Game: Ikea or Death Metal?

What's the difference between Ikea product names and Swedish death metal bands? See if you can tell the difference with this new online game.

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Sweden is famous for two things: generations of great metal bands, and the biggest discount furniture store in the world. But to American eyes, there's evidently little difference between the name of a death metal band and a slim minimal wooden shelf, as proven by an amusing new online game. "Ikea or Death" pits you against a random word which is either a piece of Ikea furniture or a Swedish metal band. Your challenge? To guess which it is. We've been trying, and it's pretty darn hard, but got a good percentage right with a little practice. Have a go for yourself over at and let us know how you get on in the comments.

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    I guessed the first 3 wrong. Then I just picked IKEA on every question. Result: 10/20! This is high school all over!
    I got 12/20. not bad for not knowing any swedish, or ikea products, or black metal bands...
    I'm pretty sure it's a black metal band.
    Actually all of these bands are black metal, not death And not only from Sweden)
    I was expecting In Flames on the list because it's right there Ikea furnitures belong. Being from Sweden I can say with certainty that the only reasons to live here are the b*tches and Opeth.
    18/20 Kind of easy really, I think the only two that caught me out were Craft, and some piece of Ikea furniture which sounded way more Metal than the rest of them. It kind of helps that I'm not exactly unfamiliar with Black Metal. Probably would have been harder if all the bands involved were Swedish and had Swedish language names.
    18/20 I listen to pretty much all of the bands listed. Don't own any of the furniture though.
    16/20 woohoo! They say I am Lord of Darkness and they bow! I finally mean something!!!
    18/20. But I'm learning swedish, so that's more or less expected