Geoff Tate: 'Why on Earth Would You Fire Me From Queensryche, It's a Career Suicide'

Singer still baffled with firing, also talks new material.

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Geoff Tate still seems to be taking in his Queensryche firing, as he recently admitted still being baffled with the group's decision.

"I didn't see it coming. I didn't even think it was possible," he told Goupstate. "Why would you fire the main writer? Why would you do that - and the person who is the face of the band and is the identifying key figure in the success of the group?

"I don't mean that to sound egotistical because it's not. It's just the truth. Why on earth would you do that? It sounds like career suicide, especially at our ages. We're all in our 50s, for God's sake. Why would you break apart this successful thing at this point in life?" Tate further griped.

During the rest of the chat, the singer discussed his upcoming trilogy project, confirming a conceptual approach. "I can say in a general sense, that it's conceptual, so there's a storyline that is followed and the music paints the picture and sets the atmosphere for the story to take place," he said.

"How that compares to what we've done in the past, I would say look to 'Operation: Mindcrime,' look to the 'Promised Land.' These albums are conceptual pieces of work, so I'll be working within those parameters."

Finally, Geoff also addressed his ongoing "Queensryche farewell tour," explaining that's it's only the 'Ryche he's saying farewell to. "It's only a farewell to the name, which is kind of monumental to me, at least. I've performed throughout my professional career with the name Queensryche, so this will be kind of putting a period on the end of the Queensryche sentence. This will be my last tour being associated with Queensryche in that respect," he concluded.

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    Well, Geoff, I would fire my singer if he was getting into spats with band members, telling off fans, and controlling everything about my band while leading us down a path only he enjoyed.
    Nice to see he's got over it and is moving on with his life.....
    He should get together with Portnoy....
    Portnoy made a mistake with the way he left, but he wasn't essentially forcing the band to do everything the way he wants and backstabbing them behind their backs. He also has a difficult character but in his case this is the right description, Tate is a megalomaniac nutcase.
    You're totally right, and also Portnoy is still a phenomenal drummer, regardless of his character. On the other hand Tate nowadays isn't much better than a nobody singing in a karaoke; no range, no power, ridiculous stage presence, can't hold a note in tune, makes the audience sing the high parts because he can't, and he still somehow believes he's doing amazing.
    Yeah that's also a good point - MP can admit when he makes mistakes. Tate thinks he's a god. Even though they're not even nearly comparable in how skilled they are in their respective departments.
    He didn't force them but he DID give them an ultimatum of "take a break or I quit".
    From what I've heard he did not put it that way, he really wanted that break, and only decided to quit when they didn't agree to any break whatsoever.
    I don't think he has gotten over it for it to be making news again. It's too bad, they were a great band to see live. Even though they peaked musically in the 90's, they always put together great set lists as I have seen them 6 or 7 times.
    Interesting enough, they did fire him. And they're doing just fine without him.
    Because you're creative cancer and the biggest douchebg in metal? You're baffelled they kicked you out, yet the bands dong better now then they we're 13 years ago. If anything, the question is why they didn't do it sooner.
    "I don't know why they fired me. Sure I spat on my bandmates and pulled out a knife, but it was for the lulz." Can this guy be any more delusional? When he took over as the main writer the quality of the music took a big nose dive. It was Chris Degarmo who was the main songwriter during their most successful years, not Geoff Taint. Now he's just gonna cash in on the success of Operation Mindcrime, even though he says he doesn't wanna live in the past.
    I could go into a long rant about how delusional and egocentric he is, but I'll be more brief: Because Dedicated to Chaos. Now shut up and let the real Queensryche effortlessly make better albums than they've made with you and your army of producers in the past 10 years.
    Insanity (Insania?): Doing the same thing over and over, but expecting different results. Queensryche had been in a downward spiral for well over a decade, both creatively and financially, as Tate attempted to change the band into his own post-grunge adult contemporary flavored beast - something that was not attracting new fans and was actively repelling the old fans in droves. And that was before he and his wife's underhanded business tactics and violent behavior came to the surface. He was only the main writer because he shut the rest of the guys out of the process. He is the most recognizable member, I won't dispute that fact. But he used this fact as leverage to railroad everyone else into doing what he wanted; i.e. hiring a bunch of lapdog yes men to produce, write (he hasn't written anything substantial music-wise in his life, only lyrics) and record QRs latter-day material. Sorry Tate, you are responsible for your own demise. And considering the real QR's album outsold FU 3:1, I think the market has spoken - you are absolutely replaceable.
    "Why would you fire the main writer?" I don't know, ask that to yourself, since you made DeGarmo leave the band TWICE and he was the main writer. Up until Promised Land DeGarmo and Wilton shared almost 90% of the songwriting credits, with some Rockenfield and Jackson credits too. Not A SINGLE Tate credit in songwriting. Lyrics on the other hand were indeed written by Tate and DeGarmo mostly. Hear in the Now Frontier was when the clash started and Tate started to push his "vision" into the band, and DeGarmo left. We all know what happened after that: Tate and his family overtook EVERYTHING, turned down most of the band's songwriting contributions and kept pushing the stuff his friend Jason Slater wrote (so Tate still didn't write anything on his own then). DeGarmo tried to come back for Tribe but he was clever and saw the imminent trainwreck coming and left again (and by the way, there's an interview from back then with Wilton being clearly worried about the direction things were taking, so the band DID know what Tate was planning to do). Everything after that was just more unsufferable Slater/Gray/Tate crap, reaching its summum with Dedicated to Chaos, being universally acclaimed as one of the worst "rock" albums of all time (IMO probably only surpassed by his subsequent solo album Kings & Thieves). The fact that Tate's wife was back-handing band's money for other bands she managed, that Tate was trying to sell the collective rights of Operation: Mindcrime without the rest of the band's consent, that the band's website and fanclub were basically Tate's daughter dictatorship, the knife assault, the spitting incident... not to mention the fact that his voice has been completely shot for years and the band's sales had been a complete disaster ever since Tate took control. Yeah, firing Tate sounds like career suicide after all of that. Tate's career suicide, that is.
    Nice Biography.....was it authorized or un-authorized?
    Just a nice little summary of all the drama just in case someone didn't know, had to get it out of my system. Tate really manages to get me on my nerves. And since I can't stand Tate I guess it'd be unauthorized, Susan wouldn't be proud of funding it.
    Somehow, he is kind of...right?
    I agree if the premise is correct. I find him quite delusional at times, and some stuff is just silly. That said.. If you never read or have read any of this, and only listen to the music. It is irrelevant. Or it would almost imply music can't be liked if you don't know the backstories, even though you don't even know how much is true or mangled by media.
    Because you're creative cancer and the biggest douchebg in metal? You're baffelled they kicked you out, yet the bands dong better now then they we're 13 years ago. If anything, the question is why they didn't do it sooner.
    Career suicide for Tate... Queensryche seems to be doing just fine without him.
    Too much coke+awesome voice+successful carreer= lead singers disease. Yes , Geoff is an ******* and has been replaced and the real Queensryche now sounds great.
    so by his logic, since he was the main writer and says hes the face of the band and reason to their success, he could get away with being an ******* all the time and not worry about what his band members thought? No matter how good a singer is, I would never want to spend months of touring at a time hanging around an *******. that decision to fire tate was a great decision for the health of the band.
    You fire the singer and main songwriter when he refuses to write music in the style that the band wants to play, the fans want to hear, and that got you to the dance. You fire that person when they write self-indulgent adult contemporary with titles like "hot spot junkie", and most importantly, you fire that person for writing Q2K.