'Gangnam Style' Breaks YouTube Top 10

artist: PSY date: 10/16/2012 category: wtf?
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'Gangnam Style' Breaks YouTube Top 10
Korean rapper Psy has gone from being unknown in the wider world to being one of the biggest pop stars in history. "Gangnam Style" became a sensation after the unusual 'horsey-dance' inspired thousands of remixes and parodies, and on Monday he entered the top 10 YouTube videos ever with over 400 million views. The rapper started in 2001 with a controversial career - the "inappropriate content" on his debut led to a fine, and later albums were banned to under 19s. But with new management came a new pop sound, and even he was surprised to see global fame when "Gangnam Style" became a hit on YouTube. Other artists currently beating him to the top spot at Lady Gaga, LMFAO, Eminem, Jennifer Lopez and Justin Bieber. While his entry to the YouTube top 10 might be notable, it's fair to say that 98% of people are probably sick of it. As an antidote to all the club beats, here's a hilarious re-interpretation of the video without music:
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