Ghost Frontman's Face Revealed?

Papa Emeritus II appears unmasked in new documentary clip... sort of.

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In their latest documentary series "Papaganda," Swedish metallers Ghost decided to present their frontman Papa Emeritus II unmasked, breaking fans' illusions of a mysterious satanic singer.

Well, at least a part of the fans fell for the trick, but the image of Emeritus II without makeup unarguably just made the band more intriguing.

During his "unmasked" interview, Papa discussed his life in native Italian tongue. "When time was up for the first guy, they wanted to find a successor in the house," he explained. "Me being one of the ministry obviously rose to the opportunity, not only because of the carnal rewards of all this, but also because I just happen to love a hard rockin' sexy beat."

The frontman continued, "Besides being a ladies man, I am first and foremost a singer and an entertainer of sorts, enjoying my golden years. I'm like refined wine."

According to one of the Nameless Ghouls, Emeritus II "knows that his days are numbered," as he is bound to be succeeded by Emeritus III.

"I wasn't here in the beginning and unfortunately, I won't be here to the end," Papa said. "It kind of blows that I am in many ways 'making a bed' for someone who is coming after me. But hey, that's life," he concluded.

You might recognize the singer's face from "Year Zero" video off the latest Ghost effort "Infestissumam." As the group's sophomore record, the album was released in April through Sonet Records. Check out the full documentary clip below.

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    I do hope everyone realizes he's wearing a mask.
    had to 1080p full screen to confirm, but it is confirmed.
    Thank you. You know when everyone else said it I didn't believe them, but you confirming it made me believe it. Thanks man. ...
    This band is ****ing amazing as hell. I love that they do this shit. Awesome!
    Once again, thats another mask. He already appeared like that in the year zero video. I thought it was pretty obvious and a general consensus that he is most likely tobias forge.
    How can people think it's real aha, it's the same mask from the Year Zero video. Ghost are brilliant
    Every italian would clearly see that he isn't italian. His pronunciation is pretty good but far from being a mothertongue pronunciation.
    "I hope that he's read his contract. He knows that his days are numbered." IDK why, but that made me chuckle a bit.
    Lee Makky
    ....I hope it turns out to be Dave Grohl. Take a second and imagine that.
    Definitely trolling all of us. At first I couldn't get their whole schtick but after reading interviews I realized they're serious about not being serious. And their music is catchy as hell.
    i think the real identity of papa emeritus is Tobias Forge. listen to his stuff, where he sings clean. also the nose is quite easy to spot.. the emeritus mask covers up the nose quite a bit.
    He's name is Tobias Forge, also called Mary Goore. Previously known from the bands such as Repugnant and Subvision.
    With Papa Emeritus II talking about being succeeded by a Papa Emeritus III, it makes me wonder what happened to Papa Emeritus I.
    It's the original singer. you can tell that the face is all prosthetics, look at 2:16 in the clip, you can see shine from makeup glue above the moustache, in the same frame you can also tell those are a young persons hands. Watch the mouth when he talks, the whole bottom jaw doesn't even move. Then look at 2:28, you can see a bump in the prosthetics on the right side of his ear. Nice attempt at trying to make something mysterious in a connected world, but it's a fail
    Every band has the right to its own style. Who am I to judge? One surprising thing for me though: That singer isn't a young man at all! Do they replace members as they quit or, maybe, get too old? I'm not familiar with these guys. It seemed like they would be geared toward early teen guys until I saw the aging Emeritus
    That's not his real face, he used another mask. Despite getting to mainstream attention they still play the anonymous role which is greatly part of their success and imagenery. But we all know that Papa is Tobias Forge, c'mon just listen to his previous band Subvision