Gene Simmons' Used Chewing Gum Sells for $250,000

Kiss bassist's used gum is sold for charity.

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How much would you pay for a piece of memorabilia once used by one of your musical idols? What if that piece of memorabilia was a used stick of gum? Turns out that some people would be willing to pay quite a bit. A stick of gum once chewed by Kiss bassist Gene Simmons has recently been sold on eBay for a whopping $247,710.28 The gum was chewed by Simmons when he appeared on the UK Sports programme Soccer AM and was sold by the channel to raise money for Street League, a charity which is dedicated to tackling youth unemployment in the UK. The winner of the auction also received the gum’s original packaging and a copy of Simmons' script for the show. You can watch a video of Simmons chewing the gum here. While the winner of the auction certainly shelled out for their prize, at least they weren’t fleeced on shipping costs. Postage and packaging for the gum was free. What is the strangest piece of rock memorabilia that you have ever seen? Do you own any weird and wonderful rock star paraphernalia? Let us know in the comments.

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    Next week sale: a condom used by Paul Stanley somewhere around 1988... do I hear $300,000?
    And a few years later we'll hear about the owner wanting to do DNA testing to confirm that it actually was Paul Stanley's.
    Maybe when he dies some rich freak will try to clone him like with John Lennon?
    Not sure why this is taken as negative. I'm no fan of Gene Simmons or his viewpoints, but if there is charity benefitting from this, then what's the big deal?
    Yeah, this seems like an excellent use of "star power" to me. I don't really like Gene either, but I don't see anything really wrong with this... aside from the fact that the used gum itself is pretty much worthless.
    I don't know why I just watched a video of Gene Simmons chewing $250,000 gum.
    I could understand paying a lot for a costume, or a bassguitar, but this is just repulsive.
    Whoever bought it, should use the DNA to clone it, and kick the shit out of new Gene Simmons
    Possibly it was just a buyer who wanted to donate their money, but at least get something in return...after all, it was for charity
    I see your point, but I think getting nothing in return is better than a used piece of gum.
    A person who buys that gum should win a Nobel peace prize for idiocy. I know, **** logic!
    Maybe it wasn't the gum, maybe he wanted to make a donation? But hey, he got free packaging and postage for that gum! What a deal!
    How shortsighted of many here... the overriding point is that this was for charity. People do crazy things for charity, and not only does this particular charity now have a large donation heading their way, Street League has gotten a whole lot of publicity and may attract support from those who wouldn't normally come across it.
    He's a douche bag! KISS was the first concert I saw in 1978. I'm embarassed they're still around! He's the ultimate sell-out! Anything for $$$! Of course whoever bought the gum is the bigger douche,
    Way Cool JR.
    You all are just jealous that you can't sell your used chewing gum for that kind of money. And then be a nice/cool enough guy to give it all to charity. Say what you want about Gene but he really is a great guy when it comes down to it. Good on you Gene
    'You can watch the video here' - Just... why? Why would you want to watch a video of Gene Simmons chewing gum? What horrible thing has the planet as a whole done to deserve this video's existence?
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    He's already expected to donate to tax deductible charity organizations. Mr. Simmons has become Mr. Jones.
    Well I guess he just wanted to make a donation instead of the gum.
    "You can watch a video of Simmons chewing the gum here." Kill me.
    I was watching it and they asked him to take it out so he could do tongue tricks, and he says something along the lines of "this is going up on ebay" when taking it out. Did not see this coming...