Freddie Mercury Biopic 'Still Alive' After Sacha Baron Cohen's Exit

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Freddie Mercury Biopic 'Still Alive' After Sacha Baron Cohen's Exit
The team behind a biopic film about the life of Queen superstar Freddie Mercury say that the project is "still very much alive," despite actor Sacha Baron Cohen pulling out of the movie back in July, Gigwise reports.

Earlier this year, the Borat and Ali G star's manager confirmed his departure from the project, stating that his client had quit the move due to "creative differences." Cohen had be signed on to star as Mercury since 2010. The biopic is being produced by GK Films. He is believed to have clashed with producers on a number of issues, with fans suggesting a disagreement over the movie's certiicate was the biggest issue between the two parties.

Now Digital Spy report that insiders behind the film have stated that the movie is "still very much alive."

Original Queen member Roger Taylor was confirmed as music supervisor on the movie, while Graham King, Tim Headington, Robert De Niro and Jane Rosenthal are producing the project alongside Queen Films.
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