Friday Fun: Nickelback + Motown = This

You might be surprised by this collection of Nickelback covers performed in a Motown style.

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Nickelback continue to be the most meme-friendly band on the internet, with a new album of their songs performed in a Motown style.

The biggest surprise: it actually sounds pretty good.

The project started in late 2011, when a 55,000-strong internet petition begged for the band not to play a Thanksgiving show during a football game in Detroit.

At the time, New York pianist Scott Bradlee arranged a band to record a Motown-esque cover of "How You Remind Me", which proved so successful that it inspired them to start a Kickstarter campaign to fund the recording for a full album. $3,294 later, and the album is ready.

Listen to the Motown tribute to Nickelback here:

It's not the first time Nickelback have been the target of a web meme. In December they were unamused by a parody cover of "Photograph", and in 2011 one enterprising coder published a tool which blocks any mention of the band from the internet.

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    I don't like or dislike Nickelback. As a Canadian from Vancouver, where they rose to fame I am impartial to them. I am happy for them because they are Canadian, and I respect what they do (writing booze-rock for American rednecks...) Because its an improvement on our current music scene and because I'll support anything thats Canadian, going up against any crap from down south. But I am NOT a fan of them, just because its not my thing. As someone who likes stuff like prog and thrash metal, old jazz and classic rock I don't think I have any relevance commenting on a band I don't even listen to. If i'm not into that scene, I have no right to criticize other people that are. That also being said, if someone gave me Nickelback tickets, I would go, simply because I've seen on youtube and heard that they put on a wicked live show. I'm sure I would have a blast at a Nickelback show, and that might even convert me into a fan. Until then, its not my cup-a-tea. So GROW UP you subjective TWATS and realize musical opinion is SUBJECTIVE and based on PERCEPTION. And stop harshing bands or their fans just because you cannot relate, it makes you sound like an out of touch old man.
    Ok their last two albums were shit but Silver Side Up is actually pretty good. Then Long Road and All The Right Reasons have some suprisingly good songs. It's not even fair to judge them by an album like Dark Horse. That's like judging Led Zeppalin by what was on Coda or Metallica by St Anger.
    After the first measure of "Rockstar" I was so sure it would break into Texas Flood hahah
    Don't get me wrong, I dislike Nickleback but I love Mowtown. I could happily listen to this and I'm always happy to hear a cover of a song when they do interesting things like change the genre, etc.
    Why are people still hating on Nickelback? They released an album last year, but haven't done anything big recently other than that. It's like people seek them out for lack of better things to do. I'm serious. It's getting old.
    You would swear they live for it, sure somtimes bands are fun to hate on (we have all done it at some point) but this nickelback thing is getting old and its actually becoming a mainstream thing, sad to see it when people devote their lives to slamming other bands
    "The biggest surprise: it actually sounds pretty good." Ok, so what is it about Nickelback's sound that everyone hates? The heavy guitar sound? Chad's voice? I dont get it...
    I bet if it were the Foo Fighters that played all those songs, everyone would love them.
    yeah but chads cool and you're not. chads rich and you're not. chads with avrigle and you're not. you do better
    Chad may or may not be cool and "Avrigle" might be horrible in bed (which she probably is, I get the impression shes one of those lazy ****s who thinks that by just getting her naked, shes now earned the right to just lay there and make you work for it.) So you should quit being so down about yourself. Every person is a star in the shining sea. Just kidding. You're probably even more pathetic then you're making out to be.
    Wow....apparently the only opinion that matters are the ones who LIKE Nickelback...what a joke. I ****ing hate Nickelback. Not because the fact that 'it's cool' to hate them, but the fact that I find their music bland and I haven't heard lyrics from them other than about getting drunk and high. My opinion.
    You must be new here. Every comment section of every nickelback article goes like this; 97% people saying they hate the band, 2% people saying they like the band and 1% people saying the fans of the band are stupid.
    Ok that's like 25% of their songs. You apparently have never heard songs like "This Means War" or "When We Stand Together" or "Far Away" or "Too Bad." Everyone says that's all they sing about. But the people who say that are the ones that hardly know any Nickelback songs.
    Stop listening to only the singles that are played on radio stations. They got really solid rock tunes but those don't get the attention they deserve.
    In my opinion... They suck! Watered down crap like creed and staind. Ok Trolls and hipsters.... Bring on the thumbs
    So, people with opinions that go against yours are "trolls and hipsters"? You're just proving that you are too far gone in the nickelback hate bandwagon.
    Its not a matter of hate... But if trolls and hipsters are gonna down me for my opinion... Then its ok with me.
    I'd say it sounds like a lot of what you hate about them is the fact that they're popular. Doesn't that make you the hipster (i.e., likely an elitist metalhead, which is the same shit in a different pile)?
    No....popularity has nothing to do with it. I listen to a variety of things... From 1940 - Today and like everyone else I have an opinion. Rush has sold tons of albums and have been around longer.. They haven been mainstream for decades... But they are a great band... They were and still are different. They dont sound like anyone or everyone else and you have three individual talents that are top notch. They are pioneers and real artists. Nickleback can play and have talent but IN MY OPINION they havent done anything that I havent already heard from other bands in the last 20 yrs. They don't have that distinction or concept thay sets them apart from the others... To me they sound like Creed or Staind... Or Fuel.. Etc etc. Call me a hater... Purist... Critic... Whatever... But remember... Your hating on me for an opinion and/or comments which is not only hypocritical and contradicting but also creates a moot point. Lets agree to disagree and have a good day!
    Well , too bad for u, 50mil album sales proves you wrong
    Sales are sales.... Im here for the music and artistry. They can be mainstream and still suck.
    well, they sell because they are good, tbh, i wouldnt mind 50 mil album sales they cant be mainstream because thats already flooded with pop, most of them dont sell more than 20 mil. and come on, u cant possibly prefer bieber or nikki minaj to them, they are different, you might not like them, but atleast respect them because, they have made it, they are a rock band who actually appeals to alot of people, its band like them that try to bring good music back, but its people like you who completly kill it, DONT LET POP TAKE OVER
    Its funny because people who vote you down just proves their ignorance, they are not bad and they defo dont deserve the hate they get
    I'm a fan of metallica, guns&roses, radiohead, muse, and slayer. And i like Nickelback too. They're obviously sellout boys but i don't give a dump about it. It's all about the music. I'm a hipster now? FUCK!