Funeral For A Friend Singer Comments On Ian Watkins Allegations

artist: Lostprophets date: 01/17/2013 category: wtf?
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Funeral For A Friend Singer Comments On Ian Watkins Allegations
Funeral For A Friend singer Matt Davies has commented on his friend Ian Watkins' arrest for alleged child sex offences. Watkins, who fronts the band Lostprophets, is currently in custody awaiting trial to face allegations of conspiracy to rape a one year old and possessing "extreme" animal pornography. Funeral For A Friend have known Lostprophets for years, and come the from the same part of the UK. "No one had any inkling whatsoever of anything like that having to do with him," Davies told Noisecreep. "It goes to show that you never can tell... never in a million years would I think Ian would be that way. I think it's a massive shock to his fellow bandmates. You spend that kind of time together, but you never really know anybody. "You wanna think that someone is innocent until proven guilty but there are so many things that have come out that it is hard to ignore, as well. You don't know what to think so you sit on the fence and see what happens." Meanwhile, Funeral For A Friend are preparing to release their sixth studio album "Conduit". You can hear a new song, "The Distance", in the player below:
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