Freddie Mercury Biopic 'Still Alive' After Sacha Baron Cohen's Exit

Movie makers say that the film will go ahead.

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The team behind a biopic film about the life of Queen superstar Freddie Mercury say that the project is "still very much alive," despite actor Sacha Baron Cohen pulling out of the movie back in July, Gigwise reports.

Earlier this year, the Borat and Ali G star's manager confirmed his departure from the project, stating that his client had quit the move due to "creative differences." Cohen had be signed on to star as Mercury since 2010. The biopic is being produced by GK Films. He is believed to have clashed with producers on a number of issues, with fans suggesting a disagreement over the movie's certiicate was the biggest issue between the two parties.

Now Digital Spy report that insiders behind the film have stated that the movie is "still very much alive."

Original Queen member Roger Taylor was confirmed as music supervisor on the movie, while Graham King, Tim Headington, Robert De Niro and Jane Rosenthal are producing the project alongside Queen Films.

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    It won't be as good without Cohen I think..
    Way Cool JR.
    I think it will be just fine without him. I personaly don't think he would have fit the part anyways.
    Dude, he would have perfect
    Depp would have been better, but he's a bit old now anyway I wished they'd make it an award worthy interpretation, imagine a dude like johhny depp loosing progressivly a lot of weight to play someone dying from aids, and this very ambiguous character that Mercury was, but I hear the other members dont want to show that part of his life
    Depp!!!! Are you F'ing kidding me! I do not comment much on other peoples comments, but Depp would be a TERRIBLE choice for mercury. AS far as character actors go, Daniel Day Lewis would have been a WAY better choice.
    you probably only know Depp from pirates of the caribean, cause he's a good f*ckin actor, and Day Lewis is damn too hold And as much as I like Baron cohen, he's a comic, how can you believe he could play a serious role as good or better than a guy like depp
    Hey Depp is a great actor. So is Denzel Washington. Why not cast him instead?
    **** depp.. he can't take a shit without tim burton and helena bonham carter to wipe his ass
    Yes he would. His characters are brilliantly made and he is a phenomenal actor always looking to bring out truth and push boundaries. Perfect for a TRUE Mercury story.
    Judging from just his comical work, he is a great impersonator. Great impersonators make great character actors. Look at Jim Carey. Who would have thought he would have been an amazing Andy Kaufman? With Cohens work in Talladega Nights as Jean Girard he already had the "Sort Of" Mercury overbite down.
    Way Cool JR.
    Sorry...I just don't see what you see. He's alright I guess, certainly not phenomenal. We'll just have to agree to disagree.
    It's not about agreeing or disagreeing. He is either able to capture the character or is not. Judging by his ability shown in the past and the evident nuance (even in light of the complete exaggerations) in his performances, he definitely would have fit. He's just that kind of actor.
    Cohen leaving the project was the deal breaker for me. Not very keen on the "PG" approach they want to take.
    Agreed. How in the world can you even make a PG rated version of Freddie Mercury's life?
    The point of the film was to show that Queen wasn't all glitter and fun that people think it was, especially for Mercury. Now that it's aiming for a PG rating, it's probably going to be mostly (if not entirely) 'La-dee-da look how amazing Freddy is he's completely flawless and he had nothing but a good time.'
    I agree with you.. why hold back? its not like we have a bunch of teenagers listening to Queen right now? is Disney producing this movie? we all know he liked to party... we all know he was Homosexual? we all know that he also was involved with a woman? They are one of the best if not greatest all time bands! The band and Freddie left us with a musical legacy! I would like to see it all...good and bad... all unedited. Cohen a is a great singer and actor... they are shooting themselves in the foot with this one.
    I think the reason they want to hold back is because they don't want the entire film to focus on Freddie's "negatives". for Example, when The Doors came out with a movie to honor Jim Morrison, it was a failure in their eyes because people got the wrong idea about Jim's Genius and only saw the negatives in the film. Queen doesn't want this to happen, but i believe that they are their own worst enemy here.
    Even though the existing members of the Doors only want to talk about Jim's negatives. The biggest difference between both Jim and Freddy was that when Freddy came to work, he was all about the Music. Sadly, Jim kept drifting away from that point. Jim's Wants and Desires started to overshadow that fact of his life. Before anyone starts barking Foul. When did Freddy Mercury ever get on stage F'ed up?
    so sacha baron cohen leaves the movie annnnnd ug put a picture of .....sacha baron cohen on the article
    Who knows, maybe the crew will find a largely unknown actor who is just as good for the part? I can't think of any famous people that I'd like to see take on Freddie, because a) they'd have to be able to sing and b) most of the people that I can think of who might be good (Day-Lewis etc) are too old.
    Maybe this is shallow and closed-minded, but I can't think of a single actor that could play Freddie and not disappoint me simply because he's not Cohen.
    If he can somewhat act, I think Marc Martel could pull it off. He's probably the closest in looks and talent to Freddie, so why not.
    Dude without sacha and it being PG i have no ****s to give for this movie. What kinda movie about a rockstar (A LEGEND infact) is ****in PG!?!?!?!