Foo Fighters Present Weirdest ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Video Yet, Portnoy, Taylor, Bon Jovi Also Join Cause

The viral trend continues, make sure to check out Les Claypool inside.

Ultimate Guitar

The viral ALS Ice Bucket Challenge finally caught up with the rock world. Following Pearl Jam, a series of rockstar clips began emerging, featuring the likes of Jon Bon Jovi, Mike Portnoy, Corey Taylor and more.

Giving the trend a whole new spin, Foo Fighters have emerged with by far the most epic Ice Bucket clip yet (well, Charlie Sheen still wins but never mind), combining the challenge with classic movie "Carrie."

As for the other rockers, it's pretty much same old by now, except for the fact that Jon Bon Jovi nominated the band's former guitarist Richie Sambora. An end of a feud maybe? Only time will tell.

Anyhow, the clips await below, check 'em out. If you're interested in helping the cause, here's the link.

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    Nothing beats Charlie Sheen though
    Fuck that, he pussied out of the challenge and bragged about how much he donated. Even more of a cop out than Portnoy's tray of ice cubes.
    I agree that it was bragging, but it was a fantastic gesture to other celebrities that they should probably think about sharing more than a few dollars for what is undeniably a fantastic cause.
    Wasting Ice...?
    Floyd Phoenix
    Can't tell if pun on Foo Fighter's last album or genuine concern about people wasting ice
    Epi g-310
    Importing ice from the south pole is expensive, and until we develop the technology to change temperature, we need to preserve our ice. I'm partial to grass-fed ice, I think it produces better ice cream. Unfortunately nobody seems to want to teach me how to milk ices.
    I nominate Vanilla Ice
    WTF Portnoy that was kinda lame! I demand a redo!!
    Careful or he might come after you on Twitter. And it might just look something like this.. @MikePortnoy posted.. "You know, I do a lot of things for good causes (most of which goes UN-NOTED) but when the #IceBucketChallenge came along I thought it would be a great opportunity to showcase a great cause to my faithful MP WARRIORS. The backlash I received for not having the "Correct amount of water or ice in my bucket" has made me think about not doing good things for others in the future. The amount of ice in that bucket was ALL OF THE ICE WE HAD IN THE PORTNOY HOUSEHOLD.. my wonderful children filled the bucket with what THEY thought would be a good amount of ice for this challenge. WHY DON'T YOU STEP UP AND DO THE #IceBucketChallenge?? AND STOP WEARING MANGINI ERA DREAM THEATER T-SHIRTS!!!!"
    LMAO I could totally see him saying all of that! Especially the amount of ice in his household part. XD
    Still waiting for the first person to suffer circulatory failure or a stroke after the ice bucket challenge. With the amount of videos it's bound to happen sooner or later.
    chyld fan
    im hoping that was a bridge from jon bon jovi to sambora to get back into the band