Follow The Deceived Wins Inaugural UG Unsigned Artist Of The Month

artist: Follow The Deceived date: 12/03/2010 category: wtf?
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Follow The Deceived Wins Inaugural UG Unsigned Artist Of The Month
Follow The Deceived, featured in last month's Unsigned Artists of the Month Article have won the inaugural Unsigned Artist of the Month competition after a poll of forum members. The results rendered Follow The Deceived as the winners, after the band garnered an impressive 50% of the vote, beating competition from both Satin Gum and the Remnant Kings. Hope in Negative Spaces is an album that was almost never made. The band behind the record, Follow The Deceived, has been cursed by a start-stop characteristic unhelpful to any band hoping to build up any momentum. The band is the brain child of vocalist and guitarist, Mark Cruz , who inspires a sort of post-hardcore meets screamo blend of music that is always too heavy to be laughed at. So don't overlook Follow The Deceived. Upon winning the competition, Follow The Deceived had this to say, We would like to thank all of our fans for their continued support, and, of course, everyone that voted for us on It's a great honor to win the Unsigned Artist of the Month! Expect more from us soon in the coming months. To find out more about Follow The Deceived, read last month's Unsigned Talent of the Month article, or follow the band at MySpace, Facebook, and At the end of December, an article written about some of the best unsigned artists featured by in the past year or so, with the overall goal of crowning an Unsigned Artist of the Year. The winner shall be determined by a poll in the forums, more specifically, in The Pit; so you will have to be a UG member to vote for's first Unsigned Artist of the year! To enter your band for the competition, send your entry to or visit and By Samuel Agini
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