Geoff Tate Reacts to Hostile Queensryche Haters

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Geoff Tate Reacts to Hostile Queensryche Haters
In what could be the most original press campaign of the year, Geoff Tate has posted a video of himself reacting to video rants from ex-Queensryche fans who hate his new album "Frequency Unknown."

Tate's version of the Queensryche band had been slammed for rushing the new album, but has managed to turn the negative press into a hilarious positive by offering a prize to the biggest Queensryche hater, where fans were asked to post their rants in return for the chance to win an all-expenses paid trip to see him perform a hometown show in Seattle on June 29.

Among the video reactions are comments like "Jesus himself wept" and "this bumbling oafish album is not worth the plastic it's printed on." You can see Tate's reactions to these comments in the video below.

One commenter who had us in stitches was this chap, who played on the controversial album cover with his own subtle message:

"You hardly see a picture of you without a f--kin' wineglass in your hand," says this particular commenter. At this point, Tate hold his glass to the camera, then watches on as the commenter continues: "You should go to AA, get some help. And maybe a vocal coach, that might help too buddy. You're kinda losing it." The video ends with the words "To be continued."

Where will this lead? Time will tell, but for now it's fair to say Tate is proving himself to be a good sport. Touche, sir!

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