Geoff Tate Accuses Queensryche of Smear Campaign

He blames former bandmates in the original Queensryche for bad press. Meanwhile, he's already started writing a brand new album to follow "Frequency Unknown."

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Geoff Tate has accused his former bandmates in Queensryche of running a smear campaign against him.

He's also announced that he's already writing a new album to follow the much-criticised "Frequency Unknown" which was released this past spring after being fired from the original Queensryche lineup last year.

In November, a court will decide if Tate or the original band will own the Queensryche name. Until then, both acts are continuing under the same banner.

"Because we're in litigation, there is a concerted effort to create a personality for me, to try and create a smear campaign, really," he told They Will Rock You. "They have a pretty sizable amount of people that are participating in that. If you do a little bit of research, you will find that most of the negative comments are coming from a small group of people that have multiple Internet sites and multiple Facebook sites. Multiple personalities are really arguing with themselves, in a sense."

Tate may have forgotten that he's already invited ex-fans who dislike "Frequency Unknown" to send video rants about why they don't like his new album. Does this mean Tate is taking part in the smear campaign against himself?

In another interview, Tate revealed that he's already started work on a new album.

"I'm already working on a new Queensryche record. I started about a month ago," he told Fairfax Times. "It's what I do, you know? I write and I make songs and I make records and I perform live. I don't know how else to define myself."

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    Hey Geoff, here's a list of actions that might contribute to creating bad press for oneself: 1. Taking a dictator role of your band 2. Basically going full nepotism and giving your family members positions as manager and head of the fan club 3. Going behind your bandmates' backs with handling the economy to only benefit yourself 4. Assaulting and spitting on your bandmates 5. Telling the crowd at a show that they suck 6. Arranging a competition to see who can make the worst scolding of your new album which is lacking in songwriting and production 7. Taking a fan's cellphone and throwing it away 8. Going out in the press and attacking your former bandmates, while trying to portray yourself as an angel, such as in this article I mean, ****ing seriously?
    9. Trying to SELL the movie rights to Operation Mindcrime behind your band mates backs.
    You want fans to like you, just put out some good music. Right now it looks like the other QR are doing that a lot better.
    I usually hate people that post this, but it's far too relevant for me not to.
    So sick of this guy and his hypocritical comments. If it wasn't for Tate, we'd barely hear any news on the split saga at all, let alone any negativity regarding it. Just get on with your own life and wait til the court case to start running your mouth off cause that's when it's going to actually matter
    link no1
    I wish he would just go away and never return. I'm sick of seeing his perfectly round, stupid looking bald head every time I come to UG. I've never even listened to the bands and I don't plan to because I'm already sick of hearing them.
    Because it always feels incomplete without news about Tate and his fails. Go ahead, Geoff, make my day.
    Considering only 5% of internet comments are supporting Geoff Tate, I think it's more likely that he's the one hiring people to back him up...
    Tate is only recording music in an effort to demonstrate functional stewardship of the brand. Anyone that cares about anything the band has done, or will do needs to boycott Tatesryche and buy the REAL Queensryche album out later this month.
    I am not very familiar with what's been going on between these two camps. To sue others seems completely normal these days. But here's what I have to say, I'm letting off some steam. Geoff Tate, you could have done all of this new music under your own name. You have already done something under that, why couldn't you now? You had absolutely no reason to ruin the QR name, but you did it. For that reason, apparently most hate you. I hate you for that as well. This is outrageous stuff. For me, hearing Silent Lucidity helps forgetting this bad blood that's going on.
    Really? The dude whose idea of promotion is getting people to tell him how much his own album sucks is accusing someone ELSE of a smear campaign? By his logic I figured that would be a good thing.
    Maybe he could get people to look past a "Smear campaign" if his music was worth anything
    jesus christ does anyone even give a **** anymore I didn't even think anyone still listened to Queensryche for there to be this many articles about it.
    I'm still not entirely convinced that both sides aren't planning this behind closed doors. A staged feud for publicity. I can't remember Queensryche getting this much attention since the Promised Land days.
    God I'm getting so tired of this.. I thought it was over. Will you just shut your mouth, Geoff? I really want to respect you again, but stop talking! Go work on that album you mentioned.
    ginger ninja102
    this is getting annoying quick. it seems hes just pumping out any old record before the trial, he must be worried he wont get the name or something i dunno.