Gene Simmons Is A Surprisingly Passionate Linkin Park Fan

artist: Gene Simmons date: 12/15/2012 category: wtf?

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Gene Simmons Is A Surprisingly Passionate Linkin Park Fan
We all know by now that Gene Simmons of Kiss likes his women the same way he likes his rock 'n' roll - fast and loud. But what about his taste in men? Linkin Park's Chester Bennington once received a surprising education on that last topic, according to some comments he made during a recent interview with L.A.'s KROQ radio station. "So the first time I met Gene Simmons, I was like 'Whoa, that's Gene Simmons. He's like right here.' So I went over and introduced myself," recalled the singer. "He grabs me by the shoulders, and he says, 'You are a powerful and talented young man.' He's staring at me in my eyes and says, 'If we were in prison, I would make love to you.' I was like, 'Oh.'" UltimateClassicRock notes, that as it turns out, Simmons' longtime companion Shannon Tweed was within earshot, and she joined in the fun; as Bennington's bandmate Mike Shinoda recalled, Tweed chimed in, "He would. He will make love to you." No word on how the rest of the conversation went, but we imagine Bennington has been making sure he stays on the right side of the law ever since.
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