Freddie Mercury Biopic 'About to Go,' Band Confirms 'Shooting in May'

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Freddie Mercury Biopic 'About to Go,' Band Confirms 'Shooting in May'
Queen gave a brief update on the status of Freddie Mercury biopic, confirming plans to kick off the filming process in May.

Chatting with VH1 Radio Network, guitarist Brian May noted that "the movie is about to go," adding, "We will be shooting in May. At this point, Roger [Taylor] and I step backwards because we have a great team to put the film together under the leadership of Graham King, who is probably the greatest independent producer in films. We will let them do it and shoot it and hopefully it will be an interesting thing."

Brian elaborated further about the overall experience, saying, "I've learned a lot about films in this process. What you discover is films don't really tell history, films are an entertainment and that's an interesting journey to make. You realize that it cannot be absolutely true. What is the truth? The truth would be different for the people telling the story, but it will be a hell of an entertaining film I think."

Drummer Roger Taylor also gave his two cents, sharing a similar stance as Metallica's Kirk Hammett as far as the comparison of the music world and film domain goes. "It seems like the wheels grind slowly in the movie word," he said. "I'm glad I'm a musician."

As previously reported, May recently shot down rumors claiming that the band is aiming to make the biopic family-friendly, explaining to Rolling Stone how it was "all crap made by some publicist."

"There was a story put out by Sacha [Baron Cohen]'s publicist - I think that's where it came from - that Sacha had walked out in disgust because we didn't want to make a film with the kind of script we approved," the guitarist noted. "But none of that was true. We parted amicably. We're still in touch and we're still good friends. We just came to the conclusions that it wasn't going to work with Sacha in the leading role. He's brilliant."

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