Friday Fun: Shredding Parodies

Following our official top 10 guitar shredders post, we're posting some of the funniest shredding parodies from YouTube. Got your own to share? Add them here!

Ultimate Guitar

Today we posted the top 10 guitar shredders, as voted by UG readers.

And while shredding is totally bad--s, it's really about the attitude. Attitude that doesn't need talent. Or at least, that's what you'd expect after watching the following videos.

Some creative YouTube users have overdubbed videos of classic guitarists with alternative audio, making for some of the funniest videos we've seen all year.

Here's a few of our favorite fake-shredding videos that we came across while writing the official top 10 shredders post. If you know of any other funny ones, make sure you share the YouTube link to them in the comments for some extra comedy relief.

Are you ready? (Please note: tabs unavailable for the following songs).

Joe Satriani SHREDS!

YouTube preview picture

Yngwie Malmsteen SHREDS with STRINGS!

YouTube preview picture


YouTube preview picture


YouTube preview picture

Eddie Van Halen SHREDS with BIG HAIR!

YouTube preview picture

Got any more? Share your YouTube links in the comments!

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    L.T Kickass
    Amazing! Just as great as Shredder from "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"
    Who cares if you're a Slipknot fan or not; this s*** is hilarious and amazingly in sync:
    Is it bad that I actually kind of liked that song? I'm serious, it really wasn't that bad. Better than the original, even.
    There was this Malmsteen shred parody video where he would stop and say in a real cartoonish bassy voice "Oh I'm so fat, I teached (yes teached XD) god how to play guitar". I could never find it again, it was removed from youtube
    Actually, it's just the one's that UG posted. The embedded videos in the replies work just fine.
    OK question. Why is that none of the embedded YouTube videos on UG work anymore? I can go to other sites and click on embedded Youtube videos and they play fine. Here, nothing. Doesn't even try to play the video. Just asking.