'Gangnam Style' Breaks YouTube Top 10

Korean rapper Psy is pop royalty after breaking the YouTube top 10 chart. Here's a hilarious antidote to all those annoying club beats.

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Korean rapper Psy has gone from being unknown in the wider world to being one of the biggest pop stars in history.

"Gangnam Style" became a sensation after the unusual 'horsey-dance' inspired thousands of remixes and parodies, and on Monday he entered the top 10 YouTube videos ever with over 400 million views.

The rapper started in 2001 with a controversial career - the "inappropriate content" on his debut led to a fine, and later albums were banned to under 19s. But with new management came a new pop sound, and even he was surprised to see global fame when "Gangnam Style" became a hit on YouTube.

Other artists currently beating him to the top spot at Lady Gaga, LMFAO, Eminem, Jennifer Lopez and Justin Bieber.

While his entry to the YouTube top 10 might be notable, it's fair to say that 98% of people are probably sick of it. As an antidote to all the club beats, here's a hilarious re-interpretation of the video without music:

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    Yup, and he has got massive concerts. I am not into pop music but this dance is just so hilarous.
    got bored of this veeeeerrrrry quickly!
    Not enough polyrhythms?
    Even the guy who made the song can admit it was all a joke. This video is about the equivilant to a fart joke, its kinda funny the first time, you didn't really laugh, and now you're just irritated by hearing the same annoying joke over and over again..
    C'mon people, don't take it out on the poor Korean man. It's not his fault he gets featured in UG -_- smdh
    Well it certainly isn't "metal" but hey just because something isn't some form of super duper obscure progressive anti mainstream technical metal doesn't mean that its not pretty damn good in its own right. What I'm finding the more I see the metal community's reaction to this, is the same as anything else that's "popular", the whole "kill it with fire" attitude, bar a bunch of decent people who don't let their opinions turn them into stereotypical elitist metalheads, power to them! Long live Psy, compared to other things in this world, he's pretty classy. Yreah!
    Lol @ kill it with fire. It's not really my type of music, but it is fooking funny. I got a few laughs out of it, and increased the number of plays to this video by 3.
    Y'know... 'Kill It With Fire' would make a kickass band name. It has a bit of a Kill Em All / Fight Fire With Fire ring to it, so I think I'd go thrash with it.
    I would not really say that it is the elitist metalheads who are doing this, as I could be a prime example of an elitist metalhead myself because I very rarely listen to metal bands that have a massive following and stick to small bands who are pushing the boundaries (eg at the moment I am diggin' GERM, Orphaned Land and Downfall of Gaia), I also listen to a wide variety of music outside metal, mainly Jazz, electronica and progressive music. The problem is the immature people who refuse to listen to anything but metal, and that seems to be the people who listen to entry level metal bands, alot of the messages that bands like Trivium and Avenged Sevenfold give off is "**** everything that isn't metal!" which is alienating people from finding good stuff in other genres.
    The song is pretty shitty IMO but the video made me cry of laughter several times...
    And yet I still haven't watched this. Don't WANT to watch it either.
    They do say that ignorance is bliss.
    How does that make me ignorant? It just doesn't look like something Id want to watch. So I choose not to watch it. Did I say anything negative about it in that comment then say that I haven't watched it? No. If I did then by all means call me ignorant. But as far as I can tell I didn't.
    But if you're speaking about the fact that I commented on here just saying that I haven't seen it I guess you have a point. But what I was talking about in my previous response was about the people that deliberately say shit about something when they haven't seen or heard what they are talking down about. Like people who say someone is a terrible singer but haven't heard a single song the person ever did and are just jumping on the bandwagon to look "cool".
    the phrase "ignorance is bliss" simply means sometimes it is better not to know about something bad. Your rant was unnecessary.
    Ah okay. Well I just felt like sharing the fact that I feel people who go around bad mouthing stuff without knowing anything about it are "ignorant" to me. So I shall take my leave Ha det bra.
    To those that say this fame won't last. You should really take a listen to his other music. He's been very popular in Korea and surrounding Asian countries for a while. He was actually very explicit until a certain producer got a hold of him and they produced this song. Of course, a crazy Asian dancing the way he does with a techno beat and a catchy chorus is going to go viral. I'm not ashamed to say I love the song and can't stop listening!
    I refuse to be one of the 400 million+ lemmings. Good luck to the guy and good on him for getting his moment of glory/infamy. But judging by the snippets the commercial TV channels are playing to the point of saturation it clearly isn't something I'll ever be interested in watching/listening to in full.
    Song is actually alright and is better than 90% of modern rock and metal being produced, I think the way Gangnam Style has been received will open the door to other eastern bands and musicians, the Japanese have such an amazing underrated Jazz scene that it is a shame that almost nobody has heard of Jabberloop, Sleep Walker or Soil and Pimp Sessions, maybe this will be the chance for these bands to be heard.
    Gonna add a Jabberloop song, to show you Modern Japanese Jazz, for fans of Cowboy Bebop you should check these guys out...
    its fun to watch it with friends and laugh at him dancing around like an idiot, i won't listen to it/watch it otherwise
    I love this thing
    Because of the lyrical content? I kinda agree with the message. A social commentary about the modern Korean lifestyle and how the majority of the Korean youth have turned their backs to their ancient culture. That to me is conformity with western pop culture with this K-pop thing and taking off their cultural identity. By the way, Gangnam is a a town that is dubbed, "the Beverly Hills of Korea"
    this song pisses me off every time i hear it, it makes me wanna hang myself
    it's amazing how similar this song is to u can't touch this, both song have a catchy 3 word chorus, feature a unique/cool dance both have become major hits. I'm not in to this kind of music but god damn it's still stuck in my head, I'm pretty sure there's a scientific aspect to stuff like this
    Pearl Jammer#1
    I wonder how long Psy's "15 minutes of fame" will last.
    He's been huge in South Korea for 15 years apparently haha! I know this because Sunrise was on in the waiting room :\
    link no1
    15 years in the east, in western worlds people have the attention span of a wall. Anybody remember 'Far East Movement'? Probably not and that was just last year.
    If it was Justin beiber or Gangnam style, which would you rather have people who don't know of any other kind of music obsessing over?