Friday Fun: Craziest Stage Dives

Check out this compilation of the biggest stage dives in history, but be ready to have your mind blown.

Ultimate Guitar

Stage dives are as much a part of rock music as headbanging and the metal horn hand sign.

But who has jumped higher and faster than anyone else?

This week we're sharing the craziest stage dives ever to find out, thanks to Loudwire. Of course, you're welcome to post YouTube links to other crazy stage dives in the comments.

Before we continue, let's remember that stage dives can be pretty dangerous. Musicians like Sid Wilson from Slipknot have sustained broken bones when they weren't caught (which you'll see below), and it's even worse when fans are injured.

With that in mind, let's check out the biggest, craziest stage dives ever.

Cage The Elephant

Their frontman leaps off a stack of speakers onto an expectant crowd, sending them wild.

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Sid Wilson has jumped from dozens of high places, and even broke both ankles jumping at the 2008 Mayhem festival.

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Beau Bokan clearly had to bless his fall when he did a front flip at fans. He probably had to bless their bleeding faces after this leap.

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Scary Kids Scaring Kids

Keyboardist Pouyan Afkary swings like a monkey before flying at the audience.

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Escape The Fate

Holy hell, they're getting high now. This leap from a lighting rig, back first, must have taken some balls.

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Limp Bizkit

Fred Durst looks terrified, and rightfully so. But he was more scared of being called a pussy for climbing down, so he had to stick it out and take a leap of faith.

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WINNER: Boy Hits Car

Are you ready for this? We've never seen a stage dive like it. It's hard to tell if the wobbling vocals ahead of the jump are part of the performance, or a side-effect of frontman Craig Rondell pissing his pants.

"I didn't even plan on jumping," said Rondell later. "I wanted to get a better vantage point to view the crowd, but once I climbed up and lowered myself onto the speakers, I got a bit of vertigo cause the speakers began to shift and move. I recall not wanting any part of it, but I couldn't pull myself back into the rafters. I was stuck, and the whole crowd was chanting "JUMP-JUMP-JUMP". Looking back, it seems my choices were to wait for the fire department and a long enough ladder, or charge it."

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Holy moly, that was incredible. But have you seen better? Share your video links in the comments.

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    No Dillinger?
    My Last Words
    Eddie Vedder, pinkpop, 1990, TV mast, epic. Do I need to say more ? (if you don't get it then google those words you pussy)
    My Last Words
    Oh it was already mentioned below.. By lack of edit options, consider these two comments non-existent.
    They'd need their own article with all of the rest of the stuff they manage to pull off
    I was about to say that but after watching these videos i dont think dillinger can really top these stage dives.
    To be totally honest, I wrote that comment after skimming through the list and before watching the videos. They come close though
    Like others have said before me, something is missing. And this is it:
    and in case you don't want to see the whole song, it's around the 2.55 mark.
    I don't have a link, but I was at a lagwagon concert not too long ago. Joey cape (the singer) crowd surfed to the bar, grabbed 2 shots, and made it all the way back without spilling the beer he was carrying.
    I like the Kurt Cobain one that results him in getting into a fight (sort of) with a security guard. Kurt gets his hair pulled and hits the guy in the head with his guitar! It was in Texas if you want to find it. Eddie Vedder is a God of stage dives though.
    Nero Galon
    Haha yeah I've seen that one, its so cute how Dave is so fast to try and help Kurt as it happens
    I always thought this was the funniest stage dive. Check out the guy in orange at the 10 mark.
    You've GOT to be kidding. A list of stage-dives without Iggy Pop, the man who invented it, is null and void.
    Say what you want about the post-hardcore emo sorta bands on here, but you gotta admit, these guys got balls.
    1:45 in this video is one of my favourites, mainly because no one sees it coming.
    Heh, yeah that's a pretty good one. One a slightly random note... what the hell am I listening to and watching? I just... don't know.
    Yeah, Just thought about that...Wtf Are we watching, Ironically, i can't look away...
    2 things I can't ****ing stand at shows are stage divers and crowd surfers!! Getting kicked in the head or having my neck twisted by crowd surfers just pisses me off! Yeah, I've been known to pull crowd surfers down by their belt loops and not even give a shit! Stupid *****s!!
    At a gig you are meant to let yourself go and have fun. Crowdsurfing is really fun so I do it. Crowdsurfing to killing in the name at download was one of the best gig moments of my life and will stay with me forever.
    Crowd surfing annoys the hell out of me, whenever we see someone crowd surfing near us we immediately pull them down. they only want attention thats why they do it. stage diving at least you can see coming.
    There was a pretty good one in the video for walk by pantera thats cut at the exact moment he hits the epic dimebomb, looks awesome
    there was the asian guy at the green day concert, funniest one i've ever seen
    I've seen Cage The Elephant twice, both times he jumped in the crowd and they loved it, especially when he would just stand on top of the crowd. He would build it up for the whole show, starting to jump and then going back to do a song, it was amazing.
    Also, Scott Vogel has a million hilarious quotes about stage diving. Just google it and you'll get to a website full of them.
    Pleased to see the Eddie Vedder comments. As soon as I entered the article and read the descpription, every video I was saying "Eddie vedder will be next" haha.
    People need to check out Tad Doyle's stage dives from his Tad days. Nothing like a 300+ pound lead singer deciding he wants to have some fun in the pit too. Pretty sure you can see some looks of terror in the audience when they figure out what he's about to do. :