Foo Fighters Post Blood-Spattered Rehearsal Image

The band tease fans ahead of a live comeback and their "unconventional" new album.

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Foo Fighters are teasing their much-anticipated comeback with a photo of a blood-spattered guitar on their Facebook. The photo which suggests they've been rehearsing hard for their comeback show in Mexico this december was tagged with the caption "First practice. Been too long. Look out, Mexico." Their last live appearance was in New Yrk in September 2012. "Is that guitar getting the best of you?" asks one commenter. The band are set to begin recording a brand new album in early 2014, with frontman Dave Grohl also confirming the follow up to "Wasting Light" has been written. "It's a little way off," Grohl told XFM in August. "It's not ready to happen right now, but I think next year is going to be a really big year for the Foo Fighters without question." Grohl further teased fans by saying: "We are going to make this album in a way that no-one's ever done before, and we're pretty excited about it." Can you guess how the Foo Fighters will surprise fans with a new album concept? Post your guesses below.

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    anyone know what guitar that is????
    Ibanez or custom fender maybe
    Really? I see an white SG. You can even see the strap coming from the neck-joint, where SGs typically have a strap-button. Plus, Dave Grohl is a die-hard Gibson-endorsee.
    I took a tour of the Gibson factory in Memphis and the tour guide told me Dave Grohl has been emailing back and forth with Gibson over a new signature model. She wouldn't give me any other details...I'm wondering if that picture is a hint of it?
    I just watched an interview with the Foos, and Dave said that the guitar in the picture is Pat's, along with the blood.
    al capwn02
    I think it its like Dave Grohl's Custom guitar. He uses a Trini Lopez 335 and it looks like a white version of that. The Gibson DG 335 is a Phelhem Blue, but I'm pretty sure that's what it is a 335 of some sort.
    its a baritone SG. they just released them recently. i played one at a Sam Ash, crazy awesome guitar
    I had no idea about those. I wonder if Daron Malakian will endorse them or get a signature one?
    Who knows, maybe they'll play unreleased songs at this concert in Mexico! That would be pretty cool!
    I've been listening to "Wasting Lights" again, and man, that is a really good album. Tastes aside, its really well played.
    Some of the comments. seriously "If I ever got the chance to meet Dave Grohl one day, I would roll him up into a little ball and put him in my vagina...."
    Anyone recall the photo from the early days (first album era) of Dave playing a white Custom LP with blood splatter between the pickups? Looks like he'd dropped a pick playing live and carried on anyway.
    Perhaps they're planning to get fans involved in the next album? Voting on what songs make it in or something?
    Dave Grohl can be a douche but god he is magically talented " Tired of you" still remains on Top1 out of Top 5 of FF