Freddie Mercury Biopic Loses Director

Dexter Fletcher leaves film.

Ultimate Guitar

Director Dexter Fletcher is off the Freddie Mercury biopic, mere weeks after joining the project, Ultimate Classic Rock is reporting.

The filmmaker, who cited "creative differences" as the reason for his departure, is not the first high-profile figure to leave the project. Sacha Baron Cohen, who was set to play the titular singer, quit the project last year. Reportedly, Cohen was interested in a warts-and-all portrayal of the singer, while surviving band members Brian May and Roger Taylor wanted to put together a "PG version of Mercury's life."

Speaking about the movie to VH1 Radio Network (via HenneMusic) last week, Brian May had the following to say:

"The movie is about to go. Yeah, we will be shooting in May. At this point, Roger and I kinda step backwards because we have a great team to put the film together under the leadership of Graham King, who is, you know, probably the greatest independent producer in films. We will sort of let them do it and shoot it and hopefully it will be an interesting thing.

"I've learned a lot about films in this process. What you discover is films don't really tell history, films are an entertainment and so that's an interesting journey to make. You realize that it cannot be absolutely true. What is the truth? The truth would be different for the people telling the story, but it will be a hell of an entertaining film I think."

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    This production should've ended when Sacha Baron Cohen left
    I would have watched it if he was starring. Now there's no way in hell with all of these high-profile people quitting. It's gotta suck.
    Absolutely. I was really excited to see him in this role, but the minute he left, I lost interest.
    I understand that they wanna have a good image of their friend or whatever, but they don't seem to get that when you do something like this, you gotta do it right, otherwise it won't happen at all.
    i'm getting less and less interested in this film, and not gonna lie, its mainly because of brian may..
    when he left do you think he said anything like "If I'm not back again this time tommorrow carry on"??
    while surviving band members Brian May and Roger Taylor wanted to put together a "PG version of Mercury's life."
    That's gonna be a short film.
    Whilst they obviously have a lot to input into this, I believe you should let the filmmakers do what they're good at...
    I can't imagine this would be the film Freddie would want. He was such an honestly out-spoken guy. He really was a rock star. How can you make a PG movie about a rock star's life? They're idiots. If Freddie was making this film I imagine it would be more brutally honest than anyone could have planned.
    Not a single statement from the actual director?? "Director leaves film. Here's a previous statement form another guy."
    It's clear that the way the band wants to go with the film is not the best way to go. If they want this thing to get made they probably should wise up to that notion.
    This actually gives me hope it'll just be cancelled...I'd rather the movie not be made than have it be made with an actor who isn't Cohen.
    I hate saying this but Brian May is really being a douche at the moment. It was Freddie Mercury, the most outgoing musician of all time. He flaunted it and that's one of the many things that made him awesome. Sacha would've nailed the role and now the director has gone as well I really hope it doesn't get made
    "We will sort of let them do it and shoot it and hopefully it will be an interesting thing." ?
    hahaha ...what are you waiting for...???...brian may is really boring man...he is great guitar his style...but on other side...he is teacher prof or whatever...he is rock star only thanks to fredie...(;...