Friday Fun: Every Metalcore Vocalist Ever

This viral video parody of metalcore vocalists had us in stitches. See our favorite new comedian Jarrod Alonge making fun of bespectacled singers here.

Ultimate Guitar

We've all been to a concert where the support act is an ambitious yet inexperienced young metal core band. More often than not, the singer is a former emo who is yet to find their frontman feet.

While there's nothing wrong with that kind of character fronting a band, YouTube comedian Jarrod Alonge has captured their mannerisms perfectly in this video parody of their on-stage banter.

"After this show, check out our merch table out back. I want to meet, and talk, to EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU!" says Alonge in his horn-rimmed glasses and emo beanie.

"Check out our last song. This is your last cha *pauses, looks off-stage* This is our scone to last song!" he adds.

Check out Jarrod's hilariously dry parody in the video here, and if you've been missing our weekly Friday Fun post, let us know in the comments.

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    Will they be serving coffee or tea with the scone? Not an expert transcriber, but pretty sure what he said was: "Chattanooga! This is your last ch..... This is our second to last song." Nice try though....
    I still dont get what these 'metalcore and deathcores' are?
    14 year old minds in 30 year old bodies who play shit and call it serious music. Talent, bro, got serious talent. Job for a Cowboy RULEZ!!1! Norma Jean is HEAVY BRAH!! Let's not forget to add the word "Martyr" to every ****ing thing we write and say. So dark and powerful, maaaan.
    Well, that's if you're talking about stuff like Emmure or Chelsea Grin, bands who think that having nothing but breakdowns is good songwriting. There are a ton of good metalcore and deathcore bands out there, deathcore especially. You just have to know which bands to look for.
    Job For a Cowboy is awesome, and they're all genuinely nice guys. This is a parody video, meant in fun- not for people to have an excuse to act arrogant and try to be internet music elitists.
    Play shit music, but be nice people. That's what makes you a good artist. Don't like it? You're elitist.
    and thats also like your opinion, bro. Get your head out of the gutter. At least Norma Jean hits pretty damn hard, and are more technical than most of the newer metalcore bands. Youre just being a hypocrite for not opening your mind to some of these bands.
    Darth Crow
    Oh gee, this is so true reminds me of my Linkin Park fanboy days :/
    m4ss3 m/
    How the hell LP are metalcore? But I give you that this video kinda reminds them.
    Darth Crow
    I'm not saying they are, but this is SO like them I've heard Mike and Chester saying those words so many times I am ashamed of it
    I've just started reading book 2 of ASOIAF and now I can't read any of Stannis Baratheon's lines without hearing this guys voice. Thanks UG...
    I was expecting to be half offended since I like a handful of metalcore bands, but it was actually really funny... I love him, but even Jake Luhrs does that stuff.
    haha i front a band with a beanie..kind of useless mid way through though..beanie flies off whilst heandbanging!