Frank Turner: 'John Lennon's 'Imagine' Is A Hallmark Card Set To Music'

Frank Turner has revealed that he hates John Lennon's 1971 single "Imagine", calling it "a Hallmark card set to music".

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Frank Turner has revealed that he hates John Lennon's 1971 single "Imagine", calling it "a Hallmark card set to music".

The British folk/punk singer has said that he finds the song "sappy" and "utterly vacuous". He explained:

"It's always grated on me as a song for a whole host of reasons: the production, the lyrics, the sappiness, its popularity, the knowledge that Lennon was so much better than this one song, and yet it's the one most people know."

Speaking to the AV Club, Turner revealed that despite this, he's still a big fan of the late Beatles songwriter. "Some of his stuff is transcendental," he stated. "As I said, that's one of the things that annoys me about the song. By his standards, it seems almost lazy to me."

Of "Imagine", he added: "There's a pretty high dose of hypocrisy in here as well. For a man who had a dedicated, refrigerated room in his New York penthouse apartment for storing his fur-coat collection to sing 'Imagine no possessions' takes a fair amount of chutzpah."

Frank Turner recently announced that he will be releasing a brand new single later this month, which will be a cover of a song by eccentric English playwright Noel Coward. Turner with team up with Franz Nicolay, who is a former member of The Hold Steady for the split release.

Frank Turner is currently recording his fifth album in California. It will follow 2011's "England Keep My Bones".

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    I just like seeing UG report about Frank Turner. Really, really underrated.
    I could not agree more. People put John Lennon on a pedestal but they don't even know why. They always point to "Imagine" as being this amazing tune but Lennon wrote way better songs than that.
    "By his standards, it seems almost lazy to me." Finally someone agrees with me...
    I too believe Imagine is overrated. With songs like Jealous Guy, Mind Games, Mother, etc etc Imagine really pales in comparison.
    Frank Turner is by far one of the most underrated and most talented artists out there right now And yes, yes you do need to get listening. Sleep is for the Week and Love, Ire and Song are a good place to start!
    black toad
    I have underwear older than Frank less he forgot one of our forefathers of rock
    From the title I thought he meant the entire album, I'm glad I misinterpreted it. This is the first I've heard about 'Frank Turner', judging by the previous comments, I had better get listening.
    The song sounds nice, a lot of it depresses me. I like the things I have, clearly John Lennon did, I like the idea of heaven. Just because it's a simple song doesn't mean it's bland.
    imagine is an awful excuse for a song, its john lennon jus calmly ranting about what his little idiot of a mind thought was wrong- his brain im sure was fried an the lyrics are just babbling, besides the lyrics the song is really bland and boring, i really cannot stand john lennon and all of his propganda political and religious crap- imagine is literally the most overrated song of all time, and one of the worst, and im a huge music fan and a huge beatles fan, but seriously this song is horried and john lennon was a moron
    Way to throw away reasonable discussion and replace it with ranting.
    If frank was clean shaven in the article picture, it would be a picture of tim tebow.