Glastonbury 2014: Significant Others

The best of the festival that wasn't Metallica.

Ultimate Guitar

So much of the press for this year's Glastonbury has been directed at controversial headliners Metallica. And, while the Bay Area thrash legends might have proved without a shadow of a doubt that heavy metal has it's place at the hallowed British music festival, it's important to remember that there were a whole host of other acts who played at the event. Ultimate-Guitar gives you a run down of some of the other highlights of the weekend.

Jack White

On before Metallica on the Pyramid stage on Saturday night, the former White Stripes frontman delivered one of the most intense sets of Glasto 2014, running though cuts from his two solo albums, "Blunderbuss" and "Lazaretto," as well as choice cuts from the White Stripes back catalogue. He even threw in a cheeky reference to Metallica's "Enter Sandman" at one point in the set:

Robert Plant

Also on the bill on Saturday, Glastonbury veteran Robert Plant returned to the event with an eclectic performance. Drawing from his solo career, as well as featuring reworked cuts from Led Zeppelin, Plant's performance showed the work of an artist who is in the midst of a post-Zeppelin career high. He might have refuted the repeated cries for Stairway from the audience, but the former Led Zeppelin frontman delivered a powerhouse performance:

Manic Street Preachers

Welsh alt-rockers Manic Street Preachers have played at Glastonbury so many times now that they've practically become part of the furniture. As a result, they're a band who has entertaining the Glasto crowd down to a fine art. This year's hits filled performance was as welcome as ever, and featured this blistering version of 1992 hit single "Motorcycle Emptiness":

Dolly Parton

Aside from Metallica, Dolly's has been the most talked about performance at Glasto 2014. Reportedly drawing more punters to the festival site than The Rolling Stones did last year, the country legend's set crammed in the hits from her extensive back catalogue to the delight of the festival crowd. "Jolene" was the obvious sing along highlight of what was, by all accounts, a blinder of a set:

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    That's it? For some reason I feel like there must have been more bands that could have been featured here.
    Nero Galon
    Think this was for just the other day when Metallica played. With that said they forgot to mention Pixies!
    so Plant has no problem playing Zep songs with his own band but not with his brothers that he created the songs with?
    Floyd Phoenix
    Kasabian (despite some of the comments I've seen on this site) were ****ing awesome, as was a lot of the stuff I saw... Hell, even the hip-hop I got dragged to was good... Imagine Dragons as well, with all their drums (though they're another band people are snobbish about)... There was a right douchebag in the mosh pit I ended up in for Metallica, though their set was definitely a highlight... And Jack White could have played more of his popular songs, but he was so good without even having to so... That guy from Iron Maiden was being a stuck-up a-hole with his comments; this festival was probably one of the best ever...
    Saw a bit of Jack White on TV before Metallica came out - honestly didn't think he was that great.
    Nero Galon
    I enjoyed Jack White, great energy.
    I think he played with a lot of force and energy, moreso than usual, but the setlist was generic. He didn't play anything by Raconteurs or Dead Weather, either.
    matteo cubano
    id didn't realize Jack White plays White Stripe songs so frequently instead of just solo stuff. so much more incentive to see him now. it would be nice to recognize at least 1 english word in his performance though
    Hated that keyboard in Jack Whites performance, still a solid performance by White though
    Jack White falling over and knocking over his drummer and the kit was just golden! he was totally smashed
    Jack White played an interesting set which felt just like a long jam but at an event like glastonbury you really should play more of your hits and he really missed out on that, plus that guitar sound on seven nation army was awful
    No mention of Yoko Ono's performance? Highlight of the weekend by far.
    The manics have only played 3 times they didn't get asked back again after the 1994 festival until 2007 because nicky wire suggested they build a motorway over the place.