Fred Durst: 'I Couldn't Get Pretty Girls to Date Me'

Limp Bizkit frontman reflects on nu metal heyday.

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Fred Durst has been talking to Metal Hammer magazine about the heady days of the early 2000s nu metal scene. As Durst notes, Limp Bizkit's underdog status at the time was what led to their "we don't give a f--k" attitude:

"We were the black sheep or the white sheep, Not quite hip hop but not quite metal. But we didn't give a f--k, and we always tried to say that fairly blatantly. That was one of the things that came dislikable about us."

Durst also notes that the success of the bands second and third albums took them completely by surprise. The singer states that he went from not being able to get pretty girls to date him to finding himself in scenarios that were like something out of a Motley Crue video:

"It just happened! We didn't have time to pay attention. We were laughing every day at the fact that it even existed in the first place. I'm a guy who couldn't shake a stick at pretty girls and get them to date me; I went from that to roomfuls of people who'd do anything for me. One time there were, like, 15 girls bent over and there was this other girl putting strawberries in their butts. I was like, 'What the f--k's going on?! This sh-t doesn't happen outside of Motley Crue videos!'"

The band is currently touring and continue making their newest album "Stampede of the Disco Elephants." They've also released the new single "Ready to Go" featuring Lil' Wayne earlier this year. As Durst reported this May, the band's making "an anti-radio record."

By the way, the rumors about Fred Durst becoming DJ for the Russian radio station were not confirmed by neither radio nor Durst himself.

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    This will probably spark some hate but man, what a lucky bastard. I'll put the strawberries thing on things to do before I die list.
    That's women for you. It doesn't matter who you are long, as long as you are important, famous or got money. Dr. Dre was right!
    That shit doesn't happen out of Motley Crue videos? That shit happens in Motley Crue dressing room, Motley Crue hotel room, Motley Crue tour bus can see where I'm getting at
    That shit happens everywhere out of Motley Crue videos...of course, if it happens to Motley Crue, not Durst.
    you know, I am not a Limp bizkit fan, or supporter, but i will say this, its so trendy to hate this band, when they already diss themselves. I think them continuing and dealing with the haters is quite ballsy. Limp bizkit, is just as easy as nickelback to hate, but when everyone is hating them, it becomes some sort of trendy thing to do. Good for limp bizkit, for giving the middle finger to the haters and themselves, to continue. If making this kind of music is their thing, let them do it, it gives reasons for people to react, which in turn benefits them. Like i said, im not a fan, but i respect them for that, and for allowing themselves to still be out there when everyone hates them. That takes alot.
    He dated my friend's mom during their first album. She was hotter than anyone else I've seen him with.
    yeah i'd happily be in limp bizkit for that shit. I wouldn't care what kind of music i was making
    Hate on me all you guys want, but I love Limp Bizkit, and I thought "Gold Cobra" was a ****in awesome album! I also love their attitude, that they genuinely do not give one single ****!
    Is it just me or does he look like he should be in Kings of Leon with that beard?
    Fred Durst keeps insisting he knows why people hate LB and says it's because they "don't give a ****." Poor, clueless Fred. He has idea that people hate him for that very douchebag attitude he displayed in this interview.
    But that douche-bag attitude comes from their mentality, which is exactly what he stated the reason was that people hated them. You tried to hard to find a flaw in his statement, but there really isn't. It's like those rebellious kids who are like, i'm unpredictable and different, because i don't listen to the rules. Yet they are so obsessed with not following the rules that they became painfully predictable and lost all uniqueness. The truth is if you really didn't give a **** you would be like Trent Reznor, he does what he wants and he stands by it.