Green Day Frontman Checks Into Rehab After Onstage Meltdown

Billie Joe cites "substance abuse" issues after Las Vegas rant.

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Billie Joe Armstrong's recent outburst at the iHeartRadio Festival in Las Vegas after the band's set was apparently cut short may have come as a surprise to some of the band's fans. What may come as even more of a shock is the statement that Green Day's Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool have released this morning regarding their frontman, as Classic Rock reports:

"Billie Joe is seeking treatment for substance abuse. We would like everyone to know that our set was not cut short and to apologise to those we offended at the iHeartRadio Festival. We regretfully must postpone some of our upcoming promotional appearances."

Armstrong's profane outburst at the iHeartRadio festival had reportedly come about because the band's set was cut short by 20 minutes to make way for a performance by Usher. During a rendition of the 1994 hit single "Basket Case", Armstrong stopped playing before announcing the following:

"Let me f--king tell you something. I've been around since f--king nineteen-eighty-f--king-eight. You're going to give me one f--king minute? You've got to be f--king kidding me. What the f--k? I'm not f--king Justin Bieber, you motherf--kers."

He then proceeded to smash his guitar and throw away his microphone before leaving the stage, with the rest of the band then following him.

As Classic Rock notes, the singer was previously arrested for drink-driving in 2003, and while admitting having used drugs in the past, had claimed that he had moved on from such behavior.

The news casts a shadow over the release of the band's new studio album "¡Uno!", which came out today. The disc is part of a trilogy of albums set to be released between now and January of next year. There has been no word yet on how Billie Joe's rehab will affect the band's scheduled tour.

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    Mad props to Mike Dirnt for backing him up. LOL Mike Dirnt: "Oh, what!? We're smashing our guitars now...? OKAY!!"
    Really, he's like: "Oh well... let's smash it!"
    Yeah I know, it's like Mike Dirnt is all like "Time to smash our guitars!"
    And then Mike was like "Imma break my guitar too!" ...
    Guys, did you see when Mike smashed his guitar as well? He was all like "oh, we're smashing our guitars? okay"
    He was like: "Im better at that then Billy is... I don't need like 20 hits for it to break, watch me... FUCK YOU 1 MINUTE" after that he walked off like the boss he is
    Yeah, and after he noticed Billie destroying his guitar he decided to join in also!
    who was that guy smashing his guitar with billy? he's like "what, thats what we're doing?" and he smashed it
    Hardly a meltdown. He had a legitimate point.
    Exactly. To be cut short for anybody is crappy, especially when you have had such a long career (especially for pop rock/punk standards where bands usually come and go within a few years) and when you were promised a specific amount of time. To be cut for USHER, one of the biggest corporate Whores in the business who does NOTHING but play by what the current trend is to get money, is absolutely disgusting. I don't even like Green Day but I agree with them. If anything, this is a sadly wonderful representation of the music industry now (and, I guess, for the longest time). I could go on for hours as to why Usher is one of the most vile people in the music industry and why artistic integrity means absolutely shit all to him, but I wpn't because I don't want to be banned. Point is I wish Billie wasn't on anything because everything he said was worth saying, and now it's seen as a cry for help and not a stand for reason like it should have been.
    Except they werent cut short "We would like everyone to know that our set was not cut short and to apologise to those we offended at the iHeartRadio Festival."
    We would like everyone to know that we are NOT a punk band anymore and we will shortly resume our corporate cock-sucking duties, starting by publicly stating the event organisers had done no wrong. Secondly, we will be putting our singer in rehab as punishment for returning to his rock and roll ways. Seriously, this is the coolest thing Green Day has done since 1994.
    iHeartRadio's website slotted Green Day for a 45 minute set. They definitely did NOT play for 45 minutes.
    They didn't play for 45 mins BECAUSE Billie stormed off. As Blitzkrieg has pointed out, Mike stated that their set was not cut short, just Billie throwing a tantrum. That said, I love Greenday and hope BJ makes a speedy recovery, gets himself back on the rails so the band can move on and get playing again
    @6con6man6 - You didn't actually watch the video, did you? It's clear to see, he stormed off BECAUSE he had no time left, they cut him short.
    They were supposed to get 45 minutes, but they got cut off 25 minutes in, so Usher could play, that's why Billie got so pissed
    Here's the thing. Festivals like this have extremely strict time restraints. I understand it from the staffs point of view that you have to make things work especially for the headliner. HOWEVER! For Usher????? Really???? That's the biggest problem I have with the pop scene. It's all about making a buck and kissing the ass of the one who rakes it in. It was a tricky situation but IT WAS NOT A MELTDOWN! He had a point. Getting cut short sucks. I've been there myself. Especially if they were going to bust out a new track. Originally I thought Green Day messed up but now that I read about it more I agree with what happened. Smashing the equipment may not have been ethical or professional but It made a point didn't it? I just hate that it was attributed to drugs and all. Even if they were involved it wasn't the main reason he did what he did. Mike Dirnt will always and forever be a true punk rocker. When equipment starts getting smashed you follow suit, no questions asked. Well played Dirnt! That is all
    Epi g-310
    Yeah, thing was, at least if I heard correctly, Usher took an extra 25 minutes, and there was another musician that day that took extra time. The cut into Green Day's set to make extra time. That's what I saw on Reddit yesterday, anyhow.
    "Smashing the equipment may not have been ethical or professional"? Um, are you on the right website?
    I agree. +1 For Billie. Greenday is definitely deserving of their allotted stage time, if not more. The music industry has bit the dust and this is a prime example of the corruption that has taken hold of the industry. Keep doing your thing Billie.
    Hardly? The guy says more ****s per minute than Al Pacino.
    not as much as corey taylor, though.
    I saw a video where Corey Taylor admitted that he respected Bieber, but didn't listen to him. It was...interesting. As musicians, I think we become too narrow-minded and allow our own opinions get in the way of a lot of things. In all, I just simply say that, like most things, music is simply perception. What one person likes, another won't and what one person classifies a genre as will not be agreed upon by someone else. I've been around enough to see 14 year old kids wearing Blink shirts with dyed hair and calling themselves punk and then seeing a dude stand a foot from a urinal with a 2 foot spikey mohawk, pants to the floor and he's taking a wizz with his hands on his hips. He had a punk thing stitched to his jacket, so without talking, he was making a statement. All of that being said, to each their own.
    I'll be honest, this was better than the new album, watching him trash his guitar like that. They should do this every concert. Green Day fan right here, too.
    correct sir. and before he can earn back some of the respect i lost for him, he had to go and apologize, so he's not Justin Beiber, he's worse!
    He didn't apologize. It was Warner who did it...I don't think that Billie or other guys in the band agree with it.
    how would you know? They are too scared not to side with the record company, i don't see how that is any better.
    They're punk rockers. so the fact that he "lost your respect" makes no sense, unless... you dont know what punk rock is. yeah, that's probably what it is.
    They haven't been 'punk' (it's a loose term to begin with) since the mid-90s. I've no idea what point you're trying to make after the first sentence.
    their first album thats not punk would be 21st century shitdown. Even the new album has some punk with pop mixed in. Also, learn the def. of a punk please. Everything he did in that "meltdown" was the epitome of punk rock.
    I'd disagree. The first album that's not 'punk' or signalled the end of what they began as was Warning.Punk isn't a sound.
    sorry if i don't think a 40 year old man smashing his guitar and saying Justin Beiber sucks isn't PUNK ROCK lol
    Yeah, I was talking about the downvotes on one-dead-cop.
    Don't worry about it. All the down voting on this are probably from 15 year old Green Day fan boys who read Kerrang and are told they're punk.
    That is the strangest statement i have ever heard, are "punk rockers" inherently not respectable? is that what you are saying? also lol@ saying green day are "punk rock"
    apologise to whom? the fans? he would have to move off the stage in a minute anyway, the fans will get it... good luck to the organizers in getting them back again... he apologised in his own way right at the end when he said "god bless you all, we'll be back"... and u have the nerve to say hes worse than Justin Beiber? man you dont deserve to be on a guitar forum
    dude i'm not 13 years old, i don't hate justin beiber, because like any other teen pop act he will be gone in a couple years just like hanson, arron carter, Jonas brothers ETC I'm guaranteeing you will obsess over Beiber 100% more then me just by spending so much time talking shit about him. grow up. Keep throwing your $$ at billie joe, so punk rock, derp. Nothing worse then a ageing rockstar.