Fury At Mitt Romney For Thin Lizzy Soundtrack

The mother of Phil Lynott says her son wouldn't have supported Romney's pro-ric and anti-gay views, and has asked that the Republicans stop using "The Boys Are Back In Town" at their rallies.

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The mother of Thin Lizzy leader Phil Lynott is furious at Mitt Romney for using her son's music at a rally last week.

Philomena Lynott says her song Phil would never support Romney's anti-gay views, and resents their use of "The Boys Are Back In Town" at the Republican National Convention.

"As far as I am concerned, Mitt Romney's opposition to gay marriage and to civil unions for gays makes him anti-gay which is not something that Philip would have supported," she told Hot Press (via The Guardian).

"Neither would Philip have supported his policy of taxing the poor and offering tax cuts to the rich, which Paul Ryan is advocating. There is certainly no way that I would want the Lynott name to be associated with any of those ideas."

She accepts there is nothing she can do to prevent them using his music, but adds: "I do want to be clear that I would not want Philip's music to be used in any way that could hurt a single person, and this is the effect of what happened with Paul Ryan using and abusing my son's music in that way."

However, she would be happy for the Obama campaign to use the music of Thin Lizzy, noting that his position as a black man who is President as "wonderfully symbolic".

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    I think the mos important thing to take away from this is that Phil Lynott's mother is named Phil Lynott.
    Mitt Romney is Dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb..
    I'm trying really hard to remember the song, but all I keep remembering is "Makin movies, makin songs and fightin' round the wooooorld".
    JD Close
    actually, it was a reference to the mormon episode, saying that the mormon prophet, as well as many mormons, are dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb
    YES, I know, but I couldn't remember how that particular tune went, and all I could think of was the Russel Crowe episode with good ol' Tugger. I know my South Park.
    It's pretty humorous how those of you telling the masses not to believe Romney's lies and crying his misdeeds drink up Obama's and ignore his shady past and associates. And I'm no republican, I've said the same thing in reverse on sites with more conservative-oriented communities. I don't trust either of them, because you have to be insane to actually want the kind of power they're vying for.
    can someone not just shoot mitt romney already. the world would be a better place.
    And queue Secret Service home invasion/cavity search in 3... 2... 1...
    Wow. I really hope someone forwards this discussion to Romney's camp. You'll be crying like a little girl, guaranteed.
    It's awesome how Obama lovers quickly become fiscal conservatives as soon as they start working in a real job...
    Its easy for them to want everyone to "pay their fair share" when they don't actually have anything to pay with. As soon as they get their first pay check and realize 30% is gone right off the bat, boy do they change their tune. Then they get to pay 8% on anything they buy. Registration taxes on vehicles. Thousands in property tax. Tax when you buy fuel. Etc etc etc. Over 60% of my income goes to taxes and many of these degenerates want me to pay MORE?! Mind boggling.
    Add insurance, subsidies and god knows what not....it's infuriating.
    "However, she would be happy for the Obama campaign to use the music of Thin Lizzy, noting that his position as a black man who is President as "wonderfully symbolic"." - Lol yea he can use the song cuz he's black cool man.Wtf?
    Yeah, I caught that too. She sounds like a real bright one...urgh...what a dunce.
    I love Thin Lizzy and Philomena, but let's get real, if Obama was a white man she would be indifferent or not care for him. The election is a lose-lose situation as far as I'm concerned anyway.
    I know I'm going to get bombed by the entire UG community for it, but it is incredibly frustrating to see this every time a Republican uses a song. I'm not even a Republican and it gets me angry to hear bands (or, in this case, extended family) decry a politician for using their music, which they put in the public domain for the service of the fans, supposedly regardless of political ideology. What is even more infuriating is the erroneous claims that so often accompany these refutes. I challenge you to find the part of Paul Ryan's budget plan that states that they will be acclimating more revenue from the impoverished than the wealthy. The top 10% of earners in the nation pay approximately 50% of all tax revenue in the country; I would hardly say that that puts the burden on the poor. Furthermore, most are willing to turn a blind eye to what is happening on the liberal side of the aisle: Obamacare will rake in $501 billion from the middle class over the next 10 years alone. Why the double standard? Voluntary subjective political imprisonment if you ask me. This isn't opinion, this is outright fact: the Democratic platform is one that supports increased spending and increased taxes, while the Republican platform is inclined to the diametrically opposed view of reducing taxes on all and reducing spending. I'm not a Mitt Romney supporter per se; I don't agree with his position on gay marriage, nor with his foreign policy. But the fact of the matter is that if you only want a very specific demographic to have the rights to use the music that you put out in the public domain for EVERYONE'S use, then put it as a stipulation of a contract that you sign when you buy the goddamned album. As for the fact of Obama being black and that being a great symbol of the progress made in the 21st Century, that's all very well, but he still managed to rack up an additional $5 trillion in debt since Bush left office, implemented a health policy that will burden the middle class especially, and pass wholly failed stimulus packages that went to companies like Solyndra, GM, and others. Quit the demagoguery and focus on the issues for once.
    ethan is hot
    I agree that the songs are a part of the public domain. But say a person hears that song at the RNC and they completely disagree with everything there. They are going to associate that song with that type of view. So why shouldn't the writer of the song, or family member in this case, voice their displeasure with the party who has decided to use it. Sometimes, the party completely misunderstands the meaning of the song. (I'm looking at your grave Reagan)
    It appears everyone in the comment section is pro Obama due to the + and - ratio. Whatever. At least I know Romney likes good music now.
    What a BAMF this lady is. Mitt Romney is scum. If he gets into power this year and then Cameron's voted back in as Prime Minister next year then I'm moving to Mars to hang out with Curiosity.
    I'll pack your bags for you.
    yes and voting labour is totally sensible.
    Given that Gordan Brown was the one that saved the European economy from total collapse for a good year or so before he was voted out, as well as his being the reason we weren't in the Euro currency when it crashed, I'd rather put my eggs in their basket than a government that promised financial recovery and gave us two more recessions, cut the public sector in half and wants to destroy the NHS. Labour did a pretty shitty job but they were doing a better job of sorting it out than the Tories and Lib Dems have done.
    After reading the comments, I have to say, the sheeple are out in full force. My god, Obama? Romney? Seriously? How has America fallen so rapidly in the past few decades? From a once prosperous nation with strong willed, freedom loving citizens to what it is now, mainly ignorant, cattle-like people that are living in this delusional cancer culture. No matter who gets in office, the economy is going to crash.
    As I heard Frank Zappa say on the radio in 1984, "Democrats and Republicans, two sides of the same coin. When a republican gets elected you know what's going to happen. Big business gets to do whatever they want and the common guy gets screwed. When a democrat gets elected, they owe so much money to special interest groups you don't what the hell they're going to do."
    I really love it when people make these types of comments without understanding the fact that royalties have to be paid to the artist or the person/group that owns the publishing when these type of things happen. With that being stated, I bet Lynott's mom is still cashing those royalty checks.
    I wouldn't be so sure that she owns the rights. I mean, John & Paul never owned the publishing rights to their own Beatles songs. Michael Jackson's estate owns them...a fact which still makes me sick on an almost daily basis
    Dennis.1960...I actually based my comments on the whole Beatles thing as well as something Paul McCartney stated while on the Howard Stern show back in mid to late 90s. It is true, Michael Jackson purchased the Beatles catalog after Thriller became a hit and after Paul suggested purchasing publishing rights as a way to invest the money he (Jackson) was making. At this time, I thought that once this occurred, the Beatles had no way to collect any future royalties. However, on the Howard Stern show, the question was brought up by Howard to Paul if he had any contact with Michael Jackson since working with him on Thriller. Paul stated that he had only spoken to Michael on one occasion and that was to ask him for a "raise". I have always been curious about his comments and can only assume that even though Jackson owns the publishing rights that atleast Paul somehow still collects some sort of royalties. By the way, the whole Jackson owning the rights to the Beatles makes me sick too!!! I had heard that when Jackson ran into financial troubles that he sold a chunk of the Beatles rights off to Sony. Now, if Lynott's mom doesn't receive royalties from Lynott's music, then she still may collect money from the use of his likeness if she is the benefactor of his estate.
    Why is everybody shooting down Romney already? At least he has a plan. And his biggest strength is economics. When he was governor of Massachusetts, the state had the best economy in the entire country. He also was called in 2002 when the Salt Lake City Olympics was in danger of going bankrupt and he fixed that situation also. A lot of people want to say his ideas are wrong (I am a huge supporter of gay marriage) but most of what he says makes sense. I'm not saying he's definitely the better option, but who's to say he wouldn't do a better job?
    He has a plan? No He doesn't. It is FACT that he has not said anything about any plan. Economics are his strength? Massachusetts was 47th in Job creation. Where the hell did you read that Mass. had the best economy in the country? He has said nothing that makes sense, simply because every time he says something, he takes it back and says something else.
    I think most people are shooting him down because of his stances on gay marriage, gay people in general, and rape. Putting the fact that he's a mormon aside for a second, the stuff that he said about rape and abortion was so incredibly stupid that it's actually scary to think he's even being considered to run a country. In Britain the Tories managed to get in in 2010 on the premise that they'd sort out the economy, now we're going into recession for the THIRD time since the financial collapse.
    To be clear, Akin was the one making the rape comments.
    Ah crap yeah you're right. And now I look dumb. Given that I'm not American I'm allowed a bit of leeway on the politicians but that was pretty bad. I do know that Romney supports some messed up ideas to do with rape and abortion though.
    I personally don't see why in the US the main topics this election are homosexual marriage and abortion given the economy, our foreign policy etc.
    That's a good point. I'd say it's more the fault of the people running than the public. If a candidate talks about stuff like that and says stuff that people don't like, they're gonna make a lot of enemies. I don't care how bad the economy gets, I wouldn't vote in the BNP if they claimed they could deal with it.
    Because they are "hot button issues" that are hugely inconsequential in the grand scheme of anything. They get people emotionally charged up and for no good reason. Abortion effects nobody but the aborted and the mother. Gay marriage effects nobody but the two involved. They can't talk about things that effect us in a practical way because they don't have any real solutions... and the solutions provided by economists don't play well with politics no matter which side of the spectrum they are... The solutions will be the same and they can't work with that, they have to highlight the differences. So, they always fall back on stupid superficial bullshit that doesn't matter yet everyone still seems to get all excited about.
    Romney sucked up $1.5 billion in federal aid for the 2002 Winter Olympics - more than the other 7 US games combined. And let's not forget about the federal bail-out of Bain Capital. These should be antithetical to his Republican beliefs, but he who wears 2 faces, etc...
    Because Democrats are hypocrites. They are all jealous of Romney's money and hate him for it. People are politically retarded....I've never met a hard working Democrat that makes sense.
    Therefore, hardworking democrats don't exist. That is very sound logic. Please tell me how Romney worked hard, while being babied by his rich father. BTW, you said that Democrats are hypocrites yet failed to explain how so. No one is jealous of Romney's pasty-ass, soulless life, we just want a government and tax system that is fair for everyone. I.E. A progressive tax code, something which Jefferson supported.
    Why this Romney dude just can't realize that nobody (else than Ted Nugent) wants him to use their music because all he can do is make any artist look retarded republican, which most of them are not. Play some damn Megadeth and became the first heavymetal president candidate! But whatever you do, do not become the next President of USA..
    Hey now, The Presidents of the USA were a pretty decent band.
    Not surprising - Romney supports torture and uses the KKK slogan; how can you NOT vote for Obama? Plus, Obama's got a waaaaay cooler voice.
    So vote for a guy that has literally flat out done a bad job because he has a cool voice. America, this is what's wrong!!!!
    Tell me how the man that brought the Equal Pay Act, Healthcare reform, ended torture for suspected terrorists, Tax cuts for middle and lower class households, and expanded pell grants for low income students. Not a perfect president, but to say that he's doing a bad job is downright stupid.
    The healthcare reform itself is great, but what many of us want to know is why we should trust the same government that has bankrupted social security and is on its way to bankrupting Medicare to manage it. Not to mention that so many of its supporters are so reluctant, or simply don't seem to know, what exactly is in those 2700 pages. I don't think any honest, open-minded person(granted, there are a lot who aren't) doesn't want greater and more affordable access to healthcare for everyone, but the manner in which it was rammed down our throats without a clear plan to sustain it was the turnoff.
    "ended torture" incorrect he opened more torture centers in Africa, Signed in the NDAA and NDRP saying he can detain, torture and execute US citizens without a trial. As for "healthcare reform" it starts with 400 billion dollar bailout to big pharma and was passed as a tax even though the liar and chief said it was not a tax, he also backed terrorists in an illegal war and is on way to spending more than any other president. To say he is doing a bad job is the right thing to do.
    1. The torture thing you said is completely false. 2. NDAA does not allow the government to torture or execute anyone. Your statement is false. Furthermore, NDAA was 90% a plan for defense spending that needed to be passed quickly. It was passed in both houses with over 2/3 support, meaning that Obama could not veto it. If he would have refused to sign it, it would have become law in 10 days, but as I said earlier the budget needed to be passes urgently. He later had a signing statement saying that he will not use said power. And btw, the indefinite detention clause was written by republicans. Which at this point is irrelevant since the federal courts have already banned that provision. 3. The big pharmas are not in need of a bailout, therefore it is not a bailout. That statement is false. Whether it is a tax or not is only a matter of semantics and had no bearing on what the bill actually does. Please go educate yourself
    "saying that he will not use said power" - sweet man "the indefinite detention clause was written by republicans"-so "The big pharmas are not in need of a bailout, therefore it is not a bailout. That statement is false." - lol, you're assuming these guys wont give money to people who don't need it they do it with every bailout no matter which side does it. "Which at this point is irrelevant since the federal courts have already banned that provision."- Yes the federal court ruled on that and received a challenge from obama himself who was fighting to get that right back. This was in june you can look that up.
    1. Lookup what a signing statement is 2. bailout: an act of giving financial assistance to a failing business or economy to save it from collapse.
    look up who received TARP money from either admin you retard. Your problem is you actually believe these people wouldn't just give their friends cash it doesn't matter what the definition is, believing something is not knowing bailout money went all over to foreigners and even exec's wives receiving upwards of a million even gaddafis bank got money.
    and lets also not forget the Obama administration also accomplished killing Osama Bin Ladin, which the previous administration could not do for almost 8 years. add that onto your list and i'd have to agree that to say he's doing a bad job is indeed stupid.
    Dude there's no point UG comment section is dominated by the Obama Communist Cult. A bunch of entitled occupy types that think their leader is gonna give them free stuff.
    Meanwhile, 2 million+ private sector jobs over the past 4 years isn't propaganda by some cult of occupy losers. Also, why would I want free stuff? Someone else would suffer.
    If you don't want free stuff you're cool with me.Those jobs are are hilarious though when factor in all the trillions spent to prop those numbers up and the fact that they don't count people who stopped collecting unemployment as unemployed so the amount we're in the red is far more than they say. MSNBS received alot of bailout cash and its very obvious if see how they operate.
    I think what's wrong is America. We need to collapse like the soviet union and be prepared for it and start all of this shit over again. America is a giant disastrous mess, and the country is ran by morons.
    When will Republicans realize that music artists tend to not support them?
    So wouldn't Romney need to get permission and pay for the right to use "The Boys are Back in Town" from whoever owns the publishing?
    Both Rebublicans and Democrats get a Blanket license from ASCAP and BMI, kind of like a radio station, so they can use virtually any song they like and pay the royalty fee. I'm sure the Romney campaign will simply stop using the song.
    Symbolic & sacred...not magic. dont be an ignorant jackass about something you know nothing about and dont understand. he's running for president not god.
    This was supposed to follow this comment: EyesWideOpen posted on Sep 05, 2012 05:57 am # He's a mormon. They wear undergarments that they think are magical.
    Ok, so let me get this straight... Since he has been dead for 26 years, his mother is going to decide what his opinion is. I'm alive and my mother hasn't a clue what I think.
    As an outsider, I do realise I don't have any right to express myself in this matter. However, EVERY presidential candidate has something that I don't like.
    shes entitled to her opinion but let me get this straight we should support obama beacuse he's black and makes a great symbol.....right
    And that's how the Book of Mormon was written, dumb,dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb...
    sorry, don't know why this didn't post under the comment it was replying to
    lol I hope he gets elected and ****s all of his supporters in the ass with his rich mormon racist dick
    I bet if Obama used a band's music and they complained about it, it would be a down-voted article.
    Romney can take our land, he can take our lives. But he can't take... our LIZZY!!!
    "However, she would be happy for the Obama campaign to use the music of Thin Lizzy, noting that his position as a black man who is President as "wonderfully symbolic"." Oh, yeah, because the guy who raised hell Libya, escalated the war in Afganistan, moved into Pakistan, and left 40k troops in Iraq is not the right guy to be playing Tihin Lizzy music. "I would not want Philip's music to be used in any way that could hurt a single person". I guess Obama doesn't deserve it either.
    Childish. If you want your music to be listened to by only select individuals, its probably better to just keep it to yourself. Its music. Its out there. Move on with life. Hell, write a song about how much you hate Republicans/Democrats/Nazis/etc and then you won't have to worry about that group listening to your music.
    nefaSto Favore
    "Philomena Lynott says her song Phil would never support Romney" thaught me two things: I did not know she wrote a song named Phil and I did not know a song could support a politician itself