Gn'R Proposal Sparks Police Investigation

DJ Ashba proposed to Miss Europe in a police helicopter - but he had no idea what trouble he would cause by posting about it on Instagram.

Ultimate Guitar

DJ Ashba may have landed his pilot friends at the Las Vegas police department in trouble when he posted about his recent aerial wedding proposal.

The Guns N' Roses guitarist proposed to model Nathalia Henao, otherwise known as Miss Model of Europe 2012/13, during a police helicopter ride.

"Thanks to our good friends for helping making it all happen," said the naive guitarist.

But now the LVPD has issued an internal investigation to find out how he managed to get access to "the most amazing helicopter private tour over Vegas" after Ashba claimed a police captain set up the tour.

It's bad timing for the LVPD, who have been lobbying for more public finds to hire more officers - and an officer even died during a recent search-and-reduce mission in the area. "Department officials were reportedly livid about the apparent misuse of the helicopter," said a local report according to Ultimate Classic Rock.

She said yes!!!

A S H B A (@DjASHBA) August 8, 2013

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    "who have been lobbying for more public finds" I am assuming you mean funds, right?
    let us not forget about the officer who died during the "search and reduce" mission.... maybe the author is writing from his smart phone? DAMN YOU AUTO CORRECT!!
    Whoever writes these articles seriously needs to step up their game. My university's column wouldn't accept this poor excuse of writing.
    I don't know why, but in interviews with this guy iv'e always seen him as an arrogant douche, Richard Fortus seems nicer and is a better lead guitarist, I don't know why he's been stuck with "Izzy's" role in the band, there's nothing wrong with that but with DJ Ashba it just seems to be all about "image".
    I think that might be why he's the lead guitarist, because he's so much about image, I assume that's some sort of priority to Axlo
    Fortus is really good, but I always thought he and Ashba were about the same. Sure he has an 'image' but he's had that image for years before GNR and Sixx AM. It goes back to his old band Beautiful Creatures. And he's a really good guitarist. The Sixx Am stuff attributes this. Honestly I think its the hat
    I've always found the rthym guitarist in GNR seem to be the coolest people in the band. Stradlin, Clark, Tobias and Fortus all seem like they're really nice and down to earth.
    Sewage Rat
    dont forget Bumblefoot, most down to earth guy ever, so friendly and funny, he even helped out a local band and did a tour of India with them
    Chris Dorner's rolling is his grave.
    I know it's the whole point of your comment, but I still find it necessary to say I feel bad about laughing... +1
    Man... this guy is a total poser... Have you listened to him doing a solo? Lack of skill for the level he pretends to be....
    I thought that was pretty sick except for the shitty tapping. Reminiscent of Slash's more proggy stuff like Estranged.
    "DJ Ashba" "The Guns N' Roses guitarist" wat
    They may be doing the actual heavy-lifting in the show, but sadly they won't ever get the recognition that Axl gets. Personally, I had no idea DJ played for GnR. I only knew of him from Sixx A.M. before now. It's pretty much just Axl and his hired guns. "Guns 'n' Rose", if you will.
    Don't really see the big deal, or why DJ should receive any punishment. At the most, get him to pay for the flight. All the captain had to do was say no. In all forms of aviation, the ultimate fly/don't fly decision falls to the captain.
    the point is, it IS the captain who`s coming under fire, as it was strictly against protocol for him to authorize the`s bad publicity for the LVPD, that`s kinda what we`re all talkin`about here silly goose
    He's a pretty man. I wonder if he's ever been in a crying game-type of situation.