Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong Calls Psy 'the Herpes of Music'

He compares the Korean rapper to herpes, because "once you think it's gone, it comes back."

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Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong has branded Korean rapper Psy as "the herpes of music."

Armstrong made the comment on his Instagram account where he posted a picture of the "Gangnam Style" singer and said: "This dude is the herpes of music. Once you think it's gone, it comes back. #herpes #flareup #pleasegoaway."

We're guessing Armstrong wasn't a fan of Psy's comeback single "Gentleman" which earned 20 million views on its first day. The official video currently has over 300 million views, but has been banned in his native South Korea for a scene where he kicks a "no parking" sign.

Psy was told about Armstrong's comments on the Fuse show, but didn't know what herpes meant. When the presenter explained, Psy made every effort to remain a gentleman: "I think it's really cool [what you said], and I appreciate that. Thank you."

Meanwhile, Green Day returned to the stage in March for the first time since Armstrong's on-stage rant which was his last public appearance before spending some months in rehab.

Watch Psy's reaction to being called "the herpes of music" here:

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What do you think of Psy? Will he fade away, or remain a superstar template of online celebrities? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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    If Psy is the herpes of music, Billy Joe is the chlamydia.
    PSY may not be a musical genius, but at least he's fun and entertaining.
    I better watch what I say, He may have another breakdown on stage.
    I don't get why people get angry over this guy Psy. He's so insignificant in the grand scheme of music, that it seems like a waste of emotion to get angry over. I could actually understand getting mad at Armstrong more (even though I like Green Day) because his band has stood the test of time and has had an actual effect on music.
    I quite Like Psy and i respect what he has done, he was taking the piss and uploaded a song like gangnam style, as a joke, nothing serious, yet he manages to blow bieber and them off the charts
    Looks like Billie faced herpes...
    Billie boy should stop insulting the one that is already dead. It's disgusting. R.I.P. one-hit wonder, PSY. July 2012 - May 2013 Ps. stop dancing gangnam style, you'll look stupid now.
    I like Green Day and Billie-Joe but this is bullshit. I don't really like musicians shit talking other musicians, I just don't think it's very classy. PSY gave a perfect response in my opinion, he may as well have said "cool story bro". Has Billie-Joe not heard some of his own recent songs lately? They're just as catchy "meant to do nothing but get stuck in your brain" as PSY. Know your enemy anybody? As I said I'm a Green Day fan but this makes him look like a douche.
    To be Fair that Psy guy doesn't really take it all to seriously, he is just having a bit of fun, so Kudos to him. I am not saying that I am a fan or anything, but he is one hundred times better than Greenday.
    I honestly don't actually think that he really understood which breaks my heart. I'm not a fan, but he seems so gentle!!!
    Pot? Kettle? Black? Seriously though, anyone who dumps on Psy or whatever else in the world of kid's music seems to miss the point - it's not for friggin grown-ups! If you have kids you put up with it like so many saccharine children's television shows. If you don't, then it's not your problem and your complaints are invalidated by your choice to expose yourself to it in the first place. I take this philosophy with Green Day and I expect them to do the same with whatever music they can in fact look down upon.
    I like Psy's videos, not because of the music but because they're ****ing funny.
    Anyone else noticed that the music for "Gentlemen" is the same as "Gangnam Style" except for the different key.
    There is a shock, Pop Music being recycled garbage and the occasional sampled riff because they can't write their own music . . . sounds about right
    lol... Billie Joe of that mainstream pseudo-punk band... as if his opinion is worth anything at all.
    Family Reunion
    I said this to my friends recently, and we all just laughed. Now that someone famous said it, it becomes news. So, let's refrain from calling him a dick or whatever, seeing as he's just a guy that's expressing himself. Not EVERYONE is SUPPOSED to like Psy So yeah I agree with Billie, but I still like Psy
    I'm not one to care about rants but this one peaked my interest. I'm not going to slam either band because both are great in their own ways. However, I see where Billie is coming from but he took it a little too far as he normally does. The fact of the matter is that Psy is a completely different style of music that Billie is clearly ignorant about. As a Musician you SHOULD respect ALL music but maybe that's just asking too much from him. I personally think that it boils down to jealousy. Psy is new to our culture and a lot of people love him. He is fun, funny, and his music just makes you want to dance. I can't remember a time when Billie's music brought out that emotion in me. I think Billie may be living in the past when he used to be a "king" in the 90's but let's face it're not any more. Get off your high horse and just make the music you love and let others do the same
    Green Day hasn't released an actual new song in years...each and every song they write is the same exact thing. So predictable...and Billie Joe (spelled it right that're welcome Green Day fans) is a freak. Psy obviously isn't a musical genius...he does what he does because it's catchy and it's something people can just have fun with. I'm not saying I like the guy...but Billie Joe of all people has no right to be saying that ANYONE is the herpes of music, unless it's himself.
    Psy already faded away. He has one or two songs which are terrible but stupid people like it. Green Day is here more than few years and they still doing great music, not some electronic shit with recited words, because that ain't singing. A lot of people are satisfied with cheap shit called music, because they can't recognize good music even if they are listening to it, they listen what listen others.
    Already faded away? I don't think you seem to realise that Psy is a massive super-star in Korea. As he showed, not many people in the eastern half of the world know who Green Day are except maybe 1 or 2 songs, similarly to how we only know a few of Psy's songs. I'm not a fan of Psy at all, but at least try to understand that there's more to planet Earth than western civilisation and culture.
    1 or 2 songs? Green Day released a live album that was shot in Tokyo, aswell as countless live Ep's from Asia also. On thier last tour they also played Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore and lots more. So please, do some research before commenting that the eastern half of the world don't know who they are.
    Your taste in music isn't exactly much better. Of course there are loads of electronic acts out there that probably shit on anything in your library.
    Says the guy who turned his back on his punk roots and started overproducing his music. Just because Psy's getting more attention than you doesn't mean anything. There are plenty of artists out there worse than Psy.
    Family Reunion
    Just no. This would probably turn into an argument of what punk is, but I want none of that. He didn't turn his back on his punk roots
    Yeah,cause Bieber,Minaj,Lil Wayne...etc are cool.At least Psy is funny and already faded away.
    Meltdown wasn't used to describe Billie's rant!!! Ladies and gentlemen: We have reached the end of an era!
    billie knows something about herpes. I have nothing against Psy - I really believe he is actually having fun by doing his silly stuff. his success was purely accidental.
    As far as STD analogies go, Greenday are the ones that keep coming back every few years with their burning, itchy and annoying teeny bopper pop-rock. Herpes much??
    i think Psy is funny. also, he didn't seem to have a clue what she was talking about at first.
    I dislike both artists. But since it's a punk statement from an unpunk dude I came here to give a thumbs up to the article.
    I'm just glad I don't listen to radio. I choose what I listen too and that doesn't include Psy or ****ing greenday. Must admit... I have heard that gangnam thing cuz I have a niece, but cant say as I've heard a greenday song since early 2000 and it's a relief I can assure you.
    I always thought Billie Joe was the herpes of music? Guess I am wrong because he makes more money than me..
    benjixoath least psy cancel god knows how many shows because he couldn't handle his drink and drugs. billy if you're going to play the tough ass rocker. dont pussy out and go to rehab.
    I actaully would rather listen to Psy these days. Even though Psy's music isn't that original. He's still more orginal than anything green day have done in at least 10 years.
    Butthurt because he made more with one song than you did in your entire career?
    Really? With all this talk about Green Day vs. Psy, we're missing the real point here... how hot that interviewer is.
    It's hilarious that Americans love PSY even though they have no freakin' idea what he's singing about. I think PSY is no more pathetic than the people who listen to him. As for "pop", 1039/Smooth, Dookie,Shenanigans, their ealier stuff, is not pop. The Jonas Brothers are pop rock, not Green Day.
    Considering how mainstream Green Day have gone over the last decade or so, BJA might want to look in the mirror before trying to knock other people down. Psy's just having fun, Green Day are the musical herpes that flares up every time they see a chance to cash in on radio-friendly teen pop punk.