Fury At Mitt Romney For Thin Lizzy Soundtrack

artist: Thin Lizzy date: 09/04/2012 category: wtf?
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Fury At Mitt Romney For Thin Lizzy Soundtrack
The mother of Thin Lizzy leader Phil Lynott is furious at Mitt Romney for using her son's music at a rally last week. Philomena Lynott says her song Phil would never support Romney's anti-gay views, and resents their use of "The Boys Are Back In Town" at the Republican National Convention. "As far as I am concerned, Mitt Romney's opposition to gay marriage and to civil unions for gays makes him anti-gay which is not something that Philip would have supported," she told Hot Press (via The Guardian). "Neither would Philip have supported his policy of taxing the poor and offering tax cuts to the rich, which Paul Ryan is advocating. There is certainly no way that I would want the Lynott name to be associated with any of those ideas." She accepts there is nothing she can do to prevent them using his music, but adds: "I do want to be clear that I would not want Philip's music to be used in any way that could hurt a single person, and this is the effect of what happened with Paul Ryan using and abusing my son's music in that way." However, she would be happy for the Obama campaign to use the music of Thin Lizzy, noting that his position as a black man who is President as "wonderfully symbolic".
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