found a drummer I liked more than Nick Menza in Rust In Peace. Mustaine's snarling sneering voice, with the sarcastic ironic and sometimes poetic lyrics...the out and out thrash tracks, the somewhat slower ones. They've done it all. Now,I listen to fresh younger bands..mostly tech or brutal death metal. But Megadeth will always be that one band that pops into my head when someone goes "your favourite band?"
    I'd say that "...And Justice for All" can match any Megadeth album in terms of songwriting, guitar harmonies, drumming and etc. The only thing that puts Megadeth a step ahead, in this case, is the fact that Marty simply wipes the floor with Kirk. But yeah, I agree to an extent.
    And Justice was a smoking album!! I would call it there best effort in terms of playing. no disagreement there.
    Justice is certainly a great album except theres no bottom end in it...but Rust in Peace smokes far as I am concerned Justice was the last album Metallica ever put out
    It has bottom end, it just doesn't have a bass guitar that's very loud. The guitars have a lot of low end, and the kick takes up so much space.
    Justice is certainly a great album except theres no bottom end in it...but Rust in Peace smokes far as I am concerned Justice was the last album Metallica ever put out
    i agree with you bro, all these hipster posers are all over the black albums d*'s crap most of the album just plain sucks...its not even the songs that are good it's the production (bob rock) they wanted to have a bigger sound like motley crue....
    I don't think you know what hipsters are, hipsters like stuff no one else likes yet the Black album is Metallica's biggest success making it the complete opposite of what hipsters would like.
    I agree with this right here, I always thought technically Megadeth was leaps and bounds over Metallica, IMHO if it wasn't for Mustaine Kill'em All wouldn't even be close to what it was, not to mention he wrote / co-wrote whatever a majority of the guitar riffs that made it to Ride. That being said it does seem like Mustaine never got over being kicked out of the band, but at the same time he formed Megadeth, I mean its MEGADETH!!! guy needs to realize that. I haven't bought a Metallica album since Load. But I run right out and pick up everything Megadeth puts out.
    Dave Mustaine wrote a bit of the song RTL and a little bit of the call ktulu, how is that the majority of riffs?
    This. Dave is an incredibly talented guy, but his contributions to Metallica has always been overstated. Yes, he brought some cool shit to the band, but he was in the ****ing band less than two years and has writing credits on only a handful of songs, he didn't write the first two albums himself for gods sake.
    don't forget, he's got four writing credits on the Kill 'Em All album. Personally, i think the boys have buried that hatchet. Metallica and Megadeth are doing their own things. They both have their ups and downs. I love both bands and give them all of my respect. However, it seems to me this songwriter still thinks there's a grudge. Maybe Dave does have some lingering thoughts; I mean, imagine if he'd stayed in the band! I almost feel this folk singer pities Dave...
    4 Credits means he contributed in some way to 4 songs on the album. It doesn't say how, or how much he contributed. Everybody knows that he wrote the original version of 4 horsemen, because he released his version of it as Megadeth, but it doesn't say how much he wrote for the other 3 songs he has credit on.
    he wrote most of kill em all you idiot..... after he told them not to use his music...
    I have his biography and the only 2 songs he contributed massively too on that album were the four horseman and jump in the fire so why don't you stop talking shit.
    Yeah, but Jump in the Fire is the best song on that album, and the lyrics are probably the weakest part. They were changed after he left, and I wish that he would somehow record his take on that song with his lyrics. It's a stellar riff, IMHO.
    That's a shame, Death Magnetic was surprisingly good for modern day Metallica! They're both equals in my book, they both have a full catalog of great tracks and a handful of crap that hurts to listen to.
    Technically speaking Metallica isn't even in the same ballpark as Megadeth. I've learned every riff off of Metallica's first 4 albums, but half of the stuff on Megadeth's first 4 (Poison Was The Cure). Just listen to Dave's solo on Mechanix compared to Kirk's final one on Four Horseman which it is based on. Add to that the fact that Dave has always been the least virtuostic of Megadeth's two guitarists in any line up. The only thing Metallica had better was Cliff. Gar Samuelson was one of the most unique metal drummers ever. Jazz drumming in thrash = pure gold, the skank beat is so overused, Lars I'm looking at you.
    "The only thing Metallica had better was Cliff" You just lost me there. Metallica also had (and have) freaking James Hetfield . Riff and vocal beast. Lars was also good for their style, up until the early 90's. I'll only agree with you on the fact that I don't think Kirk is a really good guitarist.
    Yes, they have James Hetfield. And that is what makes the difference for me. I think the voice is very important and I just can't stand Mustaine's voice. A band may be great soundwise, but the best sound doesn't help if the voice isn't good...and I don't want to get used to someones voice. Either it's great or it isn't. For me, that decides if I listen to a band or not.
    I prefer Kirks solo more than Daves in that song. But most of the time Dave does better solos
    I agree with everything you said. Dave just has a way of writing that Metallica doesn't. However, Metallica was the first concert I ever saw. They were the first album I ever bought. They will always be that band for me. But yes, Megadeth is a better band.
    Thank you for a proper comparison rather than "megadeth r betr lulz" or vice versa. As a fan of both bands also, I 100% agree.
    Hmmm, I think the whole Dave Mustaine Metallica thing is way overblown. He was an early band member who they kicked out - happens all the time. He didn't even appear on any records! Seen both bands live several times and metallica destroy megadeth live. I lost a lot of respect for him after some kind of monster. But he's a great player and megadeth are a great metal band.
    mustaine is the worst singer there is. megadeth would be worth listening to if they had a better singer and mustaine just stuck to guitars and songwriting
    Lately all I have been listening to is Rust in Piece, Countdown to Extinction, Go to Hell (from the Bill and Ted's Bogus journey soundtrack). Megadeth for me has really stood the test of time. The early 90's was very good to Megadeth.
    So you keep buying everything Megadeth releases? Do you have the "Super Collider" or "TH1RT3EN" albums? IMHO, those are a waste of money.
    Mud Martian
    At this point, the Metallica and Megadeth "feud" is simply a weapon for fans of either band to battle with. In reality, it doesn't even matter. I've seen both Megadeth and Metallica live, and I'm a fan of both bands equally. The fact that almost three decades ago Dave Mustaine played in Metallica for a couple of years is hardly a reason to keep both band's fans forever at odds with each other.
    We all have regrets in our lives, Lovers we have let slip away because of habits we would not let go of. Family members who pass away while you still hold a petty grudge. While Mustaine has had a wonderful career, given speed metal fans two great bands instead of one, he still holds the memory of what could have been close to his heart. Dave has made the best of a bad hand, and when asked how about how he feels about it, he is very open and honest. He continues to move forward with his life and his family. Good luck to both Metallica and Megadeth, may they forever fill our souls with the music we love.
    "All of the bellends go to Metallica" a hidden lyric.
    Of all the things Dave may be guilty of, I don't think being a loser is one of them.
    Megadeth is not better than Metallica.. and Metallica is not better then Megadeth
    Agent 00Awesome
    Megadeth is still an extremely successful band with multiple platinum selling albums. Why is this song even a thing?
    over 55 million units sold, spanning 30 years, not a bad effort at all!
    This guy is a bit late. I believe Dave has already got over that kicking out of Metallica thing. And the lyrics are just primitive, ridiculous and pathetic. They embarrass both Dave and the guy who wrote it. Second thing, Dave might be a more skilled guitar player, but it takes more than that to write good songs. If Dave WAS that good a songwriter, he would have made it - you don't need to be in Metallica to make it. But he didn't. Why? Because it takes more than guitar skills to compose good songs. Lots of people know Megadeth so it's not like Dave didn't have an exposure to the metal audience. Yes, his band probably could never be as big as Metallica due to the latter being the first, but it still could be almost as big as Metallica. But again, in order to make it big, he must make choices in regards to his writing. And he must possess the skills to craft songs that huge audiences will like. So to all these people who claim that Megadeth is so much better than Metallica and it is Megadeth that should have made it, not Metallica, get this: yes, YOU think Megadeth is better, because it's what you like; but there are many other people in the world who think otherwise. That leaves us with this: neither band is better nor worse - it's all a matter of the amount of people that like their output. If there are much more people who like Metallica more than Megadeth, then it's fair Metallica is bigger . One more thing: why does every Megadeth fan assume that if Dave stayed in Metallica, it would have been the same successful band as it is now?
    Reality check: The possible repercussions of letting Dave stay in the band could spell disaster considering his behavior towards his bandmates. I mean, he poured beer on Ron McGovney's bass(he's a great bass player, by the way. Check out his garage demos). He imposed danger towards bandmates and himself. James and Lars made the right decision to kick Dave out... and that is something that everyone has to accept. Musically, the Hetfield, Ulrich, Mustaine, Burton lineup was Metallica's best combination of talent. No question about that. Yet, there are other things to consider... including attitude. Kirk, even though he's not as good as Dave had an attitude that fits the band. A guy who's able to downplay his ego.
    Let's be honest' Dave's voice sucks. And voice does matter, Megadeth could never reach Metallica's success with Mustaine as a frontman. Also, being able to play 1000 notes per second has nothing to do with good songwriting.
    Mustaine is an awesome frontman. He's got his own thing going on. Megadeth and Metallica are two of the biggest thrash bands ever, and it was a good thing he left the band, cause Hammett is a better lead guitarist, and metal wouldn't be the same without Megadeth.
    If the worst thing in your life is that you ONLY get to be the lead singer of Megadeth, I think you've had a pretty good life.
    I like both bands, but the closest album Megadeth has that comes close to Ride The Lightning, Master of Puppets, or Justice, is Rust In Peace.
    Eclectic Lizard
    Agreed. Megadeth is of course great, but to me Metallica is light years ahead. The feeling of total destruction I feel after RTL or MOP is something Megadeth never came close to.
    I just finished reading Mustaine's book. If you haven't read it yet please go and do so, good read indeed! Explains all his thoughts on Metallica and the feud etc. I'm a fan of both bands. I gotta admit sometimes i think Megadeth are a more ferocious thrash metal band than Metallica, and musicianship is a lot better. I have a lot of respect for Dave overall! ....let's not forget Mustaine wrote/co-wrote some of Metallica's best songs... Metal Militia, Jump in the Fire, Phantom Lord etc.
    This dudes's from my neck of the woods. I saw his band Loudmouth that he mentioned open for Megadeth back in 1999 and I have their album actually. They were pretty good. Always wondered what happened to them. That said, this song sucks so hard! Day late and a dollar short with this shit dude.
    When Dave was on that Greyhound bus back to LA, he should've just made a pact with himself to stay sober at least for a year. That way, he would've not introduced Ellefson to the world of drugs, kept a very close watch on Gars and Chris to make sure they stayed clean (because half the budget on KIMBABIG went towards heroin or something) and made a much better produced debut album that could've buried Kill em all on the charts. The lack of cohesiveness within the band (25 members), constant drug use, physical violence and Dave's dictatorial leadership style is why Megadeth never achieved the level of success as Metallica. Don't get me wrong. I love Megadeth and worship Dave Mustaine, but facts are facts.
    so... this song is just pretending that Dave Mustaine doesn't have millions of dollars, a mansion, and doesn't play in arenas? I hope he follows this up with a ballad about how hard Ozzy's life has been in the years after Black Sabbath
    Velcro Man
    It's more about how bad Mustaine has his own words. He used to constantly whine about getting kicked out of Metallica even though he had a very successful band. Not Metallica successful, but far more than any other young metal guitarist would dream of.
    But he stopped crying about it, hasn't he? It's all yesterday papers, so this guy is a bit late with that kind of song.
    Mkay. Megadeth has more complex writing and harder riffs. They also have fairly shit songs for the most part, unless you're impressed by pseudo-intellects and pocket-philosophy coupled with childish lyrics. You can't deny that Megadeth is stupid as hell. Some will try, though. Regardless. I'm not even really with or against either band. The only thing this makes me think is "First world problems, man". Not enough that Mustaine has whined endlessly over being kicked out and starting one of the biggest thrash bands of all time (I know, poor guy, right?) But now OTHER frickin' people ACTUALLY feel sorry for him? Does it get lower? I'm not the most empathic guy in the world - but somewhere, someone is starving. Somewhere else, people are horrified that a self-righteous bigot who sold millions of records didn't sell QUITE as many as Metallica. Excuse the outburst, but it's somewhat disgusting. Makes me lose hope in my own species. urgh. Let the downvotes commence.
    I's not like the dude got kicked out of metallica and became a homeless drunk...if you say Megadeth people are going to know what you are talking about...
    I's not like the dude got kicked out of metallica and became a homeless drunk...if you say Megadeth people are going to know what you are talking about...
    HOLY FUCK HE EVEN LOOKS LIKE DAVE MUSTAINedit: nvm it actually is dave mustain. another edit: does anyone else ever vision a pubescent teen fretting over his mom finding his spunk stained bed sheets/cumsock etc and then yelling "MUH STAINS" every time you see/hear "Mustaine"? i do.
    I still believe that Megadeth have stuck more to their roots than Metallica have. And i've only recently realised how commercial Metallica's later stuff sounds...And he sucks, imagine how much better Metallica could've been if they had some one different on drums
    Sticking to your roots is not always a good idea. Had Metallica sticked to their speed thrash roots, there would not have been Master of Puppets or Justice for All.
    and not even Ride The Lightning. I don't believe in sticking to the roots. I believe more in being true and honest to the music you make.
    Why hasn't anyone tabbed this yet? Frick I need to play this song! Its great.
    Megadeth is only the way Metallica should have sounded after and Justice.IMO of course.
    You wrote that sentence, of course it is in your opinion. You don't need to state that. I disagree with your statement, though. We don't need two bands that sound like Megadeth. Diversity is what we need.
    How about they both suck, and **** metal.
    Sounds great. Now back to reality. Let's see now ... Metallica has sold 100 million phucking albums (source:; Metallica is frequently called, "The Biggest/Greatest Heavy Metal Band Of All Time," by the media; Master of Puppets is frequently voted or named as the best heavy metal album in history in online polls, books, etc.; James is a superior rhythm guitar player, singer, and composer (thought I'd sneak that in there); Metallica has been nominated for 59 music awards (source:; Metallica headlined the Big 4 concerts: Look at the phucking DVD cover! They had their own disc, the other THREE bands (of which Megadeth was one--a third of the other bands) shared the other disc, which they also shared with a doco.; Metallica played to penguins! PENGUINS! Are the penguins down with Mustaine? I don't phucking well think so. Megadeth are a great, great band--certainly one of the best metal bands in history, but they--as all metallers do--BOW DOWN to THE MIGHTY METALLICA. I thank you. \m/
    My two cents on the Metallica/Megadeth divide? They're both awful. Well, to be fair, I can atleast tolerate Metallica up until and including Justice for All. I can't really say the same for any of Megadeth's work. I never really got the big deal about either band, or really any of the big four. Exodus gave birth to Thrash Metal and their influence has carried on through most real Metal, Metallica et al were more for the MTV crowd.
    RIP is just as good if not better than any of Metallica's first 4 albums, as is Peace sells. But whatever you're missing out not us.
    Who cares about Dave Mustaine being thrown out of Metallica 30 odd years ago for being a tosser?? Both bands are indeed awful but if one member of my band was going to ruin our chance of even playing the local pub circuit because they couldn't stay sober long enough to turn up and play the first song they would be replaced. Mustaine deserved to be sacked and deserved the awful life of multi million selling records, cocaine coming out of his ears and women throwing themselves at him that he got. Poor Dave. Poor, poor Dave. That's my tuppence worth.
    Poor Dave Mustaine. He's in the second greatest trash band of all time when he could have been in the greatest. Such a shame. And obviously when I say greatest I mean most successful. There is literally no way of determining who is better. They each are unique and succesful in their own ways.
    Metallica did get all the fame because, megadeath imo was formed to compete with them. I think its Dave's cry saying " see how good I've become, please let me back in!"
    And looking at his page I see he movie to Indiana...and became quite a house of a man.
    I think success ruined Metallica. Too much money and they lost sight of what was real in the world. Dave on the other hand has always seemed hungry and that drive is in essence what made Megadeth such an awesome band.
    Both bands are great. But what Megadeth lacks in my opinion (im gonna get a lot of hate) is soul. Megadeth does have much more technical and complex riffs and solos, but Metallica has music that seems to be pure emotion. St Anger (commence the downvoting) has some of the most absolutely emotionally raw music ever written, and that is considered their worst album. Furthermore, Kirk can make his guitar sing and emit pure feeling (see Unforgiven, Outlaw Torn, God That Failed, Dyers Eve.....) like no other guitarist can. Megadeth simply lacks in that category. And that is what separates the great from the legendary.
    If the song was about Ron McGovney it would make more sense. Dave doesn't want or need pity. He got to make his own band, sing his own words and play his own music, and it has been pretty damn successful.