Foo Fighters Play Surprise Gig in Pizza Parlor

Band performs 23 song set in California.

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Foo Fighters surprised diners in California earlier this week when they played a 23 song set at a pizza restaurant, Planet Rock is reporting. The show took place at Rock and Roll Pizza in Moorpark on Tuesday (December 10th). You can check out a video of the super-intimate gig below. The show's full setlist was as follows: All My Life Rope The Pretender My Hero Learn to Fly White Limo Arlandria Breakout Cold Day in the Sun Long Road to Ruin Big Me Stacked Actors Walk These Days Generator Monkey Wrench Hey, Johnny Park! This Is a Call Bridge Burning Dear Rosemary Breakdown (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers cover) Times Like These Everlong

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    It's so cool that they do shit like this, imagine going out for some pizza and end up at a Foo's gig.
    Now this is ****ing cool. Although I'm not a huge Foo Fighters fan I have huge respect for them. More bands should do spontaneous shit like this
    They did this in someones garage one time too right? for a kids Bday or something? love the foo fighters
    they did a whole garage tour, you can check the documentary here
    Didn't you guys post this article with stuff about the new album 4 days ago?
    Indeed they did. Apparently UG enjoys denying new news stories that I & many others sumbit for the sake of rehashing the same content.
    Just another reason to love Foo Fighters. Even if you don't like the band, you can't deny that stuff like this is awesome.
    I love how they can do this sort of stuff. It's pretty ****ing cool for the people that get to come.