Godsmack Releasing New Album '1000hp' This Summer: 'It's a Bit More Raw'

"The writing was a little freer," frontman Sully Erna explains.

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Godsmack have officially announced "1000hp" (One Thousand Horsepower) as the title of their upcoming studio album, tentatively due out this summer.

The record will be announced with the title track singe, while the entire effort will feature "a bit more raw vibe," frontman Sully Erna has explained.

"This one just became a little bit more raw, a little bit more open," the singer told the Pulse of Radio (via Blabbermouth). "The writing was a little freer. The production is really kind of raw and in your face, and the songs, man - I'm really, really excited about these songs. And I have to tell you honestly, I wasn't that excited about writing this record at first."

Although the release date hasn't been pinpointed yet, Erna noted that fans should stay on their toes for fresh tour dates and the new single.

As reported, Erna confirmed back in April that the work on the new album is complete and that the record will likely feature 10 new tunes. "Just finished tracking 15 songs," Sully stated. "New record is gonna crush! Now it's just a matter of picking the best 10! New Godsmack coming soon!"

The band's latest album, "The Oracle," saw its release in May 2010 via Universal as the band's fifth studio effort, peaking at No. 1 on the US Billboard 200 chart.

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    I still really like Godsmack but that album title is f'n stupid
    That's the first thing I thought when I saw the headline. Just more fuel for the Godsmack haters out there I guess. Hoping for a good album, I was a bit underwhelmed with The Oracle.
    The last album was ok... But not as enjoyable as their others. Hopefully this one is a lil better.
    Thanks ug for the clarification that it was called One thousand horsepower, im pretty sure no one would have been able to figure that out
    I will be so disappointed if this new record sucks I'm sry but just saying. I just wish they would go back to like awake and faceless
    I like godsmack... But I'm just not sure how excited I can get about an album that writing was completed on in a matter of about three months and had recording done in less than three. Roughly 6 months for an entire writing and recording process? I'm gonna keep my excitement cautious. Especially since Erna said he wasn't even excited to write this album and the title is 1000hp. That's just dumb. Besides, I feel like each release has been a little weaker than the last. Oracle was kinda boring
    Meh, i'd rather listen to Alice in Chains then an Alice in Chains coverband
    I've never understood the whole thing about them ripping off alice in chains (except the band name and i guess the sun logo lol). Yea you can hear the AIC influence, but I've never heard a Godsmack song and thought "this sounds just like (insert AIC song here)" They have their own sound, and Sully has a unique voice to boot. Obviously, AIC > GS, but GS is still a good band.
    "I wasn't that excited about writing this record at first." Was he cryin like a bitch about it? Sorry for the bad pun.
    Also. "the production is kind of raw and in your face"? I always kinda thought 'in your face' was what they strive for with every release