Geoff Tate Throws Fan Cellphone During Concert, Provokes Fury

The Queensryche singer has inspired a furious rant by an ex-fan who filmed the incident.

Ultimate Guitar

Geoff Tate has sparked fury after disrespecting a fan by throwing their phone into the audience.

The singer was performing with an offshoot version of Queensryche, after being fired from the original lineup last year, when he moved over to perform in front of a fan who was filming the performance from the front row. After a few beats, according to Ultimate Classic Rock, Tate "reached out, grabbed the camera, and tossed it into the audience." Ouch.

The incident was captured on camera by another fan who posted it to YouTube, which has since been removed. It included an open rant that said they used to believe he was unfairly dismissed from Queensryche last year, but have changed their mind after seeing he is "incapable of respecting anyone."

"When a musician forgets the reason why he got where he did with his popularity and career ... that's when it's time to call it quits," says the ex-fan who uploaded the video. "Your fans are the reason why you have gotten as far as you have and made you in the music world. Without them, you'd have been just a man who sang, that no one knew or cared about. If you don't turn this around and learn to appreciate the fans who made you, you will soon be forgotten, just as you have forgotten them."

What a shame - Tate was doing a good job of clawing back some respect this month when he responded to criticism of his new album with a good sense of humor. Now the alleged phone incident could put all that good work to waste.

What do you think? Has Tate damaged his reputation, or is this kind of behaviour just part of being a rock star? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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    "Tate was doing a good job of clawing back some respect this month when he responded to criticism of his new album with a good sense of humor." No, not really.
    Okay, I was the person being referred to, who created the video on YouTube. I NEVER said once that GT was "unfairly dismissed." I said I was remaining as neutral as I could, but that this was the last straw for me. I realize you were referencing another article that had initially wrongly identified what I felt, but I never said these things. Although, I must say, it is quite flattering that my video was mentioned here. Thanks for that, anyway.
    P.S. - As clearly stated in my video description, I gave credit for the 20 second video clip portion, that was used by permission and under the "Fair Use" Act, to northvilletunnels on YouTube. He very nicely allowed me to incorporate a portion of his over 10 minute video into my video creation. Just wanted to clarify that, as well.
    Come on, don't let the facts take away from good story telling. By the way, you should put the video back up.
    I am on a very low salary and have made the choice to take a cut into it by having a smart phone which I have on occasion used to record a section of a song or something at a gig. If I then spend my hard earned money on a gig (and presumably the majority of the bands albums), the travel/drinks etc and this idiot decided to do that he better hope theres security between me and him. I can understand that artists get annoyed at the recording of songs at gigs as they for some reason think its going to illegally spread their music, but seriously have you heard the quality on these things its terrible. I personally have only ever done it to capture a guitar lick or something that's been bugging me to figure out. Artists need to realise that this will happen at their gigs and rather than get annoyed about it, they should be flattered. Hell if I saw someone at one of my gigs do that Id be over the moon. I think Tate seriously needs to re-evaluate his role in the music industry fast before he nose dives further.
    "think its going to illegally spread their music" Its not that. Bootlegs have been around since the dawn of time; Zep and Metallica made it their business to get involved in the swapping of tapes. Its that to have everyone at a gig on their phones sucks the energy out of the place. Because honestly, are they paying more attention to the gig, or the shitty version of the gig through their phone? Im just saying, it annoys me a little to see people when I am upstage on their phones. Its almost like they could not possibly care any less about what Im doing.
    Thats completely wrong. People take videos BECAUSE they care what you are doing. If they didnt care why would they be there, why would they record it so they can watch it later?
    In some cases, people recording the show through their phones or cameras could suck out the energy from the venue. However, I've taken video and pictures at the majority of the concerts I've been to. While doing so, I'm still singing along with the crowd and having a blast. Usually, I'm so excited that I can't get a clear picture and the videos are usually really shaky. That being said, I usually only record snippets of the song (usually about half the song) so I can enjoy what is left of the song. I enjoy looking back on those concerts and thinking how awesome that particular band was. My memory is terrible, but every time I see those pictures and watch my videos, I start getting all excited again as if I'm back at that show.
    Phones in the audience used to bug me. But this is 2013. You can't honestly expect any audience -- paying or non-- not to be on their phones anymore. The landscape changed in the last 10 or 15 years, and as performers there's really only one option -- deal with it. Caveat: if some a*hole is holding up the lighter app on their phone instead of a real lighter, please show them the exit.
    i agree. some film for different reasons, but nevertheless private property should be respected, no matter what. yes, some do come to film music for pirating, and don't pay attention to the gig itself, but then again, there are people who come there just for the music... so i say f*** them, respect the people that came to enjoy the show!
    I went to a concert recently and saw people watching the damn thing through their phones. Its not my cup of tea
    Wow. It's not like its a professional camera or anything. I record songs all the time at concerts on my phone. I just keep them so I can watch them later since we can only live the real thing once. And if I were a musician, I wouldn't care if my shows were recorded, even if they were illegally sold (which isn't the case 99% of the time anyway). But if anything, it would probably make more people want to come see them because anyone can agree that being at a live concert is better than watching one on film. You watch a band on film and then think "Oh man I need to go see them live."
    Like it or not, he had no right to do that and it was a huge sign of disrespect on his part. Maybe someone could go snag his mic and throw it into the crowd! I bet he'd really appreciate that.
    Good Lord. What fury? The only person who has a right to be upset about this is the guy with the phone. And guess what? They were rocking out to the music with GT about 10 seconds later as if nothing was wrong. I'm so tired of the internet police getting all wound up about these insignificant little things that don't concern them and making an issue of them. This is why rock is dead compared to how it used to be. Because the fans are a bunch of pussies now. Also, the quote you put in this article was not from the fan who filmed it. It was from some random net crusader who reposted it after watching the footage and being so deeply affected by the incident over a week after it took place. And here it is making UG news on May 31st. A clip of a concert from May 17th. *sighs* The original video was never removed and can be seen here:
    The only p*ssy here is you, being naive and stupid enough to still defend Tate's douchebag behaviour and making up excuses for it. The second part of your post is right, but here's news for you, buddy: The so called "internet police" is people who don't approve of a clown stealing a supportive fan's cellphone, which might be worth a lot of money, and throwing it away, probably breaking it on impact. Do you really think a supposedly serious musician does that do show his appreciation towards his fans?
    Lol. Oh, man. So I'm the one who is naive and stupid for not getting offended at something like this. Right. Anyway. At what point did you see a defense or excuse made in my comment? The only point I made was that this is an insignificant "incident" that affects no one viewing it. How does this "douchebag behaviour" affect you? Seriously. Tell me. The problem with the "internet police" is that they try so hard to make sure everything is all pc and clean for everyone and they take up causes that don't need to be taken up. In the first place, Chief, you literally have no idea what actually happened here. If Geoff Tate or pretty much anyone on stage throws something into the crowd, I can tell you that someone in the crowd is absolutely going to try to catch it. Don't say it "probably" broke on impact. Has the guy with the phone, the one person actually involved, come forward and expressed any sort of disappointment or "fury"? Nope. Is he seen rocking out and enjoying the music after the incident takes place? He sure is. Why aren't you?
    Mortenson, you realize what Geoff did is theft, right? You realize that in the state of Illinois, the item is of value to the extent that it could be considered a felony, right? You realize someone could have started taking personal information from that device before the owner could do anything about it? Just because the guy with the phone was an idiot and didn't know how to react doesn't mean everyone else wont. A little off topic, but it's really amusing to see Kelly Gray try to cover Geoff's ass on his personal facebook page, talking about how that guy (with the phone) was being an ***** and deserved what happened to him, yet, you can see both Robert and Kelly posing for him just before Geoff, letting him take really cool pictures. Despite Geoff's claims, it's not rock and roll. It's theft. He didn't take that cardboard sign the fan spent 5 minutes making at home that no body cares about. he took an expensive, personal item from the fan who didn't give him permission and threw it in the crowd. either that expensive iphone is now broken and the fan has to replace it, someone is going to steal it, or someone could be screwing with his life before you are even aware of it. but if anyone else would be pissed off if something like that happened to them, they're a bunch of pussies and can't control their emotions. You know, speaking of emotions, here's an angry one for you. **** you! Just because you don't have a heart or a brain doesn't mean someone else can't feel something or think for themselves. You practically get a boner every time you listen to a Geoff Tate record, so tell me, how does his music affect you? seriously. tell me. Considering your name pops up practically every time a ****ing Tate article shows up anywhere, it's safe to say you're passionate about this whole thing, over something that doesn't really affect you because it's something you aren't a direct part of. Same applies to Geoff tossing the phone. you don't have to be directly involved in something to be passionate about it. And if someone wants to express their anger, they have every right to do so, just like you have every right to come across like a ****ing moron, which you do, on a regular basis. I'm surprised you haven't grown tired of trying to add your two cents to every little insignificant thing. you're just as much a part of those "internet police" that you seem to despise so much. you should invest in a dictionary and look up the word hypocrite. and no offense, Aaron, I've really been trying to be a better person lately, but seriously, you are the biggest ****ing idiot that I have ever had the misfortune of crossing paths with on this Earth.
    Lol. kurt_cobain9... you're so passionate about your feelings toward me. Are you going to make some extensive video rants about me like you did for GT? I can't offer you VIP tickets to something you supposedly hate, but hey. You don't waste your life doing these things for prizes, right?
    Nah wouldn't give you that kind of time of day. After all, you offered me your twitter as a prize once. I am still waiting.
    Aren't you the guy who defends GT in every article about him? So in turn, I think this is the only reason your commenting, YOU are probably the most "offended" cos everyones calling your hero a douche (which he really, really is). We`re angry cos this dude is already at -1000 respect points and he isn`t getting better at all. I recognize you because you refer to him as `GT`. Ah yes, here`s your latest defending of GT Geoff Tate artcile ITS ABOUT WHO HAS THE MONEY: ``You tell 'em, GT. Exploring new ideas and working to redefine yourself. That's what progressive music is. Those Rising West guys are totally stuck in the past. Same old, same old. All they care about is "returning to history," "the first 5 albums," blah blah etc. Please. Those albums would not even have been worth a damn if not for the creativity, the vision, the art of Geoff Tate Whatever. At this time next year, nobody will care about that band of leeches.`` YUP! Butthurt fanboi alert! A intensely delusional one as well, seeing as you ACTUALLY have any sort of respect or faith that Geoff is a creative mastermind. Do yourself a favour, pick up the proper Sryche album when it drops in a little while and at least ENJOY something instea dof forcing yourself through Tate`s AOR, generic rock horsecrap.
    Hey, bro. Not cool. Do not go around editing my words without permission and using them to suit your needs. The full quote was "Those albums would not even have been worth a damn if not for the creativity, the vision, the art of Geoff Tate (and Chris DeGarmo)." Unlike some bandwagon "fans" and rubberneckers on sites like this, I have not forgotten that Queensryche only became what it did because of the genius of both DeGarmo and Tate.
    Tate wrote LYRICS, not MUSIC. Tell me ONE tasty guitar lick he wrote for a QR album, or a drum lick, or a bassline..... *crickets. Tate is a has been HACK who can't sing his own lyrics in the right tone anymore. Plus he's a knife brandishing, spitting, cell phone thief. Him claiming to have written 81% of QR's music is laughable.
    Weird, I didn't mean to cut out that last bit about Chris, possibly I cut up to their, then noticed I forgot the rest and picked up after the quote. Regardless, if anyone should be in brackets as an afterthought, it's Tate. Nobody will deny the guy had a great voice and undeniably contributed to their godly music, but if Frequency Unknown is anything to go by (which I think it is)he`s spent far more time being a commercial rockstar wannabe, and trying to make Sryche`s music like that, then prog metal goddry, so I can`t really say I have the faith the dude had it ever in the first place, and since he`s spent more time as a wannabe, imo, he IS a wannabe. Would not be surprised one bit if 1) it turned out his contributions to sryche we`re actually much more mild, as in just lyrics and vocal melodies, which unfortunately goes more towards album cred then an unique, identifiable drum beat, bass riff etc. 2) He was a fluke.
    not a fan of Queensryche but it seems like there's an article everyday about this guy making an ass of himself. He also looks like a demented paedophile version of Rob Halford
    Tate seems like a bit of a twat, but I still can't understand someone who gets to the front and doesn't even watch the show properly, but instead wants to watch it on a four inch screen. People that stupid deserve to have their phones taken from them if it means they have their eyes opened to an awesome show.
    well Geof could have had him kicked out of the show for video taping the performance. people arnt supposed to videotape them anyways. And atleast he didnt do as axl had done and jumped off the stage and beat him up.
    I dont care if people film me when im playing. Flash photography is a different matter because its disrespectful to blind the singer thats entertaining the whole crowd, however, people with smart phones need to remember you do this on your own head. Geoff Tate might seem to be a bit of a dick, but hes only human. Maybe hes had a bad day. Whatever, the bottom line is that f you stick your phone in someones face, you run the risk of losing it!