Geoff Tate Named 'Finest Composer, Singer, Frontman That Ever Was' by His Bassist

Rudy Sarzo full of praise for Queensryche singer.

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Rudy Sarzo has been talking on the Blairing Out With Eric Blair Show (via Blabbermouth) about playing in Geoff Tate's version of Queensryche. Regarding the front man, Sarzo was quick with praise:

"Geoff Tate is, to me, of his generation the finest composer, singer, frontman that ever was, of that generation. [He is] a joy to work with, to be in the band, to be in his company, to hear his voice on stage ... off stage [as well], because he sings a lot off stage too. And he's got a wonderful band, including my brother [Robert] is in it. And also members of the Queensryche family that have been around for a long time, like Kelly Gray, Randy Gane ... all those guys. And also I get to play with my old Dio rhythm section bandmate Simon Wright, so it's a very joyful occasion ... It's a family. Absolutely. Otherwise, after a year, we wouldn't [still] be doing this. [Laughs]"

Sarzo also noted that, while he and the other members are not yet part of Tate's songwriting process, they hope to be on future records:

"You know, what happened was, even before we went out on tour, Geoff needed to come out with a record to make a statement. So I played on three tracks [on the "Frequency Unknown" album], [but] I was not part of the [songwriting] process [because] we weren't a band yet. So hopefully in the future, we'll be part of the [songwriting] process too."

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    1. Kiss ass A Kiss ass is commonly known as a person who will go to many lengths to look impressive, good, and worthy towards another person or group of higher social standing.
    I wish Randy Rhoads wasn't dead. I bet Rudy and Randy would still be playing side by side to this day. Instead, he's kissing Geoff Tate's ass. He deserves so much better than a Queensryche cover band.
    Category: wtf? Wow, even UG is clearly very against him. But he is quite a bellend these days.
    Geoff Tate is, to me, of his generation the finest bellend that ever was, of that generation.
    Come on, Sarzo. You've played with every musician and in every band worth a god damn thing through the 80's, you can stand on your own merits, there's no need to kiss Tate's ass.
    Mr Winters
    Well it's remarkable he managed to deliver that speech with his mouth full of dick.
    The man is very talented, though. The vocal performance and writing on Operation Mindcrime is legendary.
    WAS very talented. His vocal performance and lyrics from their first EP up to Promised Land is nothing short of stellar, nobody can deny that. Everything that came after that though, has been nothing short of shameful (Dedicated to Chaos, Frequency Unknown, or his solo album Kings & Thieves, are some of the worst albums I've heard in my entire life). If he can't write songs, he can't sing anymore and he's an ass to everyone but his ass-kissers, what worth is left of him?
    Misleading title. Get your shit straight UG. He said finest composer of his generation. Either way, it's a dumb statement to make. Way to kiss his ass Sarzo!!!
    First I thought "hey, is that a former Dio bassist saying that?", then I saw "of his generation". Sigh of relief...
    "And also I get to play with my old Dio rhythm section bandmate Simon Wright, so it's a very joyful occasion ..."