Green Day's 'Idiot' Doc Heading to Theaters

"Broadway Idiot" is set to hit the big screen on October 18.

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"Broadway Idiot," which chronicles the theater adaptation of Green Day's "American Idiot," is set to hit the big screen on October 18, it was announced Thursday, according to Billboard.

The documentary will begin a special theatrical engagement in New York on Oct. 11 before hitting theaters in the The U.S. and Canada and video on demand a week later. The doc will be released by FilmBuff in partnership with Abramorama.

Directed by Doug Hamilton, "Broadway Idiot" debuted at the South by Southwest Festival earlier this year.

"We are thrilled to be working with FilmBuff to bring the labor of love and dedication that is 'Broadway Idiot' to everyone across the country in theaters and across all digital platforms. It's like bringing Billie Joe Armstrong and Broadway right to your doorstep," said Hamilton in a statement.

The stage adaptation of Idiot was helmed by Michael Mayer and co-written by Mayer and Armstrong. "My fear was that it was just going to be sort of absurd, not relatable and corny," recalled Armstrong about the adaptation in a new trailer for the doc.

The politically-charged album, which included two nine-minute, multi-part songs, included reoccurring characters named "Jesus of Suburbia" and "Whatsername" that appeared throughout the title.

"Idiot" drew a favorable critical response upon its release in the September just prior to the 2004 presidential election and went on to spawn multiple hit singles including "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" and "Wake Me Up When September Ends."

The title went on to be named Best Rock Album at the 2005 Grammy Awards.

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    Who cares if they didn't fulfill every quality that makes a band punk? American Idiot was a fantastic record, it captured what it feeled like to be a young male American at that time in history perfectly. And because they choose to skirt a few "punk" rules it reached a much wider audience. Punk to me has always been just as much about having something to say and being pissed off about it. It's not just the DIY self destructive ethics.
    Wanted to see the show when it came to Dublin but never got a chance so this would be cool to watch anyway. Looking forward to this.
    I'm obviously biased as a Green Day fan, but the musical is excellent. It's very well done. If you haven't had the chance to see it, I'm sure this documentary could really show you how good it was. And for the Mama Mia type comments, this musical is literally just the cast covering the songs in the same exact style and putting dance and theatrics in between. It's pretty kickass. Almost like a Green Day concert without the actual band.
    Fair enough, i havent watched the broadway play so oi"ll just have to wait and see it on the big screen
    hmmmm, a green day musical movie??? donno about that
    Danjo's Guitar
    Yeah, seems a bit ridiculous, haha. Whats next, a book written about the documentary they made about the broadway musical based on their album?
    Epi g-310
    I don't know, I wanted to see the broadway show, but being as I live in the middle of nowhere's asscrack, I never got the chance. At least this way, I'll get to see it.
    ZOSO <(")
    I feel for you, bro. I live so far up the middle of nowhere's ass, I can't even see the crack.
    I liked the documentary on the 3 recent albums so I'll definitely check this out
    The musical seemed pretty interesting when I looked it up. I'll definitely check this out.
    Wish they'd stop milking this album. It's been out for almost ten years and they've released some good stuff since then that gets very little attention.
    I dunno, I hear 21 Guns pretty much everywhere
    "some good stuff since then that gets very little attention." Does 21 Guns really fit your definition of "good stuff"?
    It's a good song. Cheesy - yes, but still good.
    It is a good song. I loved it when it was called 'All the Young Dudes' and sung by 'Mott The Hopple'.
    GhostPlayground.....are you actually saying that those two sound the same? Because I listened to them both after I read your comment and I see no similarity.
    "One...Twenty-one guns....Lay down your arms, give up the fight" "All..All the young dudes....Carry the news, Boogaloo dudes." It isn't immediately obvious, but they are quite similar.
    I had very low expectations of Green Day when I first heard them in 95. Then, after 10 successful years they release a great album which becomes album of the year. Now a musical? I am interested in watching it. This band has impressed me...and I really wanted to hate them!
    "the only thing that punk rock should ever really mean is not sitting round and waiting for the lights to go green," -Frank Turner