Geoff Tate Named 'Finest Composer, Singer, Frontman That Ever Was' by His Bassist

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Geoff Tate Named 'Finest Composer, Singer, Frontman That Ever Was' by His Bassist
Rudy Sarzo has been talking on the Blairing Out With Eric Blair Show (via Blabbermouth) about playing in Geoff Tate's version of Queensryche. Regarding the front man, Sarzo was quick with praise:

"Geoff Tate is, to me, of his generation the finest composer, singer, frontman that ever was, of that generation. [He is] a joy to work with, to be in the band, to be in his company, to hear his voice on stage ... off stage [as well], because he sings a lot off stage too. And he's got a wonderful band, including my brother [Robert] is in it. And also members of the Queensryche family that have been around for a long time, like Kelly Gray, Randy Gane ... all those guys. And also I get to play with my old Dio rhythm section bandmate Simon Wright, so it's a very joyful occasion ... It's a family. Absolutely. Otherwise, after a year, we wouldn't [still] be doing this. [Laughs]"

Sarzo also noted that, while he and the other members are not yet part of Tate's songwriting process, they hope to be on future records:

"You know, what happened was, even before we went out on tour, Geoff needed to come out with a record to make a statement. So I played on three tracks [on the "Frequency Unknown" album], [but] I was not part of the [songwriting] process [because] we weren't a band yet. So hopefully in the future, we'll be part of the [songwriting] process too."
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