Friday Fun: Power Metal Screams

Nothing screams metal more than a metal scream. See what we did there? Check out an immense compilation of power metal screams here.

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Power metal screams are normally the preserve of bands like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden - but that doesn't stop their fans having a go too.

This awesome little YouTube video compiles several wannabe metal stars rising from dulcet tones to a full-on metal war cry. I swear, as I watched this, my hand formed a metal hand sign and raised itself in the air. I didn't even notice until someone asked what I was doing.

We'd love to see your attempts at doing a metal scream. If you want the fame and glory of getting a digital high-five from the UG team, upload your video and paste the YouTube link in the comments below.

Alternatively, share your favorite power metal screams from classic songs or other YouTube amateurs. It's all in the name of metal!

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    Basically anything from the last minute or so of this video. Maybe not power metal, but it's the screams that count, right?
    Michael Kiske Fabio Lione Two incredibly talented vocalists that are too often not mentioned/recognized.
    btw if you don't know Kiske, here's a nice vid comparing him and Dickingson. BTW The video points out "The video aims at highlighting the similarities between the 2 vocalists and at proving that there is no one "best singer ever" "
    The ancient art of metal screaming..... Ian Gillan (not metal but a pioneer). Rob Halford Bruce Dickinson These three I've always liked and respected. Of other singers Chris Cornell springs to mind. Other than that I'm not an out and out metal head so I'll leave it to others to quote the genre in more depth
    On of the guys in the video in the article kinda sounds like Chris Cornell when he gets to the high part.
    The end of 'A Question of Heaven' by Iced Earth. Matt Barlow is a beast!!
    Municipal Waste
    Lord Worms scream at the end of the track Open Face Surgery. It isn't Power Metal, but it's powerful.
    omg guis titz at 00:17 lolololoollol aginst the rules lulululu no nudity cmon guys
    Me singing in my band Darkest Sins. Judas Priest cover of "Deal With the Devil" live from 2011: