'Gangnam Style' Revealed As Most Popular New Year's Eve Track

Psy's viral K-pop smash "Gangam Style" has been revealed as the most popular song played on New Year's Eve this year.

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Psy's viral K-pop smash "Gangam Style" has been revealed as the most popular song played on New Year's Eve this year.

The track, which recently became the first music video to pass one billion views on YouTube, was the song most Spotify users played on December 31 as 2012 became 2013. The music streaming company have revealed the full list of the 20 tracks played on the night with Rihanna's "Diamonds" in at number two. A statement from Spotify added that "Gangnam Style" had twice as many plays as "Diamonds".

Further down the list include tracks by Swedish House Mafia, will.i.am, Bruno Mars, Robbie Williams, Wiley and Disclosure. Scroll down to see the full list.

Psy, whose real name is Park Jae-Sang, has had worldwide success with "Gangnam Style" and has sold more than four million copies around the globe. He also bagged the first UK Number One by a Korean artist.

Earlier this year, the high-octane video broke YouTube's record for the 'most liked' video ever on the site after hitting over 2,234,180 likes. Guinness World Records reported that the video overshadowed LMFAO's "Party Rock Anthem", which had 1,574,963 likes, as well as Justin Bieber's "Baby" which had 1,327,147 and Adele's "Rolling In The Deep" with its 1,245,641.

01. "Gangnam Style" - Psy 02. "Diamonds" - Rihanna 03. "Don't You Worry Child (Radio Edit)" - Swedish House Mafia feat. John Martin 04. "Scream & Shout" - will.i.am feat. Britney Spears 05. "Locked Out Of Heaven" - Bruno Mars 06. "Impossible" - James Arthur 07. "Sweet Nothing" - Calvin Harris feat. Florence Welch 08. "Candy" - Robbie Williams 09. "Troublemaker" - Olly Murs feat. Flo Rida 10. "Beneath Your Beautiful" - Labrinth feat. Emeli Sande 11. "Ho Hey" - The Lumineers 12. "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" - Taylor Swift 13. "Ni**as In Paris" - Jay-Z 14. "Die Young" - Ke$ha 15. "Can You Hear Me?" - JME & Ms D Wiley feat. Skepta 16. "Titanium" - David Guetta feat. Sia 17. "One More Night" - Maroon 5 18. "Hall Of Fame" - The Script 19. "Disclosure" - Latch feat. Sam Smith 20. "Gold Dust" - DJ Fresh

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    I decided not to go out on New years this year... and looking at the list above, Fuck me am i ever glad.
    It truly boggles my mind how anyone could repeatedly subject themselves to such horrible music. I don't understand it.
    So the most viewed video on youtube was the most played track at New Years? And this is news how?
    I was listening "2 Minutes to midnight" by Iron Maiden with friends cheers
    Guys, the word Psy in polish literally means dogs . And i cant stop laughing every time i hear their name... But why the hell people still listen to it? I'm amused and confused...
    I thought Gangnam Style was a pretty funny song and music video the first time I saw it, but people are really starting to beat it to death. I'm so sick of hearing and seeing it everywhere.
    Robbie Williams-Candy is the the only respectable song on this list.
    Am I really the one who likes it? I mean yeah it gets overplayed but so can a lot of songs. It's catchy and fun, and doesn't try to take itself seriously. Also, I got to see Buckethead dancing to it at midnight. That's something I'll never forget.
    Meanwhile at my New Years Eve party, there was an actual BAND playing real MUSIC, not this garbage
    Psy will be in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame for this in 20 years time.
    I'm so fortunate to have never heard the entire song in one sitting. I won't contribute any views to the YouTube counter. I can't sit there for more than 30 seconds without wanting to pull my hair out. I've heard all of the segments of the song, but I cannot tolerate the song for more than a small dose. The "dance" is just... bad... I see no humor in it at all... I'm not even gonna start on my dislike for Psy as a person...
    It's a funny song with a funny video, stop taking everything so seriously, guys. Also, horrible list except for Don't You Worry Child, Locked Out of Heaven and Hall of Fame, the only acceptable songs on there.
    I actually really like gangnam style, I hate everything else on that list though.
    i did like the song when i first heard it, but upon hearing it in the form of 50 ****ing remixes a night in clubs here i HATE it. way overplayed, way over done
    We all know that the way to start a New Year's Party- or any party for that fact- should always start with Bon Jovi's You Give Love a Bad Name.